Our TRAIL RUNNING GEAR section brings us today the ASICS NOVABLAST , because we all know that in the winter months we also run in asphalt. The latest addition to the family of the Japanese brand designed to fly on the asphalt, prevailing the feeling of lightness and, above all, impulse. Our first impressions with them, in the runs made by Mayayo , have confirmed that there is that sense of differential and striking “bounce”, although we still have some doubts that we will see later.

Technically, it arrives with a price of 140 € for a set weighing 260 grams (male) and 220 grams (woman), this new NOVABLAST model is the bet of Asics to stand up against the other racing shoes from other brands. The ground height is 22mm-32mm (1mm less for women) with a 10mm drop and sole width 11cm in front, 9cm at the back. We start with the technical analysis by Mayayo and then go with first impressions.

ASICS NOVA BLAST REVIEW, BY MAYAYO: Technical analysis and first impressions.
(PVPR 140o / Weight 260 gr / Drop 10mm / Height 22mm-32mm / Sole width 11cm-9cm)

The new generation of asphalt running shoes is launched into a race for maximum reactivity. The carbon plate has been the lever that the Nike, Adidas, Hoka, Skectchers have bet on….while the Japanese of Asics today launch an alternative based on a different foam and a carving of it differently as well. In our first runs it is confirmed, without a doubt, that it works and from the first moment we noticed a clear push up and forward.

Let’s go with the technical why and what related to our firts field tests and our first runs. Technically, this new ASICS Modern Tokyo Edition NOVABLAST shoes are designed for neutral runners looking to maximize their energy.

This model, according to the brand, pays tribute to the aesthetics of the modern Japanese capital, stands out for its versatility and is equipped with a foam midsole with FLYTEFOAM BLAST technology™, which enhances a bounce with great reaction capacity in each stride.

According to Junichiro Tateishi, General Director Footwear Research Department at the ASICS Institute of Sports Sciences: “The new FLYTEFOAM Blast midsole has been designed to support more than just supporting a runner during his race; it has been designed to enjoy even more with our passion, running.” Well, what’s Daddy going to say about the new son… let’s look at the arguments, that in this case there certainly are.

  • Price 140 €
  • Weight: 260 g male and 220 g female.
  • Drop 10mm: New developments with butt reactivity open up a debate here. Until now it was understood that a drop of 10mm takes precedence to protect the one who excessively slods, versus the 4mm drop that was understood as the biomechanical optim for maximum performance in the racing shoes. But the new “reactive” shoes often bet on these high drops, 10mm and it works for them. So… time to time and let’s see how they go.
  • Fit in: The heel of the shoe is specially designed to give a feeling of support and good grip throughout the foot. In fact, for added support it has an Internal Heel Counter.
  • Midsole: Its new FLYTEFOAM ™ Blast midsole offers a soft yet receptive feeling under your feet. It gives runners lightness and speed during training or competition. This model is “taller” than most running shoes, and will allow you to enjoy unparalleled comfort in long distance racing. In addition, it stands out for its reactivity, one of the strengths presented by this model. And, if that’s not enough, it has FF propel on the heel of the midsole that provides an absorption impacts function.
  • Upper: The upper part is formed with a jacquard mesh of monofilament, breathable, light and very soft so that the air flows and provides dry and fresh feet. A very resistant shoe in which, the absence of seams makes them more comfortable and soft. Reflective details will also increase your visibility in low light conditions.
  • Sole: The sole of the NOVABLAST ™ running shoe uses ASICS’ well-known AHARPLUS ™ rubber, which offers three times the wear resistance that can be created when contacting the asphalt. A shoe with more traction and more durability with which to make kilometers and kilometers on asphalt.

Conclusion: A shoe that pushes you from the moment you wear them , that’s true. The brand promises it will help us run faster and more comfortably, in long runs, and that’s something we’re now testing to confirm, or not. For now, we can confirm that cushioning, sole and midsole are confirmed to give you a feeling of “trampoline” that will push you forward, a feeling of momentum as if we were on a trampoline. Now, there are many more kms left with them to confirm whether it allows us to run faster, or longer with less effrot, as well as how many km of full performance will give us or if you are at risk of fatigue. As a detail, the last changes quite a bit from other classic Asics, not so much the size as the fit so we suggest the testis and buy in store física….si some is still open somewhere, or wait for them to reopen.



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Posted by Héctor Rubio @hekruca for Trailrunningspain