UTMB international presents in Chamonix a new race, this time the race will be hosted in Argentina, a remote place in the globe. USHUAIA by UTMB has born.






The Gaoligong by UTMB was the first event in the world to be labelled by UTMB as the first by UTMB event in Asia. Held in March on the Gaoligong Mountains with 2000 participants of 24 countries, this first edition was won by Gedeminas Grinius and  Kristin Moehl. This event has been stablished as one of the important events in the Asian trail running calendar and local authorities have approved a second edition of the event which will take place March 21-23, 2020. During this timeframe, Xingzhi Exploring Group and UTMB International will work together to promote the four distances of the event GAOLIGONG by UTMB event MGU (160 km), RCE (125 km), THT (55 km), and a new race TCZ (30 km).

Registration for the 2020 edition of GAOLIGONG by UTMB will open on March 20th 2019.



The development of the UTMB International continues with the launch of a second event in the Arab peninsula, OMAN by UTMB in November 29th 2018 organized by Oman Sail. A pioneer event in this country, it has all the assets to become a reference race: a very technical and mountainous route, alternating between canyons, oases and steep ridges. Through villages, palm plantations, deep wadis, narrow gorges and along mountain top ridges, the route travels from Birkat Al Mawz (600m) to the heights of Jebel Akhdar, the Green Mountain, peaking at over 2,200m reaching the city of Al Hamra after 137k and a vertical gain of over 7,800m, making the course packed with variety and challenge. and according to Michel Polleti one of the most beautiful playgrounds in the world placing it in his “top 3”.



During the week of the UTMB, a press conference was held by UTMB International, there it was presented USHUAIA by UTMB, a new remote destination.

Among the countries present in South America, Argentina is the one with the most registered runners in UTMB. Consequently, it makes sense to organize the first South American event “by UTMB®” in this country.
In line with its ambition to organize events around the world, the UMTB International team has formally formalized an agreement to create a truly extraordinary new event, USHUAIA by UTMB, in partnership with the South American Sport Company promoter, the province of Tierra del Fuego and the Argentine government.

For the first edition of USHUAIA by UTMB, from April 5-7, 2019, the runners will explore the incredible roads of Tierra del Fuego, a province located in the southern tip of Argentine Patagonia. The event will offer different running distances, including a 130km ultra trail (7700m of positive gain). Each challenging road passes through incredibly beautiful and wild landscapes in which the runners of the world of trail running dream – Subantartic forests, glaciers, lakes, peaks and rivers – in a extreme environment, where they are often experienced the four seasons in a single day.

With its airport only 3 hours direct flight from Buenos Aires, the city of Ushuaia will host the start and finish line of each race, as well as all the celebrations of the event. The southernmost city in the world and the official capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia is located along the coast of the Beagle Channel, which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific.

Registrations for USHUAIA by UTMB open in October 2018.




High level international sports competitions, such as this Ultra Trail, are unbeatable opportunities for the promotion of our tourist destinations around the world,” said the Gustavo Santos, Minister of Tourism of the Nation. “The images of our wonderful landscapes multiply in the media and social networks, while, back to their places of origin, the competitors become our tourist ambassadors,” he said. He added that, “in addition, the arrival of competitors and spectators to the destination sets a productive mechanism that promotes the activities directly and indirectly linked to tourism, contributing to the generation of genuine and sustainable jobs“.

“With a presence in China since March, the next event in November in Oman and Ushuaia in April 2019, UTMB International keeps its promise to inspire, we offer trips to spectacular destinations, while always guaranteeing an event of very high quality. ” said Remi Duchemin, general manager of UTMB International.
It is very exciting to organize an impressive ultra work where the vast alpine landscape, the high mountains, plunges directly into a unique channel where the Atlantic Ocean mixes with the Pacific, being one of the most remote points on the planet, it is much more a simple advertisement, since no other international sport event has set foot in. Following Gaoligong in the mountains of China and the Hajar Mountains in Oman, it is the turn of Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego, names of legendary places. Take a map and swipe a finger directly east or west of Ushuaia, and the next time your finger touches the earth you will be back in Ushuaia. “, finally said.




UTMB International has officially created a subsidiary and opened an office in the Rocky Mountains. Let’s do not forget that the trail running was originated in the United States before growing on a large scale in Europe and then Asia.
With the creation of our subsidiary, UTMB International demonstrates its commitment to support in a short and medium term, the creation of a major international event for the people of North America. We are reviewing several projects, and we will make an official announcement sometime in the next few months. “, said Alain Lambert, Executive Director of North America.




Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain