UTMB 2020: UTMB launches “UTMB FOR THE PLANET” the virtual race of UTMB



Following the cancellation of the 2020 edition of UTMB Mont Blanc due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UTMB launches of UTMB FOR THE PLANET, a digital sporting event to unite the community. For this new adventure, UTMB offers the runners 4 virtual races based on the main distances of the event; UTMB® Virtual 50, UTMB® Virtual 100, UTMB® Virtual 170 and UTMB® Virtual 240.

Entry into the UTMB FOR THE PLANET virtual races is free, and all participants are invited to donate the amount of their choice when they register to support WWF France projects. Partners since 2019, UTMB Mont-Blanc and WWF France both work to harmonize trail running activities with environmental issues, by developing and promoting alternative solutions for the entire trail running industry in terms of food, transport, waste minimization and public awareness. Trailrunningspain,com was able to chat with Catherine Poletti a few days ago where she already asked us to Stay Tuned about this virtual event, let’s remind the interview here.








Catherine Poletti already warned us during our interview in May that UTMB was going to launch a social virtual races to help the community. Finally the have chosen WWF to colaborate with. The UTMB FOR THE PLANET virtual races will be officially launched on July 20th and will be accessible to all runners from around the world. In addition to the virtual distances, for those who can travel, it will also be possible to participate on the trails of the Pays du Mont-Blanc which will be free to access throughout the summer. From 27th-30th August, the territories of Mont Blanc will come together to offer runners a special welcome, in compliance with the health regulations.


Kilometre-effort: for any gain of 100m in elevation, one kilometre is added to the distance of the route.


The virtual races will be live from July 20th to August 30th and will be hosted on a new UTMB for the Planet digital platform, integrating a real-time ranking. To encourage the greatest number of runners to take part, participants will be able to complete their chosen distance over several runs or in one go. The classification will also take into account the kilometre-effort* for people who cannot integrate elevation gain in their run. In addition to the virtual races, original and exclusive challenges will be organised with our partners and will be available on the digital platform. These challenges will offer different sporting formats such as night races, team events or challenges based on elevation.

With UTMB FOR THE PLANET, we wanted to propose another way to meet and unite. In some way it is an extension of the values commited by the runners, the sponsors, the communes of the Mont-Blanc region, and the entire trail community. These values ​​are the respect for the environment, the community, solidarity and adventure. The crisis of the Covid-19 has changed many aspects and today more than ever, we must remain unified. This great change has shown us that it is especially important now to carry out economic and solidarity, responsible and sustainable projects. The partnership with WWF France is the logical continuation of these intentions and of our agreement signed in 2019. Beyond working with the UTMB Mont-Blanc, UTMB continues to collaborate with WWF France through these virtual races to reconcile outdoor sports with the environmental challenges of the territories, “explains Catherine Poletti, President of UTMB Group.

With the aim of supporting the trail sector and the outdoor sports industry, which has been hard hit by the crisis, the digital platform will also make it possible to organize novel, attractive and motivating challenges for runners throughout the summer. These digital challenges, organized in association with the different partners of the UTMB Group, will propose discovering the trail through a multitude of aspects (variety of distances, positive and negative slopes, night races, teams, etc.). With UTMB®for the planet, the organization wants to send a signal of progressive resumption of activity and encouragement to the trail and outdoor sports sector, as well as to tourism professionals. Virtual events will be accessible to all runners in the world; In addition, those who can are invited to face the virtual race of their choice on the trails of the Mont-Blanc region throughout the summer.

Symbolically, the Mont-Blanc region will mobilize in a special way from August 27 to 30 for runners who wish to leave their mark on the region during this period. A special welcome, in accordance with sanitary regulations, will be reserved for runners by the municipalities of the territory and the tourist actors with whom the organization works to define these conditions.










Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain