Ibiza UltraTeam 2012 entries open: Trail 70k / MBK 100k / Swim 10,6k. Full race info.

The ultra invasion continues to progress throughout Spain and takes a new beachhead in the Balearic Islands: Ibiza Ultra Team is born with a curious and original format, which combines individual and team race in three segments of trail running 70k, 100k and mountain bike open water swimming to 10.6 k. Race day: 28APR12. Entries available from 20JAN12. 

Ibiza Ultra Team 2012 logotipo

The race is intended primarily to showcase  the great potential of this Balearic Island for the practice of endurance sports. It follows the steps that have been carved over the years from the Canaries, by The North Face Transgrancanaria. That event is now a global reference with big  international media exposure, sports tourism and relevant revenue generated on the island throughout the year. A lesson to be emulated by other spanish regions, hopefully.


In recent years there has been an unstoppable global wave driving ever bigger numbers into just about any endurance challenge. Particularly ultrarunning events, where the courses routinely triple or quadruple the classic marathon distance and put in thousands of feets to be climbed up and down in between as well.   We have witnessed a veritable media craze trailing the likes of the Iron Man Circuit or the alpine Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

Obviously in a local promotional event such as this IUT2012 is aimed at, several options are made available for the less adept participants to tailor their challenge to their current talent or endurance.  Therefore, in addition to the main ultra event, which acts as media hook, there is the possibility to participate in “half-distance” version. Thus, participants will compete individually in their discipline and distance of choice, and in turn may or may not choose to form a 3 member team to cover all disciplines, competing so as a team. For this inaugural 2012 the organization has set itself a target of 1,500 bibs available in total.

The idea: Sell the ULTRA TEAM IBIZA 2012 as an athletic competition of extreme hardness that combines three of the fastest growing sports today on a most photogenic setup for all the media: Trailrunning, mountain biking and open water swimming. The objective: Generate an event on a class of its own. A unique mystique in the charming mediterranean island, tough yet fun and fully different in the global calendar. Consequently, race day has been scheduled on April 28, 2012 just in time for the annual start of the tourism´s high-season at the island.

And of course, the ultimate goal to reach for all of them athletes will await at Ibiza city itself, where participants will receive the honors they have truly earnt by will and sweat: massage to recover from their effort, a good meal … and finally a big party with awards ceremony at Pacha disco . Because when all is said and done, we are in Ibiza. The island has a unique reputation as the greatest partymakers in the planet which is always to be kept, do not forget 🙂

 TRAIL RUNNING. Ultra 70k /  Half course 30k.

Salida en Sant Antoni y llegada a Ibiza (ciudad) los corredores recorrerán la zonaoeste de la isla a lo largo de un trazado montañoso de 70 km. La enorme variedadpaisajística que ofrece la isla permitirá que los corredores puedan descubrir losmontes, calas y pueblos de Ibiza.

MOUNTAIN BIKE  Ultra 100km / Half course 50km

Salida de Santa Eularia des Riu para llegar a Ibiza después de haber cubierto un atractivo trazado por la zona este de la isla de unos 100 km. Dureza del recorrido proporcional a la variedad del trazado y la belleza paisajista del entorno, promete la organización.

NATACIÓN MAR ABIERTO Ultra 10,6 / Media 5,3

Ibiza Ultra Team 2012 Recorrido Natación aguas abiertas

IUT2012 Natación aguas abiertas

Travesía Formentera-Posidonia 10,6k: Salida y llegada en la playa de Ses Illetes, en Formentera, los participantes  darán la vuelta completa a la isla de S’Espalmador. En caso de condiciones adversas como bancos de medusas o condiciones marítimas inestables,  hay previstos tres recorridos alternativos en zonas protegidas de Formentera.

En fin, una idea original y diferente para promocionar el turismo verde por un lado y por otro ofrecer una alternativa diferente a los ultreros veteranos. Bienvenida sea. Esperamos formar parte del pelotón de salida y poder contarlo despues de primera mano.

Si quieres la info completa de la carrera, aquí puedes consultar todo el Dossier de Prensa del Ibiza Ultra Team 2012 tal y como lo ha realizado y circulado la organización.


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