CIMALP SPORTWEAR REVIEW: Trail Running Shorts 2in1 CIMALP AOSTE H and the Trail Running T-Shirt CIMALP SPRINT LIGHT H


Our Trail Running material section brings you up today the new trail running clothing, the 2in1 Trail Running Shorts CIMALP AOSTE H and the Trail Running T-Shirt CIMALP SPRINT LIGHT H, two sportwear items from Cimalp that complements the Trail Running Shoe 864 Drop control which we are currently testing for you.

This T-Shirt CimAlp Sprint Light H is designed for racing and competition, ultra light and built-in 3D-Flex compression technology from CimAlp, which provides excellent muscle support under the chest, improving posture thanks to its body mapping construction. In addition to the T-Shirt we also introduce you the Trail Running shorts CimAlp Aoste H which brings comfort and practicality, including 6 accessible pockets to carry on all your needs during your races or trainings. Lightweight and breathable, it is made of CIMAFLEX®, the stretchable in-house fabric from CimAlp, to maximize freedom of movement and comfortable feeling.








CimAlp is a French brand of OUTDOOR products, with a long and distinguished history of more than 60 years. The headquarters is located in the Drône region, not far from the French and Italian Alps. A few years ago, the company turned its business into a 100% online business, but without compromising Innovation, Performance, its Incredibly good value for money. Now, the company thinks about an outdoor discipline, skiing, running, trail running, trekking, hiking, climbing and mountain, etc. Cimalp has the right product to feed each of our outdoor passions. In addition, there is a complete section dedicated to excursions and trips, ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE

From hats to highly technical jackets, functional jackets and vests, light sweaters, merino wool base layers, high-tech pants, compression and trekking socks, gloves, glasses, etc. And more: there is a wide variety of travel accessories, backpacks, shoes, lamps and lights, belts, walking sticks, headbands, sleeping bags and much more. Let’s review then the new trail running sportwear items, the 2in1 Trail Running Shorts CIMALP AOSTE H and the Trail Running T-Shirt CIMALP SPRINT LIGHT H.



CIMALP AOSTE H REVIEW: The 2in1 trail running shoes with 6 pockets

The 2in1 Trail running short from CimAlp is a lightweight, stretchy and breathable short, very comfortable for every practices and also to compete in any of the trail running races you would like to chose, these trail running shorts allows to bring with you all the items you need for short and medium training or races due the use of its six pockets, four of them around the belt, these are large pockets where you can carry on your own food, your trail running jacket or even a soft-flask to be hydrated, additionally it has two zipped pockets on the sides. This elastic belt is made of a drawstring that supports the abdominal strap.

The shorts are built up with the CIMAFLEX technology that provides improved thermal regulation and a perfect fit together with a good sun protection system (40 UPF). Covered with a lightweight mesh underpants provide exceptional comfort, together with the flatlock seams to limit friction and irritation, a 2in1 which will allow you to run comfortably and will allow to carry all your needs for your practice or race.


CIMALP AOSTE H REVIEW: Technical specifications

  • Weight : 250 gr,
  • Usability: Breathable and Stretchable
  • Prizing: 60€
  • Sun protection: 40 UPF
  • Fitting: Slim fit
  • Technology: CIMAFLEX


CIMALP SPRINT LIGHT H REVIEW: Ultra light T-Shirt designed for racing and competition

The Sprint Light H has been designed for racing and competition, built with a 1/2 zip, this performance trail running t-shirt is ideal for heat days, races and ultra-trails. Super light and made 3D-Flex compression technology provides excellent muscle support under the chest, improving posture thanks to its body mapping construction.

It has been designed with the help of CimAlp trail running team and sports scientists. It meets the needs of trail runners looking for high-performance clothing. Targetted muscle compression during exercise and recovery which stimulates blood circulation, improves oxygenation and ensures better muscle support. The body mapping construction features a combination of two highly technical fabrics: one ultra-light and highly breathable, the second bringing muscle compression to targeted areas.


CIMALP SPRINT LIGHT H REVIEW:  Technical specifications

  • Weight : 135gr,
  • Technology: CIMADRY fabric: anti-microbial, anti-odour and quick drying
  • Prizing: 40€
  • Fitting: Fit adjusted to the needs of the runner
  • Sun protection: UPF 50+


CIMALP OUTFIT REVIEW:  In depth testing by @abeldefrutos

It has been a surprise, overall, the trail running short. After several weeks testing the CimAlp outfit, I found it very comfortable. We already introduced you the CimAlp 864 Drop Control trail running shoe,but together with the shoe we have been testing in depth the CimAlp Sprint Light H T-Shirt and the Aoste H Trail Runing shorts, More than 200kms for both of them, testing it mainly in the Guardarrama National Park during this summer, I found both quite good, but if I have to choose one, I would go for the Trail Running shorts.

Many shorts while training and racing, I thought I have had found the “ultimate ones” when I tested the 2in1 from SAXX, but even they still have some features that I like it, this Aoste H from CimAlp is one of my favorites. Maybe not the optimal, but the elastic belt in the abdomen is great. I normally run with a backpack and with a belt, the reason is that I like to have things very very accessible, so I normally carry things that I am going to use very rare in the pack, and then food, gels, etc in the belt, but having the bet incorporated to the shorts has been a great idea. Not only because of the pockets (the 4 pockets included are very accessible), but the abdominal strap, thick (which gives the shorts a bit more of weight) but firm, which does not allow the shorts to go down.

Besides the 4 pockets in the abdominal zone, we can also find two more pockets (in fact 3) on the two sides of the legs, these ones with a zip, that prevents things to go out. On of them (the one in the right side) contains another smaller pocket that allows you to place the mobile, for example. And it has another pocket (for gels, pills, etc) in the inside tight.

I felt the short very comfortable, light (except for the abdomen, where it needs to be firm), and breathable, thanks to the CIMAFLEX technology and I find it ideal for ultra running, but not only for long runs, since it can be a really good colleague for smaller runs with heat, were you want to take with you just a soft flask that can be carried on in the back pocket.

Together with these shorts, I normally wore the Sprint Light H T-Shirt too, designed in a very light fabric, it is ideal to run under the sun, and for your competitive runs. With two differentiated fabrics, it has a compression zone around the chest which keeps your muscles compressed at anytime giving a slim fit to the body.

For sure the shorts will be my choice in the next ultras, just one small request for the CimAlp guys, take the change to add a stripe to carry on the poles!!!, if you manage to incorporate it without loosing the firm in the abdomen, you will have the fantastic shorts!









Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain