The US Trail Running Conference leads the way to a more sustainable 2021 in Trail Running.

The conference is taking place in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with the main theme being trail running communities for climate action and sustainability, holding in-person and virtual panels with renowned personalities of the sport.

Fayetteville (Arkansas) is hosting the 2020 US Trail Running Conference, which Spartan Trail is proud to partner and support, taking the lead in two topics that will certainly gain visibility and action for the following season and upcoming years: climate action and sustainability. As a company, we believe that discussing with all the involved people in our sport is the best way to help improve the way we all approach nature, our impact, and how we can reduce our trace and protect the environment.

Spartan Trail

From race organizers to athletes, brands, the American Trail Running Association and climate action organizations, the themes will be discussed from all the angles and bring guidelines for everyone to start working from now on to work around trail running in a more sustainable way. Spartan Trail’s Travis Ketcham will be providing input on what actions we are taking next year, and also, our ambassador Joe Gray will be speaking about diversity in the sport. There are more interesting panels and people are welcome to join them and register through the Conference website, including a climate action talk presented by the most renowned person on trail running, Kilian Jornet and the Kilian Jornet Foundation. 

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Posted by Héctor Rubio @hekruca for Trailrunningspain