Transvulcania Ultramarathon 2012 results: Winners Anna Frost & Dakota Jones.

Transvulcania Ultramarathon 2012: Full results here. 561 finishers

The results of Transvulcania sky  Ultramarathon 2012 were up to the high expectations the entry list had raised. The intense heat brought on a tougher mountain race than expected and also did remind us that sometimes, there is as much greatness in victory as there is grace in defeat. Fabulous wins by Anna Frost and Dakota Jones, including couyrse records for both. But also an epic defeat for others, with  Kilian Jornet coming in 3rd after Dakota and Andy Symonds, only to drop to the floor right after crossing the finish line.

Transvulcania ultramarathon race course

Transvulcania ultramarathon 2012 race course 83km: Start at Fuencaliente.


Dakota Jones, from Montrail team , was the big winner of this demanding Transvulcania 2012, ahead of  two Salomon Running team members: Andy Symonds (2nd) and Kilian Jornet (3rd).Although not the main favorite before the race, his victory can not be described as a surprise at all. Dakota is a young trail runner born in 1990 in Wyoming and has lived for a time in Boulder, Colorado, base for an impressive community of ultra runners.  Ever since he came into the ultra trail scene back in 2008, his superb potential has been obvious, as he constantly kept moving forward. Some of his results in the second half of 2011 were prescient of this just achieved leap to glory: 2nd at Hard Rock 100 Miles, 2nd at the 50 miles of TNF Endurance Challenge and new record for the double-crossing of the Grand Canyon. Great string, for sure.

dakota jones at transvulcania 2012

Dakota Jones at Transvulcania 2012: Winner and new course record.

 If nothing hampers it, Dakota´s ultrarunning progression has only just begun. After his bad debut and DNF at the UTMB 2012, quitting the race by the italian Bonatti refuge (90km) , the chance to see him back and more energetic in the next UTMB 2013 promises to be a delight. Moreover,  this wild bunch of trail talents coming together in Colorado are also a sight to behold.  As time goes by, it might be that the iron fist that Kenyans have imposed upon road marathons could be mirrored for ultra trail races from the foot of the Rocky Mountains.


Transvulcania 2012 course profile

Transvulcania 2012 course profile

As seen in the career course profile  above, the Transvulcania sky ultramarathon 2012 took off from the lighthouse at Fuencaliente, only to begin a steady climb of almost 60km all over the lush volcanic ridge of La Palma. The track summit was to be hit at the Roque de los Muchachos (2.426m.) Hence, a 20km long descent down technical trails to Tazacorte beach, and a finishing climb to the home strech at Plaza de España in the Los Llanos de Aridane village.

Almost from the start, it was quite apparent that Transvulcania 2012 was to  be a three men race with Dakota Jones, Andy Symonds and Kilian Jornet always in the leading positions of the race. By the trail summit after 60km, they were alone in the lead with Kilian summiting first. However, it was on the long descent back when the spaniard was unexpectedly left behing by the scotman and the kid from Colorado who were flying two minutes ahead by the end of those  downhill 20km. From there to the finish line it was a most exciting challenge as Dakota made it barely 37″ ahead of Andy, coming in at 6 hours 59 minutes and 7 seconds.

Behind came a struggling Kilian. As a Chamonix resident these days, and right out of the freezing alpine winter and his ski mountaneering season, he had trouble coping with the heat and humidity of the day. He made it to 3rd  place, crossing the line 7 minutes later…and dropping to the floor right away, having left no reserves in his effort. To fully understand the superb performance  put all by the three of them, it must be remembered that Dakota destroyed by half an hour the previous course record, achieved in 2011 by none other than Miguel Heras.


 It might be that the big drama at the men’s race has unfairly taken from center stage the most impressive race put on at Transvulcania by the Salomon Running member Anna Frost.  After recovering from a serious injury in the first half of 2011, Anna has gradullay putting together better and better runs, achieving ever more impressive wins, and culminating in a major achievement at La Palma.

She was in  fact the first major favorite to reach the island, several days in advance, in order to optimize her performance. Over several days she gradullay acclimatized herself to race conditions, following on the footsteps of the model that Salomon applied so successfully with all the Ryan Sandes team at the Leadville 100 in 2012, were she paced for the south african.

Anna frost winner Transvulcania 2012

Anna frost, winner of Transvulcania 2012 and new course record.

Thus, Anna was able to deliver a stunning performance and crossed the finish line with a time of 8h11m. Blowing away by 2 hours (¡!) Monica Aguilera‘s record from 2011. Great race also for 2nd place runner, the spaniard Nuria Picas who came in with 8h52m, while Nikki Kimball from The North Face team completed the podium in 9h10m


Top 10 Male:                                                                                                                                        1. Dakota Jones (Montrail) 6h59m07 New course record vs.7h32 Miguel Heras 2011
2. Andy Symonds (Salomon) 7h00m34
3. Kilian Jornet (Salomon) 7h09m53
4. Francois D’Haene (Salomon) 7h23m40
5. Iker Karrera (Salomon) 7h38m58
6. Erik Clavery (Asics) 7h46m51
7. Jordi Ginesta 7h48m28
8. Thomas Lorblanchet (Salomon) 8h02m27
9. Giuliano Cavallo 8h03m36
10. Rickey Gates (Salomon) 8h04m24

Top 10 Women:
1. Anna Frost (Salomon) 8h11m30 vs New record. 10h00m03, Monica Aguilera 2011
2. Nuria Picas 8h51m59
3. Nikki Kimball (The North Face) 9h10m00
4. Darcy Africa (Pearl Izumi) 9h17m35
5. Uxue Fraile Azpeitia 9h21m11
6. Maud Gobert (Adidas) 9h54m40
7. Leire Iruretagoyena (Gailurrak) 10h05m45
8. Judith Casas Alvarez 10h11m17
9. Teresa Nimes Perez (Lafuma) 10h17m05
10. Andrea Calmbach (Salomon) 10h37m03


U.S.: Speedgoat 50K, Snowbird, Utah – 28JUL
ITALY: Trofeo Kima UltraSkyMarathon, Valmasino, Sondrio – 26AGO
SPAIN: Cavalls del Vent, Cadi-Moixeró Natural Park of the Pyrenees – 29SEP
France: The Course des Templiers, Millau, Grands Causses – 28OCT


Once the race is closed,  this Transvulcania 2012 has answered quite faithfully to its previous high expectations. Were you left with the desire to share the trails excitement with some of the most talented trail runners on the planet, Transvulcania 2013 will bring you another chance. It is already scheduled, within the Salomon Nature Trails again, for next May 11.

Transvulcania 2013


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