POLAR PACER: GPS WATCH WITH ALL ESSENTIALS FOR RUNNERS. Our  GPS WATCH section presents today the second watch model that is part of the new Pacer Series range, the Polar Pacer. Ideal watch for those who are starting to take their first steps in the world of running.

A few days ago we reviewed the most advanced watch in the range, the Polar Pacer Pro, you can see all the details in this 60″ video of the official world presentation and then we go with all the details of the most basic model of the range.

POLAR 2022:


With the launch of the Polar Pacer Series range, the Finnish brand continues with the commitment to offer tools that help all sports fans to lead a more active and healthy life thanks to the monitoring, not only of training data, but also of recovery, sleep, among other data.

There are two watches that make up this new range, the Polar Pacer Pro, the most complete watch that offers runners the most advanced training functions and the Polar Pacer, an ideal watch for those who are starting to take their first steps in the world of running.

We leave you first the comparison of both and we focus, as we pointed out before, on the Polar Pacer, the most basic watch of the new range.



199€ / 45MM / 35H BATTERY

The Polar Pacer is the simplest watch in the new range, a watch designed for all those who begin their first steps in the world of running and that incorporates the essential functions at a very competitive price, in addition to including some specific functions of training, sleep and recovery.

Aesthetically, it is exactly the same as its range companion, the Polar Pacer Pro, except for the material in which aluminum is replaced by reinforced polymer and with a practically equal weight (40 grams vs 41 grams). In addition, it also has the new processor, 2 times faster than the current one in the rest of Polar watches.

We show you below the technical sheet of the Polar Pacer and we continue with more functions.


  • Price: 199€
  • Weight: 40 grams
  • Strap: 20mm
  • Size: 45x45x11.5 mm
  • Screen Material: Gorilla Glass 3.0
  • Battery: duration of up to 100 hours of training (35 hours in GPS mode and heart rate activated at maximum precision).
  • Water resistance: 50ATM.
  • Satellites: GPS, Glonass, Galileo and QZSS.
  • Colors: black, white, green, lilac.
  • Smartwatch Functions: yes


As we have indicated above, the Polar Pacer is the most basic watch in the range and is intended for all those who start in the world of running, so it lacks advanced functions such as route tracking, advanced performance tests, power measurement or the barometer, which are included in the Polar Pacer Pro.

The watch has all the essential running functions such as pace, time, laps, distance and stopwatch. In addition, different types of workouts can also be planned, based on the heart rate and speed zones.

It should be noted that the Polar Pacer also has the new Polar Precision Prime flat sensor that provides a better recording of the heart rate on the wrist and that works so well in all Polar watches, one of the aspects in which the Finnish brand stands out the most.

The Polar Pacer has more than 120 sports profiles and incorporates some functions of the Polar Pacer Pro, such as the “Nightly Recharge” function that records sleep patterns and helps to understand the recovery of workouts, the FuelWise function that indicates the intake of carbohydrates during our workouts and also the “Walking Test” to measure our maximum VO2.

The issue of connectivity is increasingly important and valued by users and, despite being a basic watch throughout the Polar range, it also incorporates smartwatch functions, such as mobile notifications, weather forecasting and the possibility of controlling the music of our mobile device.

As far as the battery is concerned, it offers a duration of up to 100 hours of training (35 hours in GPS mode and heart rate activated at maximum precision) exactly the same autonomy as the Polar Pacer Pro.


With the launch of this new range composed of two watches, Polar continues to bet heavily on running and, is not far behind before the novelties of the rest of the brands in the market, in a sector in which more and more, each user can find a watch that adapts perfectly to all their needs.

Highlight the good price positioning of both watches. For 300 euros we can count on a watch that incorporates many advanced functions, with barometer included and with a more than respectable battery life and, for 200 euros, a basic watch but with great finishes and functions more than enough for those who start in the world of running.
The Polar Pacer Pro includes many functions of more premium Polar watches, such as the Polar Vantage V2, yes, without a touch screen and a little smaller size, but with novelties and improvements over the Vantage M range, which the Polar Pacer series comes to replace without a doubt.

In the absence of having it on the wrist and trying these new watches of the Polar Pacer range, we can say that the Finnish brand takes a step forward in its commitment to improve its watches and services to all lovers of trailrunning and, especially running, with the launch of this new range.



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