MAMMOTH 26K 2023: GOLDEN TRAIL WORLD SERIES. Our GOLDEN TRAIL SERIES section travels to California on 22nd september. The place, Mammoth Lakes.

The Golden Trail World Series is now on its way to California for the last stage before the Grand Final in Italy. The race, Mammoth 26k, 1200 M +

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Home to just 8,000 permanent residents, Mammoth Lakes is a small ski town tucked high along the eastern flanks of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range and surrounded by numerous Wilderness areas, National Forest land, and beneath 14,000ft peaks. This area is just north of Payahuunadü -Land of the Flowing Water– which has been cared for by Nüümü since time immemorial. It is a place you must experience to still not fully believe exists. The jagged mountains breach straight up from the valley floor and tower over everything in sight including endless world-class singletrack trails. The enchantment and beauty of the Eastern Sierra often lure people in, and they never leave.

The final stage of the Golden Trail World Series will be hosted by the true American-style trail-running festival, the Mammoth Trail Fest, organised among others by the ultra-trail runner Tim Tollefson. The race route: 26 kilometres and 1,200 metres of vertical elevation in the Californian mountains, kissing the top of Mammoth Mountain at 3,300m above sea level. This will be the last chance for runners to bag points this season and qualify for the Grand Final to be held at Il Golfo Dell’Isola in Italy. The aim: get into the world’s top 30 to qualify. Who will grab the crown in this last stage? Who will climb up the rankings in the nick of time? There will be winners and losers, joy and tears! See you on 22nd September to find out what happens at the Mammoth 26K!



Women’s line-up

In California, Judith Wyder (Hoka/Red Bull, Switzerland) has a final shot at racking up points to take second place overall before the final. She has already displayed her skills by winning DoloMyths Run this year and finishing second at Pikes Peak last Saturday.

Sara Alonso (Asics, Spain) had a successful comeback finishing 5th at Pikes Peak last Saturday. Keep a close eye on her on the more classic Mammoth course profile. Élise Poncet (Millet, France) should also be performing well at Mammoth, she finished 8th at Pikes Peak Ascent and is also considered as being the world’s best downhill runner.

Madalina Florea (CSM Sighisoara, Romania) led Sierre-Zinal for a long time before being chased down and finishing in 7th place. Will she be able to go the distance and claim a podium spot at Mammoth? Malen Osa (Salomon, Spain) never ceases to amaze! After a fantastic 4th place at DoloMyths Run, she proved she was one of the best athletes in the world by finishing 4th once again this time at Pikes Peak. Will she take a Golden Trail Series podium slot for the first time in California? Although, they should all be wary of Camilla Magliano (Italy), Sylvia Nordskar (Hoka/Daehlie, Norway), Anna-Stiina Erkkilä (Asics, Finland), Tabor Hemming (Salomon, USA) and Kalie McCrystal (Ciele Athletics, Canada).

@GoldenTrailSeries Mammoth 26k


Men’s line-up

Rémi Bonnet (Salomon/Red Bull, Switzerland) just broke the “impossible record” at Pikes Peak. He is under no pressure in the last leg as he is now leading the Golden Trail World Series and his position can no longer be taken away from him before the final.

Will Philemon Kiriago (Run2gether, Kenya) be able to repeat his Sierre-Zinal performance and claim victory at Mammoth? Eli Hemming (Salomon, USA), currently 4th in the GTWS 2023 overall ranking, ran a very strong race at Pikes Peak finishing on the podium so, watch him very closely.

Roberto Delorenzi (Brooks, Switzerland) is having a sterling season so far and is currently 3rd in the GTWS overall ranking. This last stage is his chance to grab some precious points for the final. Patrick Kipngeno (Run2gether, Kenya) finished the last two races in 2nd place, he will no doubt be aiming for the victory spot in this final stage, even if the race profile doesn’t fully suit him, as he is currently the Vertical Uphill World Champion.

Others to keep an eye on are Francesco Puppi (Nike, Italy), Daniel Pattis (Brooks, Italy), Anthony Felber (Sidas X Matryx, France), Alex Garcia (Brooks, Spain) and Dani Osanz (Adidas Terrex, Spain).

@GoldenTrailSeries Mammoth 26k



  • 14 May: Zegama-Aizkorri, Spain — 42 km / 2,736 m D+*
  • 25 June: Marathon du Mont-Blanc, France — 42 km / 2,540 m D+
  • 15 July: Dolomyths Run, Italy — 22 km / 1,750 m D+
  • 12 August: Sierre-Zinal, Switzerland – 31 km / 2,200 m D+
  • 16 September: Pikes Peak Ascent, United States — 21 km / 2,382 m D+
  • 22 September: Mammoth 26K—Mammoth Trail Fest, United States — 26 km / 1,400 m D+
  • From 19 to 22 October: Grand Finale, Il Golfo dell’Isola Trail Race, Italy — 23 km / 1,200 m D+ (+ prologue).



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