MADEIRA OCEAN TRAILS: MADEIRA RELAUNCHES ITS MOUNTAIN SPORTS. More than 60 trails of Trail Running, Hiking, Mountain Biking and Canyoning are included in a website that sums up all the offer, diversity and incredible beauty of the main outdoor activities in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands.

Following the impact of COVID19, Madeira bet last November to relaunch its mountain sports. Thus, a new website was created that collects and promotes outdoor activities on a wide range of beautiful trails.


The Madeira Ocean Trails Brand was launched in 2017 aiming to promote the main outdoor activities that the Destination offers, especifically on its trails. Under a single brand, Madeira and Porto Santo Islands are being promoted has a destination of experiences, 365 days a year, especially for nature and outdoor lovers.

From now on, at , all the information you need to discover Madeira and Porto Santo from one end to the other is available to the public. Whether walking, running, exploring canyons, or on a bicycle, there are plenty of trails to explore.

There are currently 61 trails on the website, but the perspective is to continue to expand this network, as Madeira has seen increasing demand for the practice of outdoor activities, more or less radical. Each trail has a very complete set of data, with information such as distance, duration, altimetry, difficulty level, google maps location, among others. They are also properly illustrated with images and videos showing all the surrounding landscape.

The main events and competitions that take place throughout the year are also included on . From the best known, that form part of international circuits and attract hundreds of athletes every year, to the regional events. These competitions are included in a calendar that redirects users to the official pages of each event.

The website was launched this Friday afternoon and its presentation took place at the “Visit Madeira” official social media accounts, on a LIVE format. Each of the main activities was represented by an explorer, who after generally presenting a trail of the website set out to discover it, on a first-person video with landscapes of rare beauty. The presentation ended with the launching of the new Madeira Ocean Trails official video.

MUIT Photo: ©João Faria

This is also an important message of Madeira has one of the safest destinations in the world at
the moment. Plenty of outdoor activities remain available and accessible for all visitors, now
with all the information accessible on a single website.


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Post by Héctor Rubio for Trailrunningspain