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February 07


SIERRA NEVADA 2022: SNOWRUNNING WORLDCHAMPIONSHIPS VERTICAL AND CLASSIC. Our SKYRUNNING section celebrates the first Snowrunning World Championship where 60 runners from all over the world competed druing this weekend in Sierra Nevada, Spain, in two modalities: Vertical and Classic. SIERRA NEVADA 2022: SKYSNOW WORLDCHAMPIONSHIPS VERTICAL AND CLASSIC “Edition zero” of the SkySnow World Championships will take place […]

October 18


SKYSNOW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: A NEW SKYRUNNING DISCIPLINE. Our SKYRUNNING section bring us today a new disciple form the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation): SKYSNOW and it does it with a new World Championship that will be cellebrated on Sierra Nevada, Spain, 4th-5th February 2022. Snow represents one of the classical elements of skyrunning, especially at high […]

August 06

GEDIMINAS GRINIUS, Vibram ultrarunner: Self-portrait and video interview by Mayayo at Sierra Nevada.

. Gediminas Grinius is an ultrarunner from Lithuania who has recently risen to lead several global big races, such as the spanish Transgrancanaria 125km he won in 2015 or the italian Orobie Gran Trail 70km he took just a week ago.  He is now a member of the Vibram International team, together with runners like […]

July 18

ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA 103KM BY CASEY MORGAN (3rd overall): Personal race report & Videointerview with Mayayo

. The third edition of the Ultra Trail Sierra Nevada´s demanding 103km climb to Veleta Peak over 3.000 meters high enjoyed over 1.300 runners from 14 countries, including the likes of Esther Alves (Salomon from Portugal); Gediminas Grinius (Vibram, from Latvia) and Casey Morgan (Compressport – Scotland) Right after crossing the finish line, we take […]

Sierra Nevada Ultra Trail 2011 (1Oct) : 90k/D+6.000m Abre inscripciones

Tras el éxito de la edición del debut en 2010 vuelve una salida NO competitiva del correr por montaña todo lo alto de Sierra Nevada. Para 2011 la prueba crece a lo grande en dureza, saltando hasta los 90km de longitud y superando más de 6.000 metros de desnivel positivo. Salida el próximo 1 de […]

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