TATRA SKYMARATHON WMRA WORLD CUP 2021: golds for Peter Fraňo  and Marcela Vasinova. Today we bring you the results of the 4rd stage of the WMRA WORLD CUP 2021 , on Sunday 25th July  in Zakopane, Poland. This year’s WMRA World Cup is more international than ever, with races in 12 locations in 8 countries.

Poland is making its debut as a World Cup destination in 2021 but it’s definitely making a good impression. It was the destination for stage 1 at Tatra Race Run and now stage 4 at Tatra SkyMarathon.

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The organisers describe the terrain as ‘steep but runnable, with a rocky and gravel surface’. The bulk of the climbing in the course comes from two long ascents with over 1000m of climbing on each. The race starts at Kościelisko, just west of Zakopane.

Tatra SkyMarathon is one of this year’s World Cup’s 6 long mountain races, at 40km with 3300m of ascent. And that ascent comes in two huge climbs, so the runners had two relentless 1000m uphills to deal with, followed by 1000m descents on a mix of terrain ranging from forest tracks to rocky, technical mountain path.


The route begins to climb almost immediately, before reaching the high point of Krzesanica at 2096m at the 11.8km point. This is one of the four Czerwone Wierchy peaks (Red Peaks) in the region. The route then descends back down to about 1100m at Hala Ornak, the 19km point. But there won’t be any respite for the runners as they will then need to climb 1000m again, all the way up to Starorobocianski Wierch, the highest point on the course, which they’ll hit at the 26.2km mark. Then it’s down, with one final, smaller sting in the tail, all the way back to Kościelisko.

A long part of the route follows the West Tatra Mountain Ridge which promises some incredible views. From the photos we’ve seen I t really does look like a fantastic route. As the organisers say, “It’s fast, it’s technical and beautiful. I’m sure you will enjoy it.”


Both the men’s and women’s fields were wide open, with a real mix of experience in there. There were runners who’d already achieved success at Tatra Race Run (Charlotte Morgan (GBR), Raul Criado (ESP), Iwona Januszyk (POL)), runners who finished in the top 5 at last year’s Tatra SkyMarathon (Peter Frano (POL), Andrzej Witek (POL)) and runners who were hot on the heels of recent success at other races (Marcela Vasinova (AUT) at DoloMyths Run). This was really anybody’s race.

The conditions were hot and humid, which made it difficult for the runners, but at least the skies were clear so the runners could appreciate the stunning course. The conditions led to some high profile DNFs, particularly in the women’s race where we lost Iwona Januszyk, Miroslawa Witowska (POL) and Dominika Stelmach (POL), all of whom were expected to feature highly.

In the early stages of the men’s race a breakaway group formed fairly quickly once the long, first ascent began. This group included Peter Frano, Andrzej Witek, Raul Criado and Kamil Lesniak (POL),  with Dariusz Marek (POL) and Marcin Swierc (POL) also in contention. A small group also started to pull away in the women’s race. It included Katarzyna Solinska (POL), Charlotte Morgan, Katarzyna Jakiela-Rzadkosz (POL), Marcela Vasinova and Dominika Stelmach.

By the first timing point at around 19k Raul Criado had broken into a lead in the men’s race. But he was hotly pursued by Miroslav Hrasko (SVK) and Peter Frano, just 1 minute 40 behind. At this stage in the women’s race Marcela Vasinova had struck out and held a 3 minute lead over the chasing Katarzyna Solinska and Charlotte Morgan, who were neck and neck.


The race then began the second climb of 1000m, and subsequent descent, and this really shook up the men’s top 3. By the second timing point, just after 30k, Peter Frano had not only taken the lead, but he had stretched it out to 5 minutes over Andrzej Witek, with Raul Criado 2 minutes back from him. The women’s top 3 hadn’t changed but the gaps between them had, with 9 minutes now separating Marcela Vasinova (who was by now in 10th overall) and Katarzyna Solinska, then a further 9 minutes to Charlotte Morgan. Would the positions change in the final, flatter run in to the finish?

Peter Frano managed to keep that gap of 5 minutes and he won the men’s race in 4.29.18. Andrzej Witek also held onto 2nd (4.34.39) and Raul Criado put in a gritty performance to finish 3rd in 4.39.45. He just managed to hold off Miroslav Hrasko, who was just 10 seconds behind him in 4th (4.39.55). Piotr Wolakiewicz (POL) rounded out the top 5 for the men.

The podium positions didn’t change for the women either, with Marcela Vasinova winning in 5.02.08, Katarzyna Solinska 2nd in 5.12.36 and Charlotte Morgan 3rd in 5.23.11. Katarzyna Wilk (POL) was 4th in 5.25.03 and Iren Tiricz (HUN) 5th in 5.31.41. All great performance in humid, energy-sapping conditions.

View the full results: https://bgtimesport.pl/online/open/zaw_id/502/bieg/TSM



Summary 2021 World Cup key facts:
8 Countries
12 Event locations
16 Races in 3 categories
10,000+ Participants


  • 7AUG The world’s highest level mountain race arrives: The Sierre-Zinal in Switzerland, celebrates its 48th edition with more than 4,000 bibs running. The 2019 edition will be remembered for the double record achieved by Jornet and Mahtys. In 2021 it will race in Long Mountain mode on its iconic 31k/+2,200m. https://www.sierre-zinal.com
  • 15AUG. We travel north of the Czech Republic for the Krkonossky Half Marathon. A world cup veteran arrives only a week after Sierre-Zinal and will be the next Classic, on a 21k/+1,200m http://www.maratonstav.cz
  • 4-5SEP Journey goes to northern Italy to experience the Vertical Nasego and Nasego Trophy. It will start with the Uphill about 4.2k/+1000m and the next day the Classic about 21.5k/+1.336m. http://www.trofeonasegocorsainmontagna.com/
  • 11-12SEP Spain debuts with the spectacular Aragonese Pyrenees offered by Canfranc Canfranc. Will hold two races climbing up to almost three thousand meters of altitude. They will be the 45k/+3910m Long Mountain or the Classic over 16k/+1,600m. https://canfranccanfranc.com
  • 26SEP Return to Italy with the Ciolo Trophy. High pace race, about 11km/+496km in Classic mode.
  • 3OCT Zumaia Flysch Trail will give the winners of Classic and Long Mountain. There will be a Long Mountain over 42k/+3000m, and also a Classic with 22k/+850m ascent. http://www.zumaiaflyschtrail.com
  • 10OCT Vertical Kilometer Chiavenna-Lagunac will give Uphill champion. This classic of Italian mountain racing has already been a WMRA-affiliated race and is known as the “vertical race of records” with a 3.2k/+1,000m trace its conditions are perfect for breaking the world record. http://www.kilometroverticalelagunc.it


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