GOLDEN TRAIL WORLD SERIES. MAMMOTH 26K 2023: RESULTS. Rémi Bonnet and Judith Wyder win

GOLDEN TRAIL WORLD SERIES. MAMMOTH 26K 2023: RESULTS. Rémi Bonnet and Judith Wyder win. Our GOLDEN TRAIL SERIES section brings to us the results of this race before the Grand Final in Italy.

Rémi Bonnet and Judith Wyder win the GTWS 2023’s last round Mammoth 26k, 1,200M V+, before travel to Il Golfo dell’Isola Trail Race, Italy.

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Home to just 8,000 permanent residents, Mammoth Lakes is a small ski town tucked high along the eastern flanks of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range and surrounded by numerous Wilderness areas, National Forest land, and beneath 14,000ft peaks. This area is just north of Payahuunadü -Land of the Flowing Water– which has been cared for by Nüümü since time immemorial. It is a place you must experience to still not fully believe exists. The jagged mountains breach straight up from the valley floor and tower over everything in sight including endless world-class singletrack trails. The enchantment and beauty of the Eastern Sierra often lure people in, and they never leave.

The final stage of the Golden Trail World Series will be hosted by the true American-style trail-running festival, the Mammoth Trail Fest, organised among others by the ultra-trail runner Tim Tollefson. The race route: 26 kilometres and 1,200 metres of vertical elevation in the Californian mountains, kissing the top of Mammoth Mountain at 3,300m above sea level. This will be the last chance for runners to bag points this season and qualify for the Grand Final to be held at Il Golfo Dell’Isola in Italy. The aim: get into the world’s top 30 to qualify. Who will grab the crown in this last stage? Who will climb up the rankings in the nick of time? There will be winners and losers, joy and tears! See you on 22nd September to find out what happens at the Mammoth 26K!




Male Race

He has never been beaten on American soil in the last two seasons. Rémi Bonnet (Salomon/Red Bull, Switzerland) has once again proven that he was the strongest in the USA by winning the Mammoth 26K, the last round of the Golden Trail World Series before the Grand Final in Italy.

@GoldenTrailSeries Mammoth 26k – The Adventure Bakery

“I didn’t have the greatest sensations in the world,” he confided at the finish, “but I managed to keep pace with both the Kenyans who set off at a rocket pace on the road. I knew if I let them go it would’ve been tough to catch up with them later. I managed to clip the summit one minute ahead of them and in the downhill I tried to keep that gap. I’m so pleased to hit the final with three victories. Now I’ll need to have a rest and recover to be there in top form.” 

Initially ranked second, Chad Hall (USA) has finally been disqualified from the Mammoth 26K for getting lost and missing a checkpoint at the end of the course. Surprised by his own position at the finish, he accepted the race direction’s decision. Before his disqualification Chad had declared “I really wasn’t expecting this result. After Pikes Peak, I thought a top 5 spot could be on the cards but never second place! But I do love this kind of really runnable race with flat sections and fast downhills. Today was my lucky day and I’m really pleased.”

The second in the podium was Meikael Beaudoin-Rousseau (Brooks, USA) a GTNS USA/CAN athlete.

“I just wanted to enjoy myself and go up against the best athletes in the world. In the end, everything went really well and I grabbed this third place, which makes me feel good about the future. I’d decided to stay cool in the uphill to keep some in the tank for the downhill because I knew I could catch a lot of runners. Everything went exactly as planned and I’m thrilled! Now I’m going to focus on the GTNS final in Italy and I’m mega excited about competing against the other athletes.”

And finally Roberto Delorenzi (Brooks, Switzerland) on the podium. “It seems that Chad got lost at the end of the course, so he has been disqualified. It’s a shame, but I’m still happy to be on the podium, my second after the Dolomites. I’m now second overall and can’t wait for the final!”


@GoldenTrailSeries Mammoth 26k – The Adventure Bakery


1 – RÉMI BONNET (SALOMON/RED BULL – CHE):  1:54:49 (+200 pts)
2 – MEIKAEL BEAUDOIN-ROUSSEAU (BROOKS – USA): 1:58:48 (+188 pts)
3 – ROBERTO DELORENZI (BROOKS – CHE): 1:59:54 (+176 pts)
4 – SAM HENDRY (SALOMON – CAN): 2:00:25 (+166 pts)
5 – DANIEL OSANZ (ADIDAS TERREX – ESP): 2:02:17 (+156 pts)


Female Race

Judith Wyder revealed at the press conference that she found the race profile a bit too fast for her. However, Judith Wyder (Hoka/Red Bull, Switzerland) just proved that she is one of the most all-round athletes in the circuit by winning Mammoth 26K.

@GoldenTrailSeries Mammoth 26k – The Adventure Bakery

“It was really tough. Madalina pushed really hard throughout the first part of the race, and it was really tough to keep up with her and subsequently keeping her off after that, and then I could feel Dani Moreno creeping up behind me, so I had to continuously push and push. My muscles are totally trashed, but it was worth every second fighting to the end. I can’t wait to be in Italy to take on Sophia and all the women there, but first I need a rest, recover and then get back to training.”

So it was local girl, Dani Moreno (Adidas Terrex, USA) who finished in second place.

“I spiced up the race a bit by pushing it hard in the climb. I took the lead – I don’t ever remember leading a race in the Golden Trail World Series – hoping I could keep the lead in the downhill. Unfortunately Judith was faster but I’m mega happy with this result. I really just wanted to enjoy the trails, my husband and friends who were supporting me, these mountains and running with the best female trail runners in the world.” 

Madalina Florea (CSM Sighisoara, Romania) finished on the third step of the podium.

“I’m happy with third place but also disappointed. I got lost at least three times on the course route; it wasn’t very well marked. 10 minutes before arriving I went the wrong way again and lost time. But that’s how it goes. It was the same for everyone and so I’m really happy with this podium.”



@GoldenTrailSeries Mammoth 26k – The Adventure Bakery


1 – JUDITH WYDER (HOKA/RED BULL – CHE): 2:18:21 (+200 pts)
2 – DANIELLA MORENO (ADIDAS TERREX – USA): 2:19:13 (+188 pts)
3 – MADALINA FLOREA (CSM SIGHISOARA– ROU): 2:23:07(+176 pts)
4 – ANNA GIBSON (BROOKS – USA): 2:23:35 (+166 pts)
5 – MALEN OSA (SALOMON – ESP): 2:24:06 (+156 pts)


  • 14 May: Zegama-Aizkorri, Spain — 42 km / 2,736 m D+*
  • 25 June: Marathon du Mont-Blanc, France — 42 km / 2,540 m D+
  • 15 July: Dolomyths Run, Italy — 22 km / 1,750 m D+
  • 12 August: Sierre-Zinal, Switzerland – 31 km / 2,200 m D+
  • 16 September: Pikes Peak Ascent, United States — 21 km / 2,382 m D+
  • 22 September: Mammoth 26K—Mammoth Trail Fest, United States — 26 km / 1,400 m D+
  • From 19 to 22 October: Grand Finale, Il Golfo dell’Isola Trail Race, Italy — 23 km / 1,200 m D+ (+ prologue)



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