VAL D’ARAN BY UTMB 2021: 4 MOUNTAIN RACES 162K-105K-55K-15K. (9-11JUL)

VAL D’ARAN BY UTMB 2021: 4 MOUNTAIN RACES 162K-105K-55K-15K. (9-11JUL). Val d’Aran by UTMB (9-11JUL) News last minute and race preview. Our TRAIL RUNNING CALENDAR finally celebrates the arrival of this appointment. After two years of difficulties and a pandemic in between, this Friday, July 9, Val d’Aran by UTMB arrives at the start line

The event will feature 4,000 participants and will mark the start of the season in the first UTMB group event of 2021. We will be there to tell you live. Let’s go with the presentation video of VAL D’ARAN BY UTMB 2021.


As the video above shows, it’s been more than two years since the journey began. It’s been more than 30 months since the road started but, at last, Val d’Aran by UTMB has reached the start line. It is an idea that combines mountains, height and hardness. It will also be the first of the UTMB Group to be held in 2021, and after Chamonix, the first test of the UTMB family to be held in Europe.

The first edition of the Val d’Aran by UTMB will feature nearly 4,000 participants from 75 different nationalities. The event will bring together trail runners of international recognition in an event that will start on Wednesday, July 7 with the collection of bibs, and will last until Sunday, July 11 with the awards ceremony at 12:00h in Vielha and the arrival of the last runners at 18:00h


The Val d’Aran is an enclave full of history. Border with France, it has a unique climate, perpetual snows, exquisite gastronomy, language uniqueness and a strong cultural heritage. Whatever the distance, the organization has tried that the participants of the different tests discover the most striking of the Valley formed in 95% of its territory by pure nature, willing to be trapped by the grandeur of its imposing mountains. As an extra, the finalists of the three ultras included in Val d’Aran by UTMB® will earn points for registration for the UTMB® 2022, or 2023 races.

Photo: Jose Miguel Muñoz.


Torn dera Val d’Aran means Return to the Val d’Aran in Aranese and is the emblem of Val d’Aran by UTMB®. 162 km with a positive slope of 10,700 m that cover the different elements that make up the road: air, fire, earth and water. The start of this test is on Friday, July 9 at 18:00h in Vielha, and has the participation of renowned riders such as Jordi Gamito, podium in UTMB: “The VDA is 162 kilometers and it is a very tough and very technical race, as well as demanding. We will have 24 hours of travel ahead, so we will have to go step by step. I will go out to make my own career and fight only with myself. If my strength does not fail me, I will be able to fight for the podium. I have a lot of respect for a career in this type of terrain and I’m training to make it a success. I’m going to Val d’Aran by UTMB® looking forward to it,” says Gamito. In the women’s category, Japan’s Kaori Niwa and Sweden’s Anna Carlsson will be two of the big favorites for the final victory.

CAMINS D’HÈR – CDH 105 KM 6.500m D+ | 6.200m D-

Camins d’Hèr translates as Iron Roads. A tour of the wildest and highest parts of the Val d’Aran. 105 km with two very different areas: one, where the past and the hardness of the mountain take center stage, and another, where the water takes over presenting itself under different forms of lakes, waterfalls and rivers. The old mining past of the Valley is discovered in this spectacular race, which crosses tunnels and mines at the foot of the imposing Mauberme.

The Basque Aritz Egea is one of the runners who will take the start early in the morning (07:30h) on Friday, July 9 in Les: the Gipuzkoan, accustomed to shorter distances, has this year the objective of testing himself in the ultra-distance.

PEADES D’AIGUA – PDA 55 KM 3.100m D+ | 4.000m D-

Peades d’Aigua is Footsteps of Water in the local language. A route of 55 km that crosses one of the most impressive sections of these routes, Colomèrs, the largest cirque of glacial lakes in the Pyrenees. This fast and demanding race runs through more than 20 lakes and the ancient thermal baths known to the Romans: Banhs of Tredòs. The departure will take place on Saturday, July 10 at 06:30 in the morning in the Pla de Beret. Among the riders of this race stand out Yeray Duran, second in the TDS in 2016, and Angels Llobera, podium in Ultra Pirineu or victory in the Great Trail Aneto-Posets.

SKY BAQUEIRA BERET – 15 KM 800m+ | 800m-

An ideal race to enjoy the views of the entire valley. Departing from Pla de Beret at 09:30h on Saturday, July 10, the Sky runs through the Parros valley to Cap de Clòsos (2,418m) to offer one of the best views of the Val d’Aran. In addition, it ascends to the Cap dera Sèrra (2,248m), from where you can see the central mountains of the Pyrenees with the Aneto in the background. Companions can climb the Blanhiblar chairlift to cheer on the runners while having a coffee at the Pàrrec de Blanhiblar. It highlights the participation of Anna Comet, passionate about the Valley, podium in the OCC and winner on up to three occasions of the Everest Trail Race.


VDA 2021 finishers will get entry without a draw to the UTMB, CCC, OCC or TDS 2022, or 2023 if there are not enough places in 2022 (provided they have a sufficient number of ITRA points). CDH 2021 finishers will get registration without a draw to CCC, TDS or OCC 2022, or 2023 if there are not enough places in 2022 (provided they have a sufficient number of ITRA points). The finishers of PDA 2021 will get 9 running stone.

Catherine Poletti, President of UTMB Group: “It’s the first time since UTMB® Mont-Blanc in 2019 that we can welcome international runners. From Thailand by UTMB® and later Panda Trail by UTMB®, which we follow at a distance, we have missed the human aspect of this experience, something essential in our vision of UTMB events. We encourage participants to take this opportunity to explore this amazing valley and all it offers. Immersing yourself in the local culture and participating in local tourism activities is a way to maximize your experience and contribute to the local economy in a sustainable way.”

Statements by Xavier Pocino, director of Val d’Aran by UTMB: «After two years of hard work due to the pandemic, we have finally reached the date of the race and we are very happy to maintain the figure of 4,000 runners from 75 countries whom we will welcome in the Val d’Aran. It is a symbol of the new normal in the world of trail racing and outdoor sports. We have everything planned so that Val d’Aran by UTMB will be a magnificent test in this first edition»





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