Cavalls del Vent (85K/D+6.100m/ 29sep12) to open registration on the 2nd of May

Update 23 April: Registration opening moved back to the 2nd of may

Cavalls del Vent 2012 has been forced to postpone registrations as the official opening ran last 21 April brought down the server. Salomon Running acknowledged that excess of demand caused a technical problem, which then forced to cancel all the subscriptions.

After studying the situation and with the aim of offering equal opportunities to all the participants, the organization has considered appropriate to redefine the inscription process. The mentioned process will take place through a draw on Wednesday 23rd May. To participate, a pre-registration will be opened between 2nd and 15th May. Everyone registered during the pre-registration period will have the same possibilities to gain a place in the race Ultra Cavalls del Vent. The process will also include contestants from previous editions. All these conditions will be detailed in the pre-registration form.

THE RACE: IV edition of Ultra Cavalls del Vent, September 29th/30th.

Will bring together this year the best trail running athletes of the world to celebrate the Ultra Cavalls del Vent (Salomon Nature Trails) race held in the national park Cadí-Moixero on the 29th of September. In its fourth year, the Ultra Cavalls del Vent stars also as one of the events of the Skyrunner World Series. There will be 1.000 entries with registratrion now moved back to the 2nd of May, when applications might be filled from here. 

The course for this 2012 edition covers 85 km and exceeds 12,000 accumulated vertical meters in the privileged natural environment of the Cadi-Moixeró national park.

 Cavalls de Vent 2012  Program (28-29sep)

Friday September 28th

17:00 – 20:00 Distribution of the race bibs and material checking.
20:00 Race Briefing

Saturday September 29th

07:00 – 09:00 Distribution of the race bibs and material checking.
10:00 Race start.
10:05 – 11:15 Distribution of the Ultra Cavalls del Vent XS, race bibs.
11:30 Start of Children’s races.
14:00 Estimated time of arrival for first of the Cavalls de vent XS.
19:45 Estimated time of arrival for winner of Cavalls del Vent 2012
Sunday September 30th

10:00 End of Ultra Cavalls del Vent.
10:30 Prize-giving ceremony


Cursa cavalls del vent
Cavalls del Vent: Race profile (84,58k/DT12.180m)
Cursa cavalls del vent
Cavalls del Vent 2012: Race course.

Checkpoints, closing teams and refreshments. 

Punto de carrera            Km            Altitud (m)  Hora de cierre   Tipo de avituallamiento*

Bagà                                   0                     786
Refugi del Rebost          7’50                 1640               12:00                            Normal
Refugi Niu de l’Àliga     13,61               2520               14:30                            Normal
Refugi del Serrat           28,24              1511                17:20                            Normal
Refugi dels Cortals       33,24               1610                18:40                           Normal
Refugi Prat d’Aguiló    43,92               2010                22:00                           Especial
Refugi Lluis Estasen    55,80              1668                 01:00                           Normal
Refugi del Gresolet      59,11               1243                 03:00                          Especial
Ermita Sant Martí       67,90               990                  05:30                           Normal
Refugi Sant Jordi         72,94              1565                 08:00                           Normal
Bagà                              84,84               786                   10:00                         Zona Bagà

Entry fees 79€, plus 10€ extra if runner does not belong to a UIAA association.


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