GEDIMINAS GRINIUS, Vibram ultrarunner: Self-portrait and video interview by Mayayo at Sierra Nevada.


Gediminas Grinius is an ultrarunner from Lithuania who has recently risen to lead several global big races, such as the spanish Transgrancanaria 125km he won in 2015 or the italian Orobie Gran Trail 70km he took just a week ago.  He is now a member of the Vibram International team, together with runners like Javi Domínguez or Uxué Fraile.

Today we bring you a very special insight into his personal way to trail running: Listen to him first as he sums up his past,  present and future evolution in the sport at our video interview up at Sierra Nevada. Then let us read his very own self-portrait below.




I am 36-year-old amateur runner, good father of two and with the help and blessing of my wife, have been running around 10 years. I started ultra-running as treatment, which helped me to cope with PDSD after military mission in Iraq. Eventually I wanted to run further and longer, my mind required new challenges and this was how I found trail running. After the first taste of it I was infected and I am now trying to spread this virus among others.

My passion is ultra-running and although I participate in different races, my favorites are 100-mile trails. Running is just a hobby, but with the III-rd place in Lavaredo Ultra Trail (Italy), V-th Ultra- Trail du Mont-Blanc (France) and IV-th Grand Raid de la Reunion (France) I secured III-rd place among ultra trail elites in 2014 Utra Trail World Tour.

In 2015 I finished I-st in Transgrancanaria (Spain) where I set the new course record, was IV-th in Western States Endurance Run (USA) and won Ultra Trail Mount Fuji (Japan). It was good enough to improve my overall ranking in 2015 Ultra Trail World Tour, which I finished in II-nd position overall. Those victories build up my confidence for upcoming 2016 season.

My training doesn’t differ from any other runner, as I have classic approach, so try to have at least one speed and long run session per week other than that is just running to fill the gaps and have proper recovery for the next speed or long run training. Usually it is from 100km up to 200km per week and depends on my goal or race for which I am aiming at certain moment.

Besides that I do a lot of cross training exercises in the gym to mimic mountain running, as Lithuania is a very flat country and somehow I need to prepare my legs for long climbs as it is in most of UTWT races and UTMB, which are clasiffied as priorty A races in my current plan, speaking of which:

I divided 2016 running season in two parts with recovery period in between.

My final racing plan looked like this:

1. Vibram Hong Kong 100 – A race. Do my best and check if I am not too fat after the winter. Transgrancanaria – B+ race. Play safe and try to repeat last year’s success.

2. Enjoy the life, 3R (Rock’n’Roll, Recuperation) and come back to training strong with no injuries. Spend some quality time in Lithuanian mountains J – nope, but anyway somehow do vertical training.

3. Lavaredo Ultra Trail – B race. Check if I’m on the right track with my training and spend some cheerful time with friends from Trail Running Team Vibram.

4. Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc – A race. Avoid blisters so early in the race, sleep till Gran Col Ferret and then go 2015 David Laney (can read crazy fast) to close the gap and finish strong. Last but not the least, go for a ride with Gintare and boys on @vibram sole factor’s truck.

5. Grand Raid Reunion – A+ race. Fly to the island earlier and have fun prior the run not to be distracted by its beauty during the race. Less media, FB and other socials – proper rest and clear mind is priority, so no buzz as well.

Put all in – revenge!





Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain