CAPE WRATH ULTRA: LIMITED ENTRIES FOR AUSGUST 2021 EDITION. Our RACE CALENDAR bring us today some good news from Scotland and Ourea Events, organizer’s of the race, as they gear up for the return of mountain running races in August. Mountain running events company Ourea Events has confirmed details of its planned calendar of races once COVID restrictions ease.

Limited entries for this special August edition of the Cape Wrath Ultra® are now available via the website.


The Cape Wrath Ultra® is based on the Cape Wrath Trail, which is considered to be the toughest long distance backpacking trail in the UK. It crosses rugged landscapes and winds through genuine wilderness spending significant time away from civilisation. Hikers usually take at least 20 days to complete the trail. The Cape Wrath Ultra® is an ultra running expedition that takes a similar route to the Cape Wrath Trail, but tailored for runners.

The 400km route is completed over 8 days and it offers a compelling ultra running challenge. Participants will have none of the complex logistical worries that hikers traditionally encounter when embarking on the Cape Wrath Trail or other long distance footpaths, such as the Pennine Way.


DAY 1 – 37km (23 miles) 571 meter

DAY 2 – 57km (35 miles) 1783 meter

DAY 3 – 68km (42 miles) 2457 meter

DAY 4 – 35km (22 miles) 1337 meter

DAY 5 – 44km (27 miles) 1236 meter

DAY 6 – 72km (45 miles) 1469 meter

DAY 7 – 61km (38 miles) 1800 meter

DAY 8 – 26km (16 miles) 768 meter


Throughout the pandemic, the Ourea Events team has communicated regularly and transparently with every runner who has signed up for its events, along with the huge army of volunteers who make it possible to host them, and all sponsors, partners and stakeholders. The nature of the majority of the company’s races means that participants require plenty of time to prepare, both in their training and in planning time off work, travel and other logistics. Race director Shane Ohly and many of his colleagues are experienced ultra-runners themselves and have a deep understanding of these issues. This has been reflected in Ourea Events’ approach to managing its schedule of events – taking appropriate decisions, making rearrangements quickly, and communicating openly with every person and organisation involved.

The return to events will begin with the Cape Wrath Ultra® at the start of August, when participants will spend eight days negotiating a route through the spectacular and remote landscape of the North West Highlands of Scotland. Although social distancing may not be difficult for significant aspects of the event, Ourea Events will be putting in place all necessary measures to meet the Scottish government’s most up to date COVID-related requirements, to ensure the safety of runners, volunteers, staff and local communities. The same principles will be applied to the events that follow, but will be adapted to meet the latest rules in England, Wales and Scotland respectively.

Shane Ohly of Ourea Events comments: “The last year has been immensely difficult for everyone and as both a race organiser and participant, I have an acute awareness of the impact that the pandemic has had on the events sector, and in particular on mountain running. At Ourea Events, we share the huge frustration of runners everywhere and like them, we are desperately keen for a return to events. However, we must make sure that this is done safely. We put on races in three different nations and each event is very distinct, presenting us with very specific challenges to address.

“For many months now, we’ve been preparing for the moment when we can line up runners on the starting line for one of our iconic events, and now, finally, we are confident that this will happen in August and September. It’s going to be a very busy time in the build-up and will culminate in a frenetic two months. But I know that everyone associated with our events is as excited as I am about what will be a thrilling return to mountain running races in the second half of 2021.”


But this is not the only event from the group, as preparations are well underway to go ahead with hosting all of the company’s key events this year, with a revised timetable: the Cape Wrath Ultra® from 1-8 August; the SILVA Great Lakeland 3Day® from 28-30 August; the Dragon’s Back Race® from 6-11 September; and Salomon Skyline Scotland® from 18-19 September.


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Post by Héctor Rubio for Trailrunningspain