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September 29

Ultra Paine 2017: The race as seen by Casey Morgan, winner 80km. Videointerview and personal race report.

. Ultra Paine 2017 offered in its fourth edtion this 2017 four different courses. They were 14k-35k-50k-80k with the last being the main event, held for the first time this year.  A gorgeous course between fiords and summits, peppered with condores and guanacos as company saw Casey´s run to victory with great authority, with a larger […]

March 21


. The mountains of Spain host over a thousand trail running events per year, from the Pyrenees to Lanzarote. The Balearic Islands are among those territories blessed with a superb combination of well know beaches and vertical mountain trails to enjoy, climbing up to over 1.400m high at the Serra Tramuntana. . This 2017 the […]

July 18

ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA 103KM BY CASEY MORGAN (3rd overall): Personal race report & Videointerview with Mayayo

. The third edition of the Ultra Trail Sierra Nevada´s demanding 103km climb to Veleta Peak over 3.000 meters high enjoyed over 1.300 runners from 14 countries, including the likes of Esther Alves (Salomon from Portugal); Gediminas Grinius (Vibram, from Latvia) and Casey Morgan (Compressport – Scotland) Right after crossing the finish line, we take […]

June 01

Compressport backpack Ultrarun 140g man. Review by Casey Morgan

. The Compressport UK runner Casey Morgan is a most familiar sight at when trail running in Spain. From Majorca to the Canaries, notwhistanding the Guadarrama mountains or the Pyrenees, he has entered many of the most reputed ultras in the country. This weekend, while training at the Guadarrama National Park at 2.000 meters high, […]

December 10

ULTRA MARATON COSTA ALMERÍA. Race report by winner CASEY MORGAN. From Scotland to the andalusian coast.

. Trail running in Spain becomes a true haven por many a central and northen european runner come winter. In this case, scot Casey Morgan already sums up quite a track record at spanish events, ranging from Gran Trail Peñalara to Transmallorca Run, the Transgrancanaria or this most recent win at the inaugural edition of […]

November 24

OXFAM HONG KONG 100k. Race report by CASEY MORGAN, teamed up with Pau Capell, Yeray Duran & Julien Chorier.

. The recent Oxfam 100km at Hong Kong saw a european team arrive as one of the favorites. It was made up of spaniards Pau Capell and Yeray Durán, alongside frenchman Julian Chorier and the scot Casey Morgan. It is precisely from Casey that we are able to offer you his personal race report, for […]

April 25


Trail running in Spain this 2014  keeps on getting larger and better organized, as proved by this Ultra Majorca Serra Tramuntana 4th edition. Our mate Casey Morgan, from Scotland shares here his race report after achieving the 2nd position overall. Well done, Casey!  Official full results Ultra Mallorca Serra Tramuntana 107k 2014 _________________________ . Ultra Majorca […]

July 28

Mountains Of Spain: Video Guadarrama National Park´s Ultra trail. Gran Trail Peñalara 2013

Among the mountains of Spain, the latest addition to the National Park network has been in 2013 with the creation of the new Guadarrama National Park. Its highest summit is Peñalara at 2.430 meters and it covers one of the most importante historic areas for climbing, mountaneering, skiing and trailrunning in Spain. Since 2010 the […]

July 03

TRAIL RUNNING SPAIN: GRAN TRAIL PEÑALARA 110km/D+5.500m Race report by Casey Morgan.

Trail running in Spain this 2013 is becoming ever larger and better organized. The fifth edition of Gran Trail Peñalara has meant a giant leap forward: From 391 finishers in 2012 to 1.073 in 2013. Faster times as well, with top100 marks coming down from 22h37m to 21h55m. Among the runners involved, well known names […]