The Navarrese city of Zubiri hosts this weekend the Nafarroa Xtrem 2019, Starting on Friday with the bid-registration, briefings, film projections and conferences the runners will be able to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere, and several races crossing beautiful beech forests like the Quinto Real. Climbing emblematic summits like: Adi, Saioa, Zuriain and Baratxueta. And crossing different lines up that separate the valleys of Erro, Esteribar, Baztan, Anue, and Lantz.

Here you can enjoy the official video of Nafarroa Xtrem 2018 (Spanish and Basque). Come to see and enjoy with us!





NAFARROA XTREME 2019: WHY NX68 THIS YEAR by Abel de Frutos


The Nafarroa Xtreme 2019 is a stopover in the pathway. The goal this year is the UTMB by the end of August, 170km and D+10000, which I have started to train by the beginning of the year. Once I started to think about the route to that finish line I was thinking about which races could be optimal for my preparation. It is not very common in my side, but this time I have chosen to preperar the UTMB running different races, doing some training in my hometown (Segovia) but taking the advantage of running races in order to meet the long distance training.

Till now, I have run several races, going gradually like Media Maratón de Segovia (21k in asphalt), Madrid Tactika Trail Lozoyuela (25k,D+900), PatagoniaRun 42k in San Martín de los Andes, and now is the turn of NX68, which is in the middle of the first part of the season a hard races with a difficult course which will allow me to train what I am going to discover in the Alps during the UTMB 2019. After this race, I will test myself with 42k in Maxi-Race Annecy finishing up with the 102k Tenerife Blue Trail in June 9th.

After doing the 102k (the larger race I will do before UTMB) there will still almost two months to rest and continue training till August 31st.






The even has has three different courses in five modalities. Three distances 68k, 33k and 21 with five different modalities NX68, NX33, NX21, NX33+NX21 and NX33 by pairs.

NAFARROA XTREM 68K/D+4.000: The hardest, a difficult course with 68k starting in Zubiri with all registration numbers sold out (400 max), starting on Saturday 27th and 7:30am with a limit time of 14 hours for the last runner. Climbing to several summits including the highest altitude at Adi (1456m) or Saioa (1418m). A race that will test your performance due the difficulty.



NAFARROA XTREM 33K/D+1,800m: Starting at 9pm on Saturday at Zubiri this race will allow 400 runners to climb up to Adi (1456m) and Zotalar (1262m), where they will downhill till Zubiri to finish the 33 kilometers.

90 bib numbers will be established for 45 pairs in total, adding mixed, female or male for the NX33 in couples. To qualify as a couple, they must complete the entire race together, passing the controls both together and passing the finish line at the same time. In case of not doing the race together, they will be disqualified as a couple, although they will appear in the individual classification. The participation in the modality by pairs does not exclude them from the individual classification.



NAFARROA XTREM 21K/D+1,285m: The shortest, starting at 5pm on Saturday in Aritzu and finishing in Zubiri following the latest 21 kilometers of NX68, 21 kilometers and 1285m of positive climbing, going up to Artzeki, Urdanaz, Goitean and Baratxuet summits, making this race optimal for those who are not so experienced in mountain running, it will also allow the runner to enjoy the start lines of the other races in the morning and enjoy the atmosphere of the mountain running in the Navarrese Pyrenees. 200 runners max. and a final cut time of 4 hours to finish.



A fifth modality will be NX33+NX21, a combined mountain race which will allow runners to run firstly the NX33 and after finish it, they will have to run on the NX21, the result will be the sum of the finish times in the two races.





All activities will be hosted at the Zubiri Sports Center (Esteribar)

Friday April 26th

  • 04:30pm – 08:30pm – Registration and material check NX68
  • 05:00pm – 06:00pm – “Tor de Geants” projection by Silvia Trigueros.
  • 06:00pm – 07:00pm – Nutrition briefing by Anna Grifols.
  • 07:30pm – 08:30pm – Breefing NX68
  • 07:30pm – 08:30pm – “Tor de Geants” projection by Silvia Trigueros.

Saturday April 27th

  • 06:00am – 07:00am – Registration and material check NX68
  • 07:00am – 07:30am – Corrals and cloackroom opening NX68K
  • 07:20am – Official Aurresku NX68K
  • 07:30am – NX68K start at Zubiri Sport Center
  • 07:30am – 08:50am – Registration NX33K
  • 08:00am – 08:50am – CloackRoom NX33K
  • 08:50am – Official Aurresku NX33K
  • 09:00am – NX33K, start at Zubiri Sport Center
  • 11:30am – First runners arrival NX33K
  • 01:30pm – Awards Ceremony NX33K
  • 02:00pm – Paella
  • 02:30pm – First runners arrival NX68K
  • 03:00pm – 04:00pm – Registration NX21K
  • 04:10pm – Shuttle Buses to Aritzu. NX21K
  • 05:00pm – NX21K start from Aritzu
  • 07:00pm – First runners arrival NX21K
  • 08:00pm – Awards Ceremony NX68K
  • 08:30pm – Awards Ceremony NX21K y NX(21+33)
  • 10:00pm – Finish Line closing













Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain