Ultra trail at The Canaries: TNF Transgrancanaria 2012 last news

Update 7feb: All entries for the 4 races now full. Over 1.800 runners to hit the trails at Gran Canaria next 3-4-5 March. See you all at Maspalomas, by midnight! ūüėÄ

See here results  & videos from Transgrancanaria 2011.

Last month before the 2012 TNF Transgrancanaria: Four trail races, from 26 to 123km crossing all the island and reaching up to over 2.000 meters altitude before plunging down back to the ocean. See below last minutes before the classic oceanside midnight start of the race.

Phase 1
Phase 2
27JUL Р18DEC: 24H*** 19DEC Р10FEB: 24H***
Transgrancanaria 123k 130‚ā¨ 150‚ā¨
Transgrancanaria Sur-norte 96k 120‚ā¨ 140‚ā¨
Transgrancanaria Marat√≥n 42k 70‚ā¨ 80‚ā¨
Transgrancanaria Starter 24k 50‚ā¨ 50‚ā¨

As of this 2012 edition, the four races distances and profiles are as follows:

Road Book and GPS tracks: As of 29jan there still small changes ongoing upon the last leg of the course. In a few days, the road book will be again active on the web.
Mandatory race equipment: 
  • Plastic cup.
  • Thermal blanket. Minimum measures 100cm x 200 cm.
  • Front light, flashlight or headlamp with batteries and spare bulb. (Except Starter race)
  • Red taillight. (Except Starter race)
  • Mobile phone and battery with full battery load.
  • Water holder 2 liters.
  • Enough food to get through the race.
  • Race bib.
  • Race vest.
  • Waterproof jacket.
Expected leading athletes: Stars of the mountain so recognized as, Jez Bragg, Sebastien Chaigneau,  Zigor Iturrieta, Emma Roca, Julia Boettger, Denise Zimmermann, Aitor Leal and a long list of top trail runners add luster  to this great celebration of ultratrail.
Supplier discounts:
Interislands Boats, Fred Olsen: 50% discount. Ref: Transgrancanaria. Calling 922628237
Rent a Car, Avis.  Avis Canarias offers participants up to 40% average discount car rental depending on model. For reservations enter www.avis.es and enter the discount code (AWD): K460901
Weather Forecast: While we are in the Canaries, the climate here is very stable, I recommend you pay special attention to the weather forecast for the days of the race, this will help you choose the right clothing that will accompany the day of the race.
Race documentation: To be delivered by ahtlete to race officials on race certification day.
1.Medical Certificate:¬†Required for North and South and 123 races, you can find the official format here. Must be issued more than three months before the race date. You must have completed at least the following sections: “Data Doctor”, “Participant Data”, “Test Results”, “valid until”, “Signature and seal of the doctor.” No official form is mandatory although its content.
2.Medical records: Mandatory for Marathon and Starter races. It is completed by the ahtlete himself.
3.Disclaimer Specification: Mandatory for all races, to be filled in and signed by each runner.
Clothing  bags:
123kms: The organization will provide participants on the withdrawal of numbers with two bags of 50 cm high by 30 cm in diameter. Participants in these bags placed all the material that they can use and find your way through;
Bag-1: Gara√Īon Checkpoint
-Bag 2: Finish Line-Village.
South-North: The organization will provide participants  with two bags of 50 cm high by 30 cm in diameter. Participants in these bags placed all the material that they can use and find your way through;
Bag-1: ¬†Gara√Īon Checkpoint
-Bag 2: Finish Line-Village.
Marathon : The organization will provide participants s with a bag of 50 cm high by 30 cm in diameter. In this bag the participants placed all the material that they can use and find your way through;
Bag-1:  Finish Line-Village.

Semi-autonomous race: Transgrancanaria, unlike other ultratrails, is a race  performed in semi-autonomous mode. You may find food stalls on the road , but very distant from each other, so you have to carry enough food and drink to get from one to another without problems, relying only on your own supply.

123  Sur-Norte Maratón Starter
Ayagaures  Km 31DRINK  Km 31DRINK
Tunte Km 42FULL Km 42FULL
Presa de Las Ni√Ī√°s ¬† Km 62FULL
Aserrador   Km 73DRINK+FOOD
Gara√Ī√≥n ¬†Km 81FULL Km 55FULL
Teror   Km113FULL  Km 85FULL Km 16FULL
Tenoya Km 113FULL Km 85Completo Km 29FULL Km 13FULL
Las Palmas de  Gran Canaria   Km 123LUNCH AREA  Km 96LUNCH AREA Km  42LUNCH AREA Km 24LUNCH AREA
Race Rules:¬†Do not forget to check the rules of race where it is all data and regulations necessary to successfully tackle the race. We also added some items such as 4.8 “external help”.
Llegando al Pico de las Nieves (1.949m) en la Transgrancanaria 2010. Foto: Alberto Cardona
Roque Nublo (1.813m): Icono de la carrera.