After the success in the first editions of GaoligongByUTMB and OmanByUMTB hold in 2018. UTMB international continues spreading its trademark and it will host this year the new UshuaiaByUTMB in April and OmanByUTMB in November, leaving GaoligongByUTMB for next 2020. World Trail Summit will continue be placed in Chamonix during the last week of August which has recently opened registrations.

It is now confirmed the second edition of the MCC, whose start will be on Monday August 26 from Martigny Combe, and the new TDS® tour that will pass through the heart of Savoie and the villages of Beaufort and Hauteluce: a 145km route with 9100m lift gain and a start at 4 hours in Courmayeur, with an arrival of the first scheduled at 23hs to Chamonix under the famous UTMB arch.

With 87 nations represented from the first day of registration, UTMB is more than ever the Sommet Mondial du Trail and the most open-air sports event in the world. The appointment is on January 10 at 10am to know the results of the draw and the end of the suspense for the thousands of runners who dream of participating in the UTMB® 2019 adventure. Trailrunningspain will be there to give you all news from Chamonix with our colleague Abel de Frutos who will try to end up the finish line of the 170kms of the BIG WHALE!!








It will take place from April 5 to 7, 2019 and will be the next event from UTMB International, while they have reached 500 registered runners, Ushuaia by UTMB closed a strategic alliance with Columbia Sportswear, the recognized leading brand in apparel and products for outdoor activities.
The same sponsor of UTMB® Mont-Blanc will be the main sponsor of this race creating a partnership between both.

Columbia Sportswear is a leading company in the apparel, footwear and outdoor equipment sector, innovating in technologies and performance products since 1938. Once again, the firm has decided to accompany a trail running event which combines quality and commitment to the environment.

Juan Pablo Tarelli, CEO of South American Sport Company (SASC), explained that the support of Columbia as a sponsor of the event will further rank the race, which will attract runners from all over the world who want to live an adventure in the southernmost city: “The destination Tierra del Fuego, for a race of this type, gives an important internationalization to the event, since the brand ‘Ushuaia End of the World’, associated with this province, has a great recognition abroad. This, in turn, is enhanced by a sponsor with the worldwide prestige of Columbia“, said the CEO of SASC.
Columbia, as the new official sponsor of “Ushuaia by UTMB®”, will equip event runners, members of the organization, volunteers and official guests.

A technical race that offers 4 distances, where competitors will go through all the landscapes, geographies and grounds that any trail runner may dream of, with the experience and technology of the UTMB organisation.

FMU (130km – 8200D+)

Approximate Maximum Time: 22 hours
Date of the start: Saturday April 6, 2019
Location of the start/finish line: Ushuaia
ITRA Points: 6 (Valid for 3 years tor the UTMB and finalists gain 1 year in the registration process)

FBT (70km- 5400D+)

Approximate Maximum Time: 22 hours
Date of the start: Saturday April 6, 2019
Location of the start/finish line: Ushuaia
ITRA Points: 4 (Valid for 3 years for the UTMB)

LCT (50km- 3000D+)

Approximate Maximum Time: 15 hours
Date of the start: Saturday April 6, 2019
Location of the start/finish line: Ushuaia
ITRA Points: 3 (Valid for 3 years for the UTMB)

ELT (35km- 2400D+)

Approximate Maximum Time: 10 hours
Date of the start: Saturday April 6, 2019
Location of the start/finish line: Ushuaia
ITRA Points: 2 (Valid for 3 years for the UTMB)






The event will take November 28-30, 2019, the great success of OMAN by UTMB will return next year, with the expansion of the event to offer something to all runners and at all levels of experience, with more days scheduled to be added as the final format is decided.
At the heart of the test will follow the challenging 137km race that earlier this month saw 326 ultra-trail athletes from 52 countries depart through the streets of Birkat Al Mouz, to take the heights of Jebel Al Akhdar – the Green mountain – in the sturdy depths of the Omani interior.

Both winners were full of praise for the unique experience presented by OMAN by UTMB®. Jason Schlarb said: “The course was incredibly challenging: technical and exciting at the same time. The people gave us a warm welcome, they shook hands with us. It was great“. While Diego Pazos added: “The tour was more than challenging. It’s really amazing, the hardest race I’ve done, without a doubt.
The shared vision of UTMB® Mont Blanc Race Director, Michel Poletti, who described the course as “hard and wonderful“.

The first edition of OMAN by UTMB® was a great success, and we are proud to have produced a tour that was received with great enthusiasm by UTMB® and has challenged the hundreds of runners who participated“, said Salma Al Hashmi, Marketing Director of Oman Sail.

Building from there, in 2019, OMAN by UTMB will take a page from the original playbook of UTMB Mont-Blanc and diversify to offer a large number of tours.
It has already been agreed to incorporate a longer route of 166km that will include the highest mountain in Oman, Jebel Shams. Shorter routes and options with less technical routes were also planned, although they are still based on the original route.


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The Gaoligong by UTMB was the first event in the world to be labelled by UTMB as the first by UTMB event in Asia. Held in March on the Gaoligong Mountains with 2000 participants of 24 countries, this first edition was won by Gedeminas Grinius and  Kristin Moehl. This event has been stablished as one of the important events in the Asian trail running calendar and local authorities have approved a second edition of the event which will take place March 21-23, 2020. During this timeframe, Xingzhi Exploring Group and UTMB International will work together to promote the four distances of the event GAOLIGONG by UTMB event MGU (160 km), RCE (125 km), THT (55 km), and a new race TCZ (30 km).

Registration for the 2020 edition of GAOLIGONG by UTMB will open on March 20th 2019.







Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain