SKYRUNNING 2024: SKYRUNNER WORLD SERIES CALENDAR.  Our SKYRUNNING section bring us today the calendar for the SKYRUNNER WORLD SERIES 2024.

Next season, which is also the 20th anniversary of the circuit, will run from March to November and comprise of over 20 races in 12 countries spanning three continents, with the seasons grand final, the SkyMasters, being held in Spain.

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Yesterday on the shores of Lake Garda to a crowd of fans, spectators, athletes, and the newly-crowned season champions, the Skyrunner® World Series wrapped up its epic 2023 season by announcing next season’s calendar.

The global expansion of the circuit will see the introduction of new races in new countries around the world, making the sport more accessible and introducing skyrunning to new markets.


The 2024 season kicks off on the 2nd of March with new race, Acantilados del Norte Skyrace on the Canary Island of La Palma, Spain. The circuit stays in Spain, moving on to Calamorro Skyrace before travelling to France for Skyrace des Matheysins and Skyraces Des Gorges Du Tarn.

The circuit will then cross the Atlantic Ocean to Mexico for Orizaba Skyrace in May. This is the first time Mexico has hosted a stage of the World Series. After this it’s back to Europe for the Hochkönig Skyrace in Austria and Madeira Skyrace, Portugal.

The Canadian Rockies shall host the ninth stage of the circuit with the incredible Minotaur Skyrace, followed by Skyrace du Mercantour, France. KaiserKrone Skyrace, Austria, will then close the busy month of June.

First up in July is high-altitude race, Cordillera Blanca Skyrace, Peru followed by the two big bad boys of the circuit, Matterhorn Ultraks EXTREME in Switzerland and Trofeo KIMA in Italy.

The circuit remains in Italy for new SWS race, Maga Skymarathon, then makes a quick trip to the Basque Country for the 2022 SkyMasters, Gorbeia Suzien, before returning to Italy for Limone Extreme Skyrace.

From here, the circuit flies to the other side of the world for 2 Peaks Skyrace, South Korea followed by the Kailas Penang Skyrace, Malaysia. After this is Sagalassos Skyrace in Turkey – the last race before the SkyMasters.

There is also the possibility of a couple more races being added to the calendar at a later stage.


The closing ceremony of the Limone Xtreme SkyMasters was made even more memorable by the announcement of the 2024 SkyMasters. The highlight event of the season shall be hosted by Marato dels Dements Skyrace in Eslida-Aín, Spain – a highly technical route of 42-kilometers with 3,800 meters of elevation gain.

Raúl Martínez, Marato dels Dements Race Director comments:

“For us, it is a source of pride to make our Sierra Espadán, as well as our towns, Aín and Eslida, known all over the world by becoming the SkyMasters. It is a maximum responsibility and a unique opportunity, in which we are going to work on the principles that have made Dements grow since its first edition: safety, synergy, eco-responsibility and putting the needs of the runner at the centre of the event.

Dements is a unique experience, a contrasting event that takes place in a magical environment. Many years of experience, a job well done, care for the runner and a very tough route have made the arrival at the Dements finish line an object of desire for many runners.

Athletes can expect a very technical and tough race and, at the same time, a lot of safety in the mountains. A different sky that you will always remember with a working team dedicated to the skyrunner. We will be looking forward to seeing you at the Marató dels Dements 2024.”

The rules and SkyMasters qualification criteria are yet to be made public. These will be announced in the following months.
Marato dels Dements Skyrace – the 2023 SkyMasters


1. 2nd May – Acantilados del Norte – La Palma, Spain – 29km, 2,250m+
2. 6th April – Calamorro Skyrace – Benálmadena, Spain – 27km, 2,270m+
3. 4th May – Skyrace des Matheysins – St Honoré, France – 25km, 2,000m+
4. 18th May – Skyraces Des Gorges Du Tarn – Ste Enimie, France – 24km, 1,800m+
5. 25th May – Orizaba Skyrace – Orizaba, Mexico – 45km, 3,200m+
6. 1st June – Hochkönigman Skyrace – Maria Alm, Austria – 31km, 2,600m+
7. 15th June – Madeira Skyrace – Santana, Portugal – 45km, 3,600m+
8. 22nd June – Minotaur Skyrace – Crowsnest Pass, Canada – 33km, 2,900m+
9. 23rd June – Skyrace du Mercantour – Saint Martin Vesubie, France – 30km, 2,150m+
10. 29th June – Kaiserkrone Skyrace – Scheffau, Austria – 25km, 2,770m+
11. 6th June – Cordillera Blanca Skyrace – Huaraz, Peru – 27km, 1,550m+
12. 23rd August – Matterhorn Ultraks « EXTREME » – Zermatt, Switzerland – 25km, 2,900m+
13. 25th August – Trofeo KIMA – Valmasino, Italy – 52km, 4,200m+
14. 22nd September – Maga SkyMarathon – Zorzone, Italy – 39km, 3,000m+
15. 28th September – Gorbeia Suzien – Zeanuri, Spain – 32km, 2,400m+
16. 12th October – Limone Extreme Skyrace – Limone, Italy – 22km, 2,200m+
17. 26th October – 2 Peaks Skyrace – Ulju County, South Korea – 26km, 2,080m+
18. 2nd November – Kailas Penang Skyrace – Penang, Malaysia – 42km, 3,800m+
19. 9th November – Sagalassos Skyrace – Burdur, Turkey – 27km, 2,200m+


20. 16th November – Marato dels Dements – Eslida-Aín, Spain – 42km, 3,800m+

As in previous years, the SkyMasters is reserved for athletes who have qualified throughout the season only. Qualification criteria will be published at the time of the event announcement, early next year.




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