Ibiza UltraTeam 2012: Trail running race review, photos and video (74k/D+1378m)

This brand new Ibiza Ultra Team 2012 was born with a most original format, blending an individual and a team race in three segments of trail running 74k, mountain bike 100k and open water swimming of 10.6 k. Over 400 ahtletes went for it last 28th April. 

Ibiza Ultra Team 2012 results: Trail running ultra 74k. 42 finishers.

Photos Ibiza Ultra Team 2012: All galleries soon to be published at Kataverno.com

Ibiza Ultra team 2012 fortaleza

Ibiza Ultra team 2012: Cathedral and fortress at Ibiza.

The race was intended from the start to highlight the great potential of this Balearic Island for the practice of endurance sports. To that end, the three race courses ran along some of the most picturesque and iconic sights of the island, from its all remote “calas” (tiny rocky beaches secluded from the rest of the world) to its world famous Pachá disco. To be sure, it hit home on that count.

Now, let us go into detail as for the trail running event,and particularly the ultra race which went all the way up to 74km with a total vertical ascent of 1348 meters and covered some most challenging sections over soft beach sands or rocky seaside croppings.


Ibiza Ultra team 2012 Race course and profile  trail running 74k D+1378m

Ibiza Ultra team 2012: Race course and profile as seen by our Gps

The ultra trail running  event finally came out with an official course of 74km /D+1378 m. Looking at these data alone, it might have seemed a race liley to be won in about 6h. In fact, only 3 runners managed to beat the 8 hour mark:  Winner Fco.Javier Serra came in with 6h46min, followed by Samuel Urbano in 7h06, with Pedro Ventura 3rd in 7h27.

The reason for these extra time above the initial forecast were the miles of sandy beaches to be covered together with the broken paths without clearing up and down just about every gorgeous “cala” between San Antonio and Ibiza. After the 8 hour mark, there was a very tight race, with the 5th to 14th positions arrinving in a 25 minutes interval. The first woman made herself present quite a bit later, with Noelia Mora coming in at 9h54min. (25 th place overall)

A much harder trail than expected, to be sure, yet at the same time a unique opportunity to run thorugh all that makes Ibiza the beatiful Mediterranean island that it is.  All in all, it does make of this a different adventure, in the spirit of the island itself.  Given the current multiplication of ultrarunning events all over Spain, it is to be noted when organizers strive and achieve a unique race, with a distinctive character.

See below the official Ibiza Ultra Team 2012 video, capturing some of the finest moments of all six races, together with the point of view from the iconic athletes invited: Marathoner Martín Fiz. cycling´s greatest ever Miguel Indurán and world rally champion Luis Moya.

 That is perhaps the true spirit behind all trail runners alike: May my runs never repeat themselves.  May nature, myself or my mates conspire to make each of them trails worth a different day to remember. There are details to polish, of course, as it only logical for a first edition. But any visitor to Ibiza will find here a true ultra trail, in all its glory and agony. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to soak up on what trail running by the Mediterranean is all about. Sea and mountain, blended together spectacularly at times.

Ibiza ultra team 201: Ibiza Bay views at the 73k mark.

Part of that spirit of Ibiza itself is, of course, to enjoy a closing party at Pacha and skip the tradicional ultra menu of pasta for a farewell dinner of beef skewers, salmon, couscous and more. Sure these places have fans and haters, like all things in life, but given tens ot thousands of people travel the globe every year half  to tread these floor, I can only thank the organizers for take us all trail runners to celebrate here and hold the prize ceremony . A real treat, no doubt 😉

Ibiza Ultra Team 2012: Women´s ultra trail podium at Pacha disco.



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