Brooks Caldera review by Mayayo. New long distance trail running shoes by Brooks Running.


Today we review the all new Brooks Caldera. This shoe extends the Brooks trail running range, adding to the Brooks Cascadia saga, as well as other key models such as Brooks Mazama and Brooks Pure Grit, many of which we have already reviewed for at our video channel here, together with their main rivals from New Balance, Montrail, Inov8, Salomon…

These brand-new Brooks Caldera come as nimble rollers for non-technical ultra trail, complemeting the now sturdier Cascadia, moving towards a more technical and aggresive terrain role as proven by the Cascadia 12 review here. Further on, the Puregrit are built forto light and agile runs on easy trails, and then Mazama are to move fast in somewhat more technical ground. Let us review Brooks Caldera in full detail and check out its alternatives. 





The Brooks Cascadia saga has been for years the flagship for Brooks trail running, but today their catalogue is much, much more. Since the birth of the first Cascadia in a now classic case of joint development with Scott Jurek until the recent Brooks Cascadia 12 for 2017, is role has been going through an expansion and progressive redesign of its range.
After the Brooks Cascadia was its first great success on the trails, there followed a “minimalist” Pure Grit that is nowadays on its fifth version. Nice and logical addition to the Cascadia it was, which where then  progresively aimed that at long distance running onr more delicate terrain, whereas the Puregrit were the brand´s choice to roll light and agile in the easy ones.

Then came in 2016 the Brooks Mazama, born to race fast on somewhat more technical ground. And now on 2017 we complete the picture with these new Brooks Caldera who want to be that soft and comfortable sneaker to savour any smooth rolling ultra trail, something similar to what in its time was the first Cascadia. Here you can see the four sisters face to face, as their respectives roles may not be that clearly understood for one without the others.



Main technical elements Brooks Caldera: Their key numbers reveal a logical design for the above mentioned purpose, with solid development work behind. It weighs only 290 grams, with a 4mm drop on top of a sole width of 11.3cm at the forrefoot and 8.5 at the heel. As we see, same drop and (almost) weight as the Pure Grit, lighter and stuck to the ground than the Cascadia, wider ahead than Mazama to give more cushioning and stability.
If we go to the details of each piece, we see a combination of usual elements of Brooks trail running employees in the same way … alternating with new developments looking for that different point that makes a well aimed solution among the Brooks catalogue to races such as Leadville 100 Miles, Western Staates, 101k Ronda, Oxfam Trail Walker. Hong Kong 100… You may even consider it as the shoe of choice, provided you have a nice balance and technique, together with dry weather conditions to tackle a bit more technical ultras like Transgrancanaria, Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, Transvulcania and so on.

That is, a versatile shoe for the popular ultraro that does not thrive among ridges, marshes, snow fields or otherwise highly technical terrain and the high mountains

  • Midsole: Combines BioMoGo DNA rubber and chassis for a comfortable tread.
  • Segmented Sole: Facilitate a smooth landing-take-off transition.
  • Medium protective sole: Does not have specific anti-scratch plate, if it has support to protect and stabilize
  • Double layer mesh cover: The sides are very closed with rubber and straps, eye to the heat.
  • Integrated pivot support: An idea we saw first in Altra and now comes to Brooks. Good.



CONCLUSION: Great news for fans of the brand, one more solid option to choose from. However, they ought to be aware of the progressive change in the Brooks saga Cascadia that is turning more and more towards long trails but more demanding in the technical, while born to run very long very comfortable on terrain Easy your sister the Brooks Caldera.

It is also certain that its American rivals contribute sagas like the Saucony Xodus, New Balance Leadville, New Balance Fresh Foam or even the Montrail Bajada, each a good competitor with nuances for our priority, but as we remember recently, except The Fresh Foam the rest evolves in an inconsistent way, alternating progress with skids such as the fragile Xodus 5 or the Leadville 3 anchors. And the European brands do not sleep, as well shows the new Salomon Sense Pro Max, also directly aimed at this same niche.





New Balance Fresh Foam hierro V2 for 2017: As close as it comes. 



Inov-8 290 : For muddier, trickier long runs. 


Altra Lone Peak 3.0: If you wanna all the way to natural running. Zero Drop. 




Evolution and present models by Mayayo @moxigeno







Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain