VOLVIC VOLCANIC EXPERIENCE: Renounced to its 2020 edition that was supposed to be held from May 21st to 23rd



In the face of the Covid 19 pandemic that has hit the entire world, the VOLVIC VOLCANIC EXPERIENCE has renounced to its 2020 edition that was supposed to be held from May 21st to 23rd 2020. Sometimes, you have to stop in order to better start again later. » The VVX 2020 deferred to May 13th – 15th 2021. Carrerasdemontana.com, and trailrunningspain.com will come back to Auvernia next year in order to show us all the events.. Kilian Jornet explains about this race as ambassador in the following video.






VVX 2020: VVX 2020 is cancelled and will be move to 2021 edition


The event’s organizers hoped to uphold the 2020 dates up until the last minute but in the face of this unprecedented and complex situation, the organization’s priority is first and foremost the security of all participants and volunteers as well as cohesion in the making of essential decisions. In this given context and according to the government’s recent announcements that foresee a prolongation of the country’s lockdown and stricter preventive measures, the VVX’s organization has decided to cancel the Volvic Volcanic Experience’s 2020 edition, deferring it to next year. It is to take place from May 13th to 15th 2021.

In words of Jean-Michel Chopin, president of the Volvic Volcanic association in charge of the event’s organization: “Unfortunately, given the circumstances, we don’t believe all the work and energy that has already gone into the organization of this event is enough to guarantee the two basic principles that define the VVX: the absolute safeness of all athletes, family members, and volunteers, as well as the event’s organizational quality.” “Of course, we looked into the possibility of rescheduling but, as you know, this upcoming autumn’s sports calendar is already quite full! And because the VVX’s very concept rests on the fact that the event allows for a full three days to explore the treasures of Auvergne’s natural landscapes and culture, it’s important to us to not derogate from the multi-facetted experiences that allow one to retrace in their footsteps throughout the event. We therefore prefer to focus on the 2021 edition that is sure to be even more eagerly awaited and stronger than ever! Athletes, friends, and families can therefore already mark their calendars, train in the best of circumstances for next year’s edition and avoid choosing this autumn between one race or another!

Deferment conditions: Despite an already significant commitment of all organizational costs already having been advanced and no insurance coverage in the Covid-19 pandemic, the VVX met with its partners and suppliers, all of whom demonstrated solidarity, in order to look into the best solution for all. Consequently, it has been decided that participants will be able to choose between two options:

  1. Reschedule participation by deferring it to 2021 with no extra cost In which case, no immediate action is required. In July, a link will be sent allowing them to update their registration (confirm their choice of races for which they will rank top priority, or change choice of race) and benefit from the credit acquired in 2020.
  2. Get a reimbursement of 80 % of registration costs* within 15 days Participants received an email from Sportips asking them to click on the refund link. * Registration costs include all activities subscribed to on the website site: race bibs, meals, concerts, hikes.

Warning: the choice must me made between March 27 th and April 10 th 2020 . If no reimbursement is requested within this period of time, the registration will automatically be deferred to 2021. “Your enthusiasm for the VVX, the dedication and fervency of all 600 volunteers, the unfailing support of our partners as well as those who joined us recently, made this decision especially difficult to make, but nonetheless necessary in order to come back even stronger next year. We have no doubt that, together, we can face this challenge and overcome this unprecedented sanitary crisis stronger than ever. Take care of yourselves and your family. We will see you next year, during the 2021 weekend, for an even more intense VVX”, concludes Jean-Michel.







The VVX is compound of 4 races, 110km, 43km, 25km and 15km, located in the heart of a region shaped by volcanic eruptions. Apart of these for, this year there will be two new races, the Great Volcanic Crossing Experience – Trail Adventure Race: 220 km/7500-m climb and the VVX Kid’s trail run with several distances.


Let’s see the different races here:

Chaîne des Puys-Faille de Limagne Experience (110km – 4 ITRA points): A trail for the toughest runners through the very heart of the Auvergne volcanoes, it can also be completed in relay teams of two or three. Designed to take in the entire Chaîne des Puys zone, which recently became a UNESCO world heritage site, this race allows you to explore this exceptional region in a completely new way, thanks to the balance of scenery and ascents up some of the area’s characteristic hills. Part of the trail includes an ascent to the summit of the legendary Puy de Dôme (1,465m) to view the spectacular sunrise. For this third instalment of VVX, the trail will have a few nice surprises and will be extended to 110km to give you the chance to explore the northern part of the Chaîne des Puys. The final 30km of the Volvic Catchment Area Experience trail will bring this spectacular volcanic experience to a close.



Volvic Catchment Area Experience (43km – 2 ITRA points): A trail for the initiated runners amongst you, offering a route through the northern part of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park and all around the Volvic catchment area, a protected natural zone which is the source of the mineral water that takes its name. This course offers superb views of the Chaîne des Puys that stretches more than  30km towards the south, between the Faille de Limagne, enclosed valleys and the Plateau des Dômes.



Volcanic Experience Trail (25km – 1 ITRA point): The Volcanic Experience trail will be back in 2018 for this third instalment with a new feature—part of the trail will pass through two active volcanic rock quarries! The trail will take you through part of the Chaîne des Puys/Faille de Limagne Experience trail to show you some of the main volcanoes in the northern part of the Chaîne des Puys, such as Puy de la Nugère, Puy de Jumes and Puy de la Coquille. Trail bonus: breathtaking views from Puy des Gouttes and others.



Lava Stone Experience (15km): A short, accessible trail with limited climbing and natural surroundings between Volvic and its neighbouring villages. This race offers a number of exceptional panoramic views of the Chaîne des Puys, which recently became a UNESCO world heritage site. It crosses a prime area for Volvic stone extraction and includes unique pathways lining several of the territory’s characteristic quarries.







Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain