CHIRUCA HIKING BOOTS 2022: CHIRUCA VERONA, YUKON Y REFUGIO. Our HIKING section bring us today  the news from the Spanish brand Chiruca for light hikking in top quality leathers,  Vibram® soles and Gore-Tex® lining.

Specifically, Chiruca presents us 3 models of the men’s range for mountain crossings and moderate / gentle ascents on uneven terrain. The models are: Verona, Yukon and Refugio. Let’s see the technical analysis by our #patroncarrerasdemontana Iñigo Oyarbide.


The house from Arnedo, La Rioja-Spain, has been in the world of footwear since 1965, specialized in the design of outdoor footwear, using the most technologically advanced materials to manufacture and enjoy the maximum possible comfort in any activity.

This takes me back to the 90s, when my parents bought me my first Chiruca mountain boots, in Jaca … And they still serve to get out of some trouble or another!! Today, we can still buy the ORIGINAL CHIRUCA used by half of Spain for so many years.



  • Price: 144,95€.
  • Weight: 616 gr.
  • Fabric: water-repellent greased nubuck leather and synthetic materials, with Gore-Tex® lining, to provide optimal climatic comfort.
  • Sole: 2 densities, phylon midsole, and Vibram® Fuga rubber outsole with Megagrip compound.
  • Sizes: 39-46 EU.
  • Colors: 2 colors.

The multipurpose; Since it can be used for outdoor activities, going through trekking or for more urban use, that is, it serves us for a ripped or unstitched, both with mountain clothes and with jeans and a lumberjack-style shirt.

The water-repellent nubuck leather upper and the finishes at the height of the shaft in light color give it a distinctive touch, matching the flat laces and the metal buckles, add that extra.

The 2-density sole in two-color format (white / black) makes the piece stand out even more and gives us that feeling of a boot for everything in addition to modernity.

The lug of the Vibram® Megagrip sole provides sufficient security to avoid slipping on the ground and the transverse channels allow a more comfortable tread and section the triangular / rhomboid lug in an optimal way.

The colors of the Verona trekking boot are distinguished according to their denomination, Verona 04 in camel color and Verona 05 in dark brown, which allows us many combinations according to our style and color of clothing that we wear.


  • Price: € 129.95.
  • Weight: 616 gr.
  • Material: water-repellent split leather and synthetic materials, with a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex® lining.
  • Sole: Vibram® Afterski rubber outsole with Megagrip compound that provides optimal grip on all types of terrain.
  • Sizes: 39-46 EU.
  • Colors: 2 colors.

The most colorful, with inserts in synthetic material in a lighter color than that used for split leather, and touches of color on the sole and above the heel, give it its identity at first glance.

In the Yukon 05 name, the color palette is brown for the cover, a lighter tone for the synthetic, and as we go up the shaft, we find a gray that gives it personality with the Vibram® sole in black and inserts. in light blue.

For the Yukon 09 denomination, the colors used with Gray colors predominate in split leather and synthetic material with touches of red on the sole, handles and branding.

This model is the one that transmits to us that spirit of spending the day in the mountains without worrying about anything other than enjoying our trekking activity, with our feet safe.

The tread of the sole is more aggressive than in the previous model with a triangular shape in the central part and more elongated on the outside, which gives us the best grip on any terrain.


  • Price: € 121.95.
  • Weight: 575 gr. The lightest.
  • Material: water-repellent split leather, with Gore-Tex® lining, to provide optimal climatic comfort.
  • Sole: 2 densities, Xtra polyurethane midsole, providing flexibility, lightness and cushioning, and Vibram® model rubber skate
  • Sizes: 36-47 EU.
  • Colors: 2 colors.

The boot of a lifetime, that tireless companion of fatigues that has to be in the collection of any mountain lover.

The cover made entirely of sawdust leather which according to the denomination we will find in gray-blue (Refugio 23) or brown (Refugio 27) gives character to the boot. The tongue is also of the same material with synthetic inserts to match the color scheme and also the height of the rod to hold the foot well.

The laces are of water-repellent sanity, which makes them not fit and all this is completed with a Vibram sole® with a wide contact surface in the front area with which we improve in the grip and the large self-cleaning channels give extra security on muddy surfaces; seasoned with a taqueado with a width of studs designed for maximum stability.


3 boots for men’s trekking, for all tastes presented by Chiruca. From the boot that we have all known, to what urban fashion asks for, through the distinctive touch of color.
The truth is that these 3 models, Refugio, Yukon and Verona, are a great option both for our light trekking trips, use them for day to day as well as for that adventure of personal introspection that can be St James way.

Essential nowadays that the trekking boots are water-repellent and with Gore-Tex, This trio has it, and completes the whole pack that wonderful Vibram sole® that does not leave you lying and grabs you to everything that is put in front of it with 3 different lugs.

Three options that will make us think a lot about which one to choose, or if the pocket allows us, why not, the 3!


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