THE PIKES PEAK ASCENT 2023: GOLDEN TRAIL WORLD SERIES. Our GOLDEN TRAIL SERIES section bring us today the next race in the GTWS. The Pikes Ascent, the uphill -Only lung crusher!

The Pikes Peak Ascent is the 5th stage in the GTWS 2023, and it opens the American round. This uphill-only race promises to be a gripping spectacle between the best climbers on the circuit. On 16th September in Manitou Springs, USA. 21km 2,382M D+.

THE PIKES PEAK ASCENT 2023 race preview in spanish: PREVIA PIKES PEAK ASCENT 2023

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Since 1956, the Pikes Peak Ascent is a grueling 13.3 miles race from Manitou Springs, Colorado, to the 14,115 feet summit of Pikes Peak. With a vertical climb of 7,800 feet up the historic Barr Trail, this is NOT your typical half marathon! Beginning in downtown Manitou Springs, the course proceeds along approximately 1.5 miles of road before joining into Pikes Peak’s Barr Trail. This is where the real adventure begins. With an average grade of 11%, the trail is often narrow, winding, or steep and may be gravel, rock or dirt with sharp turns and abrupt changes in elevation or direction. However, there are no exposed ledges, so there is little danger of falling off the trail!

21km. 2,382M D+


The impossible record!

2h01’06 is all Matt Carpenter needed to reach the summit of this legendary American mountain top – Pikes Peak, 4,302 metres above sea level – from Manitou Springs (1,920 metres above sea level). This outrageously fast time becomes stratospheric when you realise that the American achieved it on the marathon out and back distance. Yet, despite this race’s major difficulty – the altitude – one man has trained specifically to attempt to beat the record after claiming victory at this race last year. Will Rémi Bonnet manage to break this 30-year-old record? Will he manage to go under the 2-hour limit and pocket the $10,000 prize? Which of his rivals could deny him this victory? Which woman will outshine Kim Dobson’s record, established in 2012 (2h24’58)? Will any of them slip under the 2h21 and claim the $10,000 prize? Find out on 16th September in Manitou Springs!

The times to beat

Men’s record: 02:01:06 Matt Carpenter in 1993

Women’s record: 02:24:58 Kim Dobson in 2012


Women’s line-up

Now back on home turf, Sophia Laukli (Salomon, USA) proved her worth this year by winning the Marathon du Mont-Blanc and finishing second at the Dolomyths Run. Will she better last year’s 3rd place on this Pikes Peak Ascent? First off, she must look out for Judith Wyder (Hoka/Red Bull, Switzerland) who seems to be in particularly top form this year, having already beaten her at the 2023 DoloMyths Run. Allie McLaughlin (Hoka, USA) is also on home ground, she lives in Colorado Springs and knows the climb like the back of her hand, but will she have recovered from her European races?

Élise Poncet (Millet, France) is more famous for her downhill skills, but the Frenchwoman is eager to give herself a challenge with this Pikes Peak climb, so will she be capable of climbing onto the podium? Sara Alonso (Asics, Spain) has just made a spectacular comeback after being injured for 7 months by winning the ETC in Courmayeur, Italy. Will she be ready to keep pace with the world’s best female trail runners on her comeback to the GTWS? Other women to look out for are Malen Osa (Salomon, Spain), EmKay Sullivan (Craft, USA), Anna-Stiina Erkkilä (Asics, Finland), Júlia Font (Brooks, Spain) and Florea Mădălina (CSM Sighisoara, Romania).

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Men’s line-up

Philemon Ombogo (Run2gether, Kenya) proved hands down he was the best at Sierre-Zinal this year beating the favourites. Will he be able to do a repeat speed performance in the uphill in this first American race? He will be up against his fellow countryman Patrick Kipngeno (Run2gether, Kenya), he led the entire Swiss race before watching his teammate overtake in the final section.

Rémi Bonnet (Salomon/Red Bull, Switzerland) has prepared himself like never before for this race in the hope of closing in on the record. He won this year’s Marathon du Mont-Blanc but will he have bounced back after dropping from Sierre-Zinal? Eli Hemming (Salomon, USA) made his mark at the Golden Trail Series by finishing 3rd at Pikes Peak Ascent in 2022, can he do a repeat performance this year? Look out for the local kid on the block Joe Gray (Hoka, USA), he has already won the race several times. Other strong favourites include Roberto Delorenzi (Brooks, Switzerland), Francesco Puppi (Nike Trail, Italy), Daniel Osanz (Adidas Terrex, Spain), Álex García (Brooks, Spain), Anthony Felber (Sidas X Matryx, France).


  • 14 May: Zegama-Aizkorri, Spain — 42 km / 2,736 m D+*
  • 25 June: Marathon du Mont-Blanc, France — 42 km / 2,540 m D+
  • 15 July: Dolomyths Run, Italy — 22 km / 1,750 m D+
  • 12 August: Sierre-Zinal, Switzerland – 31 km / 2,200 m D+
  • 16 September: Pikes Peak Ascent, United States — 21 km / 2,382 m D+
  • 23 September: Mammoth 26K—Mammoth Trail Fest, United States — 26 km / 1,400 m D+
  • From 19 to 22 October: Grand Finale, Il Golfo dell’Isola Trail Race, Italy — 23 km / 1,200 m D+ (+ prologue).



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