CIMALP 864 DROP CONTROL V2.0 REVIEW: Trail running shoe with progressive drop (8-6-4mm) and Vibram Megagrip sole (100€)


Our Trail Running Shoes section brings you up today the new CIMALP 864 DROP CONTROL V2.0, a new trail running shoe that offers us different DROPs, depending on the sole we use, we can have a 8-6-4 mm drop that we can use to move our stride to a more natural one. CimAlp has created the first progressive drop trail running shoe, designed to improve performance without discomfort, and to switch footstrike without injury. One shoe plus three pairs of soles (progressive drops 8mm – 6mm – 4mm) will allow the runner to evolve towards a more natural stride if they choose reducing gradually the drop from 8m to 4mm. This progressive approach will prevent injury risks while improving performance on runner stride.

Will this work? We do not know yet, but trailrunningspain is currently testing this model, switching the soles and finding if the new approach for the french company could be a good option, moreover, the shoe is well designed.






CIMALP 864 DROP CONTROL V2.0 REVIEW (100€ / 300-330gr / Drop8-6-4mm)



CimAlp is a French brand of OUTDOOR products, with a long and distinguished history of more than 60 years. The headquarters is located in the Drône region, not far from the French and Italian Alps. A few years ago, the company turned its business into a 100% online business, but without compromising Innovation, Performance, its Incredibly good value for money. Now, the company thinks about an outdoor discipline, skiing, running, trail running, trekking, hiking, climbing and mountain, etc. Cimalp has the right product to feed each of our outdoor passions. In addition, there is a complete section dedicated to excursions and trips.

From hats to highly technical jackets, functional jackets and vests, light sweaters, merino wool base layers, high-tech pants, compression and trekking socks, gloves, glasses, etc. And more: there is a wide variety of travel accessories, backpacks, shoes, lamps and lights, belts, walking sticks, headbands, sleeping bags and much more. Let’s review then the new trail running shoe CIMALP 864 Drop Control v2.0.





  • Weight : 300-330 gr,
  • Drop: 8-6-4mm
  • Prizing: 100€
  • Stack: 20mm Stack toe, 24-26-28mm stack heel.
  • Sole: Vibram megagrip
  • Sole size: 11cm sole toe, 8,5cm sole heel



The CimAlp 864 Drop Control is a new trail running shoe that will allow the runners to improve natural damping and encouraging a more efficient, natural stride transition. These shoes are a world first concept, allowing the wearer to slowly progress to a lower drop and a more natural stride that improves performance and reduces discomfort. With 3 pairs of soles in different colors (progressive drops 8mm – 6mm – 4mm) the shoe will alloow runner to evolve towards a more natural stride by gradually reducing the drop from 8m to 4mm. This progressive approach prevents injury risks while improving performance.

From down to top, the 864 Drop control uses a Vibram Megagrip sole, which gives the runner an effective grip in all terrains, in the mid-sole it brings a reinforced and ultra-resistant stone guard that protects the sole of the foot and specially metatarsal from stones that runner can find in the path. We can find in the cover a heel cup for perfect stability, very protected which embraces the heel perfectly, with breathable upper mesh for optimal ventilation at the same time that incorporates a seamless inner structure to avoid friction, finally it has a lycra tongue with storage for laces.




In we are currently testing the Cimalp 864 Drop Control v2.0, at first sight a trail running shoe with very good prizing, quite good protected and good grip. Probably a very good trail running shoe for short-medium practices which and we will see how they work during longer distances or when needed to compete in a race. We will have the full review after wearing it at least 200kms coming soon.







Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain