DEUTER ASCENDER 13L: ULTRALIGHT TRAILRUNNING BACKPACK FOR LONG MOUNTAIN DAYS. Our  TRAILRUNNING GEAR section today introduces the NEW deuter Ascender 13L , a compact, multifunctional and lightweight backpack for trailrunning, the first  one from the German brand specifically designed for trailrunning.

Its price is today in the official deuter store is 120€. It comes with a 340 g weight, compatible with 3 liter drinking reservoir, available in two different colors. Let’s go with the technical analysis of this deuter Ascender 13L by Héctor Rubio.


Who is deuter? It is a  German high-technical backpack and outdoor equipement brand founded in 1898 in Augsburg by Hans Deuter. At the beginning of the XX century, they provide the Bavarial Royal Mail with post sacks and mail bags and soon after with the beginning of the World War I procided the army with bags, backpacks and tents. During the mid of the XX century they continued with their company development and a deuter backpack was the companion of Hermann Buhl in the first Nanga Parbat ascent in 1953.

Now a days, deuter is part of the Schwan-Stabilo Group together with mountain equipment brands such as: Ortovox (Outdoor and mountain/ski clothing), Maier Sports (Outdoor and mountain/ski clothing) and Gonso (Bike clothing), and they manufacture multiple high quality products such us:

  • backpacks for freeride, alpinism, ski touring and biking.
  • child carriers
  • sleeping bags
  • first aid kits
  • hydration systems and travel accessories

Their commitment with a better world is part of the company philosophy and since 2020 all deuter products seek to be free from PFC. Deuter now uses a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) that is harmless to health and environmentally compatible and completely dispenses with PFC. This special surface treatment ensures that water beads off the outside of the textiles and the product remains dry.


Ultra-lightweight and super comfortable: wide, ergonomic vest-style shoulder straps with elasticated compression system, two adjustable sternum straps and soft material against the back create a garment-like fit.

One of the first things that claims your attention when seeing or using the backpack for the first time is the completely new design, mainly the poles compartment at the front of the backpack.


  • PRICE: 120 € (100€ for the 7L version)
  • WEIGHT: 340 g
  • VOLUME: 13 liters & also 7 L version
  • DIMENSIONS: 47 / 24 / 13 (L x W x D) cm
  • MULTIPLE POCKETS: For the poles, to be directly carried at the front. Left side pocket perfect for the phone; rear big bag with zip and up to two extra pockets in the sides


  • QUICK ACCESS & MULTIPLE POCKETS :  The backpack is divided in different load sections. The main back pocket has also 2 different inner compartments inside, one with a zip, where you can place your documents, keys, etc… The second inner mesh compartment is to place the water reservoir, also helped with Velcro stripes, so it does not move inside when moving. The third main compartment is the one where you can place all the things you want to carry with you. Moreover, the side compression straps help eliminate load wobble no matter how challenging the terrain.
  • POLES HOLDER AND SIDE STRAPS: The innovative pole holder on the front shoulder strap allows quick and easy access to the poles without having to remove the backpack. So you can always stay in your running rhythm and adapt the compression with the side straps, both for the poles and depending on the backpack load.So, in the downhills you can give more compression, so you have a better feeling when going faster down the mountain and easy releasing it when going up.However, we must mention that going fast downhill with the poles in the holder seems in a way strange as a potential frontal fall could lead the poles to hurt you in the chest, so this is something to pay attention to when placing the poles there, by carefully attaching the straps.


  • SOFT FLASK STREAMER AND 2L-3L STREAMER COMPATIBLE: The deuter streamer soft flask a large plug, with a sprocket, which opens and closes much better than his previous brothers. The body fabric is made from 100% recycled materials and is bluesign® certified.
  • FASTER THANKS TO WEIGHT SAVINGS: If it should be faster, then the lightweight can be relieved thanks to the removable back foam by another 20g. Thus, one saves about 10% of the total weight.
  • SAFETY: The safety whistle and reflective straps ones are classics that are never missing, which also means this backpack is ready for competitions.


deuter is well known for being expert backpacks manufacturer, and this expansion of their range with this Ascender specifically Trailrunning backpack seems to be the logical step.

The Ascender backpack design is somehow different to what is at the moment in the market, mainly due to the front poles holder but apart from that it has some other differential features, such us the front side pocket to hold your phone or GPS device. It perfectly adapts to the body and the load does not move much (expect if not completely full) as you can adapt the compression with  the side traps.

deuter, shows with this backpack that they can enter in the trailrunning market and offer different things with the typical great German quality being offered by them in all the other backpacks range, like the Mountain Bike backpacks that we presented you here.

We see this backpack as a very good companion for long days in the mountains, both trailrunning or hiking, and even competitions where there is compulsory equipment to carry with you. The price of the backpack, 120€, makes it very attractive in comparison with others in the market and the quality materials used by deuter makes it really interesting to be used for multiple activities. Moreover, for those more oriented into competition, there is also a 7L version, that can fit more the trailrunning racing group.

We will continue testing as we believe it can be really a multisport backpack (even if we know deuter have other ranges), for example in winter for ski mountaineering activities as in this 13L, we believe all needed equipment can also fit for those quick and easy ascents, so we will continue using it for you and will bring you more conclusions here at