MAXI-RACE ANNECY 2019: Registration opens on November 15



Last July we presented to you new destinations for the MaXi-Race races here in, in 2018 we had several new races Italy (Sicily), Ecuador (Otavalo), China (Guangxi) and Portugal (Madeira), South Africa (Cape Town – 2019). We have covered the original MAXIRACE ANNECY live from our spanish website CARRERASDEMONTANA.COM , all info here.

Just a few weeks before ending this year with the first edition of the MaXi-Race Madeira on this November 15th MaXI-Race Annecy has opened registrations.






Registration opens on November 15 for the Ultra-Race and the Marathon-Race and on December 1 for all other races.

To preserve the local environment and the quality of the experience, event organizers limited the space available for each race format. The time window to register shrinks every year, and in January, most race formats will likely be full you can register here.


More than a just a trail run, the MaXi-Race takes runners on a journey, offering them a gateway to adventure, to self-discovery, and to exploring truly unique landscapes.
You can run by your own or relaying on a team, from the Ultra to the Marathon, whatever level or objective, each course offers runners the chance to scamper through the mountains high above Lake Annecy. On backcountry trails savor breathtaking panoramic views of the lake while being completely immersed in the culture and natural treasures of the Northern French Alps (Haute-Savoie). A mainstay event on the trail-running calendar, the Salomon Gore-Tex® MaXi-Race around Lake Annecy brings together more than 8000 amateur and elite runners who plan to test their mettle in one of several race formats. Host course for the 2015 Trail World Championships, the best of the best battled it out… and continue to return year after year!





Ultra-Race: A midnight start on May 25, to “begin with a bang.” In 2019, the 115km Ultra Race includes new sections through the Bauges Mountains and across Tournette Peak. You will earn 5 ITRA points.

MaXi-Race: The pre-dawn 03:30 start is a throwback to the amazing 2015 World Championships edition. Runners and photographers will be thrilled to set foot on top of Mt.Semnoz as the sun rises over Mt. Blanc.

Short-Race: The day and start time have changed. The race will begin on Friday, May 24, at 19:00. From the top of Mt. Baron, runners will enjoy a spectacular sunset and a unbeatable views of Lake Annecy.

In 2019, there will not be an aid station in Menthon-St-Bernard (the auditorium will serve as a polling station for people to vote in the European elections). The new aid station will be located in Villard-Dessus. As a result, several races will be slightly shorter than usual (115km for the Ultra-Race, 80km for the MaXi-Race, and 40km for the Marathon-Race).






The environment as a top priority, the MaXi-Race follows to the Steps To Nature Program, which encourages outdoor event organizers to reduce their impact on the environment and to build greater awareness about taking a sustainable approach to outdoor sports. Environmentally conscious from the very first edition (water stations, waste sorting, recycling, reusable signage…), MaXi-Race organizers do all they can to make the event as zero-impact as possible for this incredible outdoor playground and habitat.

Steps To Nature changes for 2019
– Less assistance allowed and increased self-reliance on certain sections of the course,
– More than 80% of the food at aid stations will be organic and/or local,
– A drastic reduction in non-recyclable and non-biodegradable waste,
– Tracking recyclable waste through private “recycling” partners,
– A dedicated area in the village for brands and environmental groups.



A friendly and professional organizing team, more than 500 people, including 400 volunteers, are working alongside race director, Stéphane AGNOLI, to ensure the success of this amazing trail run around Lake Annecy and of the outdoor sports village in the lakeside town of Annecy-le-Vieux. “By runners, for runners,” remains the motto and the driving force for this event, which is co-organized by MaXi-Events and the non-profit DSN74.

There will be 11 races presented

· Ultra-Race – 115km, 7500m vertical gain – The Ultra, limited to 900 runners, 5 ITRA points.
· MaXi-Race – 80km, 5000m vertical gain – The Original race, limited to 1500 runners, 4 ITRA points.
· XL-Race – 81km, 5200m vertical gain – Around the lake in 2 days.
· XXL-Race – 117km in two days.
· R-Race – 80km, 5200m vertical gain, as a 2 or 4-person relay team – A challenge to share with others.
· Marathon-Race – 40km, 2500 vertical gain – A half loop around Lake Annecy, limited to 1400 runners, 2 ITRA points.
· Femina-Race – 17km, 950m vertical gain – 100% for women only, limited to 300 runners.
· Short-Race – 17km, 950m vertical gain – The gateway to trail running, limited to 500 runners.
· Mini-Race – from 100m to 1km for 300 young runners.
· The MaXi O and the MaXi Lake will be back as well.










Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain