May 26

Zegama Aizkorri 2014: Video, fotos y resultados (Avance) Ganan Kilian Jornet, con nuevo record, y Stevie Kremer.

The Zegama Aizkorri 2014 mountain marathon has been the fastest in history. Not only did four runners, led by Kilian Jornet, beat the long standing record (back from 2005) but up to 125 members of the peloton beat the 5 hour mark over a rugged and technical course on a cold and muddy day. Victory went to spaniard Kilian Jornet and coloradoan Stevie Kremer, with Marco de Gasperi and Luis Alberto Hernando completing the male podium plus Kaise Enman and Maite Maiora for the female one. See here some advance photos of the start/finish of the race, together with full results available in pdf format to consult or download.