RESTONICA TRAIL BY UTMB 2023 GOES TO LAMBERT SANTELLI & EVA MARIA SPERGER. Our UTMB WORLD SERIES  bring us three races from the UTMB World Series. Thunderstorms suspend Friday’s racing at Val d’Aran by UTMB but community atmosphere and spirit shine through. 3,918 runners from 76 nations take on Trail Verbier St-Bernard by UTMB, with all Swiss podium in the X-Alpine 140km.

Meeanhilw, Santelli took his sixth title at Restonica Trail by UTMB, with Benjamin Roubiol suffering a DNF. Let us kiick off on the race recap for the mediterrean race by Mayayo

Photo: UTMB


Restonica Trail by UTMB 2023

Mediterranean island of Corsica stages the ultimate destination race

The mountainous Mediterranean island of Corsica, otherwise known as the ‘Island of Beauty’, welcomed over 2,200 runners to the infamous GR20 trails for Restonica Trail by UTMB®.

Lambert Santelli (FRA, UTMB Index 845) and Eva Maria Sperger (GER, UTMB Index 690) came out victorious in the 100M Ultra-Trail® di Corsica. Having been crowned champion a staggering five times at this event, Santelli once again proved himself on the course, establishing a lead of almost ninety minutes on second-placed Jerome Vanderschaeghe (BEL, UTMB Index 839) and over two hours on third-placed Paul Zunino (FRA, UTMB Index 789).

With one of the pre-race favorites and recent World Mountain and Trail Running Champion, Benjamin Roubiol (FRA, UTMB Index 890), suffering a DNF on the course, Santelli gave us insight into how the race played out and what it meant to him. He said, “For the first five hours, Benjamin and I ran together at a fairly high pace, but he unfortunately suffered a broken toe on the course. For me, I know the course well and still train here which made a difference. I am not a professional, I have a restaurant with my family and work is my passion but winning here is a bit like winning at Chamonix and brings huge emotions.”


In the women’s race, Eva Maria Sperger took the tape in a time of 20:59:42. The German runner had to rely on friends within the trail running community when her suitcase failed to arrive ahead of the event and prevent her from starting. She was joined by Aline Coquard (FRA, UTMB Index 661) and Sandrine Beranger (FRA, UTMB Index 654) on the podium.



Having suffered a DNF here in 2022, Elie Besson-Pithon (FRA, UTMB Index 855) returned to Corsica ready for redemption and did so in style, taking the win in the 100K Restonica Trail.

He said, “Wow, what an adventure! The Restonica Trail by UTMB inspires me, with three words to describe it: passion, love and sharing. Last year left me with a bitter taste and I am very happy to win today!”

It was an all-French podium with Thibaud Le Coguic (FRA, UTMB Index 775) and Kevin Raymond (FRA, UTMB Index 775) finishing in second and third. In the women’s race, Natalia Mastrota (ITA, UTMB Index 663) was first across the line, but it was a sprint finish for Sabrina Maurette (FRA, UTMB Index 622) and Gaëlle Loridat (FRA, UTMB Index 637) with just one second separating them in second and third.


Thibaut Baronian (FRA, UTMB Index 909) built on his fourth-place finish at the recent World and Mountain Trail Running Championships, taking the top spot in the 50K Tavignanu Trail. Loïc Robert (FRA, UTMB Index 904) and Noel Giordano (FRA, UTMB Index 850) joined him on the podium, finishing within 10 minutes of the champion.

Louise Serban-Penhoat (FRA, UTMB Index 745) dipped just under four hours to take the win in 03:59:29 in the women’s race, claiming this was the most technical trails she had ever experienced. Juliane Rössler (GER, UTMB Index 654) was over the moon to take an unexpected second, with Mathilde Coulon (FRA, UTMB Index 639) joining her on the podium.


In the 20K Giru di Tumbone, Adrien Alix (FRA, UTMB Index 752) took the win in the men’s race, joined by Daniel Mejia (COL, UTMB Index 767) and Stefane Costa (FRA, UTMB Index 609). It was an all-French podium in the women’s race with Najwa Laajail (FRA) taking the win ahead of Maëlys Devos (FRA, UTMB Index 599) and Victoire Alzon (FRA, UTMB Index 588).