MAXI RACE WORLD: MaXi-Race go Global, new destinations



The last weekend of May we had the opportunity to enjoy MaXi-Race Annecy, as the first stage of a world tour. The stages of the MaXi Race World are now the perfect opportunity to discover new destinations, following an unabated passion for trail running.

The event has gone global and organization is extending the races over the world for 2018 with a few new races in Italy (Sicily), Ecuador (Otavalo), China (Guangxi) and Portugal (Madeira), South Africa (Cape Town – 2019). We covered the original MAXIRACE ANNECY live from our spanish website CARRERASDEMONTANA.COM , all info here.






For those who love to run in idyllic places, the stages of the MaXi Race World are the perfect opportunity to discover new destinations, following an unabated passion for trail running. What you can find in a MaXi-Race?

A prestigious place, a dream destination, an excuse to travel and explore…

  • An immersion in a culture and opportunities to learn about local treasures
  • A mountain area with a maximum vertical elevation, views and single-track trails
  • A popular event with different courses to find a suitable challenge to his desires / capacities
  • Respect for sports values: Fair play, courage, solidarity, generosity, humility, perseverance…
  • A festival and a showcase of the trail (animations, exhibitions …)
  • Competence & professionalism shared in the field of organization (lighting, security …)
  • Maximum respect for the environment and strong local involvement
  • Organization of a MaXi-Trip for the runner and his family
    – Optional trips are organized on each MaXi-Race to facilitate travel and allow a real week of change of scenery and holidays.
    – On the program: hikes, visits, tastings, accommodation … a week organized for sharing, tranquility and fun!

That is the common essence we want to see in each Maxi-Race although each of them is unique.






MaXi-Race Sicily: Discovering Sicily running on the highest active volcano in Europe. From 20 to 22 July – Linguaglossa

Sicily is the most charismatic island of the Mediterranean and Etna is its heart and soul. MaXi-Race Sicily gives you the chance to run on the highest active volcano in Europe, classed as a UNESO world heritage site. Base camp will be in Linguaglossa, a town on the north face at 500m above sea level, in the tourist district of Taormina Etna, which encompasses 58 municipalities of the provinces of Messina and Catania.


Photo: Maxi-Race World


Distances & elevations:

94km & 4800m +

52km & 2600m +

24km & 1400m +

12km & 650m +

Kids 500m to 3000m


MaXi-Race Ecuador: 20 October 2018, Ecuador, Otavalo

The MaXi-Race Ecuador course passes through magnificent preserved forests, with spectacular viewpoints over the mountain lakes and the volcanoes. The MaXi-Race base camp will be in Otavalo, an indigenous village famous for being the gateway to magnificent expanses of wilderness. The races will take place at an average altitude of 3000 m above sea level, with some sections as high as 4000m! More than just a race, MaXi-Race Ecuador is a journey to the centre of the earth, where the volcanoes and summits reach higher than 6000m.


Distances & elevations:

48km & 2900m +

25km & 1800m +

11km & 480m +

2 km for kids


MaXi-Race China: 24 November 2018, Guangxi, Yangshuo

Surrounded by imposing karstic mountain formations, on one of the banks of the river Li, Lijang Yangshuo is a satisfying mix of traditional Chinese town and a westernised way of life (great for non-runner friends and family). Well known to the adventure sports community, there is a wide range of activities on offer, including kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking.


Photo: Maxi-Race World


Distances & elevations:

115km & 5800m +

50km & 2600m +

25km & 1400m +

10km & 300m +


MaXi-Race Madeira: 8 to 9 December 2018 – Sao Vicente

MaXi-Race Madeira will take place in December2018, in the totally unique Laurissilva forest which was classed as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in 1999. The race takes place in São Vicente, on the north coast of the island, a spot until now forgotten by trail runners. A fantastic playground for a great race, with perfect temperatures of around 17°C.


Photo: Joao M. Faria


Distances & elevations:

105km & 6000m +

60km & 3500m +

25km & 1500m +


MaXi-Race South Africa: 10 to 12 May 2019

A test event for only 20 local runner was held in 2018 due South Africa is facing an important drought and local people are suffering from strict water restriction. Thus this even will be organized in 2019.

An unforgettable adventure between lakes and oceans near Cape Town and the famous Cape of Good Hope and meet the Atlantic and Indian oceans.
This Trail Festival is going to be the first stone of a global project that will benefit all the actors of the region.


Photo: MaXi-Race World


Distances & elevation :

100km & 6000m +

60km & 3600m +

38km & 2200m +

65km & 3600m +

18km & 900 m +

Kids 500m to 1500 m





Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain