WESTERN STATES 2021 100 MILES (162KM +5370M): START, FAVORITES AND TRACK INFO LIVE. Our TRAIL RUNNING USA bring us today the LIVE info of the iconic American race: the Western States 100, that has started at 2PM (CET) 5AM (GTM-7).

The the world’s oldest 100 mile American trail race comes back this year, after the pandemic, being still one of the most important ultra trail races in the world and if no the most important in the USA with its 100 miles and 18000 feet of climbing (5400 meters). We have seen how Jim Wamsley won “his” Western States once again and the Beth Pascall dominated the race too from the begining in the female side.

Photo copyright: Western States 2021 Live Stream


As we all know, the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on that, the  top 10  for men and women from the 2019 Western States 100 are invited to return automatically. Moreover due to the still existing travel restrictions, this year we won’t see many international runners at the starting line, and from the original maximum 369 runners, 325 have confirmed their participation.


At 2PM (CET) and 5AM (GMT-7) the mythical American race started with a meteo of about 15 °C, very dry air and temperatures that throughout the day are expected to exceed 30 °C / 90°F. From the get-go Jim Wamsley has taken the lead alongside his HOKA teammate Hayden Hawks. Closely followed by Tim Tollefson and Matt Daniels.

 Jim Wamsley at the WSER 100 2021 starting line. Photo: Western States 2021 Live Stream

From the first moment Jim Wamsley has taken the lead with his  HOKA teammate.


After having done the first climb of the day to Emigrant Pass (2550 m7 8700 ft)  following the original trails used by the gold and silver miners of the 1850’s Jim Wamsley and Hayden Hawks, Jared Hazen, Tim Toffelson and Matt Daniels  arrived the first ones to the first AID station at Lyon Ridge.

On the women side, Audrey Tanguy arrived first, followed by Beth Pascall and the winner of 2019 WSER100 Clare Gallagher.


After just over 6 hours of racing, cowboy Jim Wamsley is already on his own with a passing time for mile 43 of 5:48 followed well behind Hayden Hawks. With 60 kilometers on their legs, their pace is very high and the favorites have begun to show their cards.

As for the female category, still with the last step at Mile 38 with Beth Pascall 06:05 and Ragna Debats 06:10 who has already climbed to second place. Followed closely by Addie Bracy, 2019 winner Clare Gallagher, a few minutes from the lead and so far we have not been able to see Camille Herron in the lead.

At this moment, both men and women are running below the existing time record.


And we reached the halfway point of the race, from here less than half, or the miles count negatively.

To get to this aid station, as you can see below, the runners had to ascend about 1000 feet (300 meters) from El Dorado at mile 52 to Michigan Bluff.

Here, Jim Wamsley is still leading the race, who has arrived after 7:44:00 hours in the race and who is surely already thinking that from the next refreshment station at mile 62- Foresthill the pacers are already allowed. The temperature is already noticeable being, in these moments of 90 ° F | 32 ° C there at the Michigan Bluff refreshment station, so we will have to be vigilant, as Jim is still running in record times (7 minutes below his 2019 record at this point). Right now the question is: is he going to run 100 miles in under 14 hours, in that heat and unevenness?

What we can tell you is that he left the aid station just as he entered, like lightning. He hasn’t spent more than two minutes there: water, sponges, ice, and running.

Photo copyright: Western States 2021 Live Stream

26 minutes behind from Jim comes Hayden, according to the passing times of the previous refreshment station. And from behind the race is burning and not only because of the temperature, but with 7 runners in less than 10 minutes.

In the female category, the first two women to arrive at Michigan Bluff are Beth Pascall leading after 09:29:00 and 9 minutes later Ragna Debats arrives with 09:29:00.

Ragna Debats. Photo copyright: Western States 100


Jim Wamsley arrives first and reaches the 100-kilometer barrier after 08:36:43, high-fiving the audience who asks him, and once right at his team he drinks sparkling water and eats what looks like “cheetos.”. If eating cheetos he reaches 100KM in 8 hours, then maybe we should also eat cheetos at the aid stations.

Remember that from this aid station the use of pacers or companions is allowed. From here there are still 38 miles or what is the same about 62 kilometers. At the moment, he has left without any pacer.

Photo copyright: Western States 2021 Live Stream

After Jim and almost an hour later, Hayden Hawks arrives again in second place 09:25:12; in third place now appears Alex Nichols 09:32:44 one hour behind Jim, to the detriment of Tim Tollefson.

At this time, Beth Pascall, the first woman, is 12th overall! With Ragna Debats closely following her.


After a dance in the top positions, Jim Wamsley finally claimed victory in California after 14:46:01. The last kilometers of the race have been super interesting and we have seen how Haden Hawks was losing steam. The men’s podium was completed by Tyler Green 16:11:02 and Drew Holmen 16:23:09.

The women’s category is still in the race with Beth Pascall having finished in first place after 17:10:46, second fastest time in the race and 7th overall. And with Ruth Croft 17:33:48 and Ragna Debats 17:41:13 accompanying her on the podium and in the overall TOP10. Fantastic! And not only that, but in the TOP20 there have been 9 females.


WESTERN STATES 100: TOP 10, 2021



From these 10 women from the 2019 edition, 8 of them confirmed their participation, include 2019 winner Clare Gallagher, who in 2019 won the race with the second-fastest time in race history; Brittany Peterson (WS100 2nd in 2019 and Black Canyon 100k winner 2021), Kaci Lickteig (WS100 3rd in 2019), Magda Boulet (WS100 winner 2015), Beth Pascall (UTMB 5th place in 2019), Ragna Debats (Transvulcania and Marathon des Sables winner in 2019) and Ruth Croft who lately won the overall  Tarawera Trail as we told you here. will be also racing these 100 miles on the weekend. Not to forget Camille Herron silver in the USA 100 miles campionships with 14:42, 24h world champion who is already training specifically there for more than one month.

Jim Walmsley and Courtney Daltwater, winners of WSER 2018. Photo: UTWT

On the men’s side, also 8 athletes including Jim Walmsley (WS100 Record holder) the WS100 record holder with this 14:09:28 from 2019. This year, the cowboy arrives to this weekend after certain period of time where he has been injured, as he published yesterday in his Instagram account. Some issues in his knee made him having to cross train for a while, so lets see what he has this weekend. Jared Hazen (WS100 2nd 2019 and sub 14:30), Matt Daniels (WS100 4th in 2019 and  Black Canyon 100k winner in 2019), Stephen Kersh (WS100 7th in 2019), Patrick Raegan (100k World Championships 3rd Place in 2016 and WS100 8th place in 2019) Mark Hammond (WS100 5th place in 2019), Jeff Browning (WS100 3rd 2016, 4th 2017, 5th 2018 and 8th 2019), and Kyle Pietari. But they will not be alone and  Tim TollefsonAlex NicholsHayden HawksMax King might well also be able to dispute the victory this year in California.


The Western States Endurance Run is conducted along the Western States Trail starting at Squaw Valley, California, and ending in Auburn, California, covering a total of 162k/D+5370m. The Run begins at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday of the last full weekend in June at the west end of Squaw Valley. Runners must reach the finish line no later than 10:59:59 a.m. on the following day in order to be eligible for an award. All entrants must strictly adhere to the Performance Rules, Rules for Pacers, Rules for Crews and to the pre-event briefing by Run Management to avoid disqualification and to remain eligible for an award.

The Western States Endurance Run follows the middle portion of the famous Western States Trail, a nationally dedicated recreational trail that stretches from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Sacramento, California. One of the most arduous organized running events in the U.S., the Western States 100 is truly the “Ultimate Challenge” for the long distance runner. Entry in this event should not be taken lightly!

Beginning in Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games, the trail ascends from the valley floor (elevation 6,200 feet) to Emigrant Pass (elevation 8,750 feet), a climb of 2,550 vertical feet in the first 4½ miles. From the pass, following the original trails used by the gold and silver miners of the 1850’s, runners travel west, climbing another 15,540 feet and descending 22,970 feet before reaching Auburn, a small town in the heart of California’s historic gold country. Most of the trail passes through remote and rugged territory.



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