Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2015 (17k-40k-80k-115k) Winners Luis Fernandes & Ester Alves. Race report, results and photos.


The Madeira Island Ultra Trail in Portugal, is striving for further international projection having joined this 2015 the Ultra Trail World Tour as future race. Although not yet officially counting for the final results, it is  well on its way to do so in the coming years.

Therefore, it was of special interest to check up closely on this year´s edition both in terms of athletic performance and of organizational prowess. The winners were the portuguese Luis Fernandes and Ester Alves. Please find below our race report and more.

Madeira Island Ultra Trail:   A tough and beautiful course

Madeira Island Ultra Trail: A tough and beautiful course




The departure of the MIUT115 race was given at midnight on the 11th of April, in the center of Porto Moniz. The course starts therefore in a first nocturnal phase, by winding footpaths and “levadas” (typical Madeira trails) on the North Coast, towards the plateau of Paúl da Serra – on the Western mountain massif.

Madeira Island Ultra trail 2015 race course map

Madeira Island Ultra trail 2015 race course map


The first major ascent has a reference point in Fanal. The technical descent to Chão da Ribeira is next and, then, a new long ascent to Estanquinhos. São Vicente is the next passage, before the arrival at Encumeada, where the route enters the Central mountainous massif, but not before making an incursion to Curral das Freiras, before facing the mythical peaks, Ruivo and Areeiro.

From there, the route is mostly downwards, with passages at Ribeiro Frio and Portela, after which the Funduras mountain offers endless single tracks towards the technical descent that will take participants to the levada of Caniçal, with a previous passage at Boca do Risco. The final phase, along a levada, will have the backdrop of the Machico valley, with the finish line at the Forum Machico

Madeira Island Ultra trail 2015 race profile

Madeira Island Ultra trail 2015 race profile




Luís Fernandes and Ester Alves won the 7th edition of MIUT

This seventh edition of the Madeira Island Ultra Trail encompassed four different mountain races, ranging from the 17km to the 115km, with intermediate distances of 40k and 85km in between. Certainly, a full arrangement that caters both to the local novice as to the fully seasoned international ultrarunner.

Madeira Island Ultra trail 2015: 40k-85k-115k

Madeira Island Ultra trail 2015: 17k-40k-85k-115k



The main event of MIUT, with 115 km, began at Porto Moniz, finishing at Machico, across the other side of de Madeira Island.  Luís Fernandes (Ludens Clube de Machico) and Ester Alves (Salomon Suunto) were the winners oh the 7th edition of this Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT) 115k.

In the men’s race, it was the first time that a local won the MIUT: 14.36.19 hours was the time that Luís Fernandes took to celebrate an unique conquer and with a 14 minute advantage to another portuguese Nuno Silva, that stood in the second place of the overall standings.

With this result, the madeirean trailer, that took the lead over the second half of the race, has now become  Portugal´s national Ultra trail champion and in such condition has automatically qualified for the Trail Worl Championships in 2016.

After him, Nuno Silva (Desnível Positivo) concluded MIUT with 14.50.34 hours, while Luís Duarte standed third with 14.59.09 hours.

In the female side, Ester Alves is also the new portuguese champion of the Trail Ultra Endurance, arriving at the finish line in 18.43.08 hours, beating Véronique Chastel (Team Hoka One One), with 19.06.48, and Susana Simões (Desnível Positivo) with 19.20.20 hours.

Full results Madeira Island Ultra trail 2015 here. 

Madeira Island Ultra Trail personal race report: Last year at MIUT 2014 our reporter Fernando González completed the 115km. read about his personal experience here (in spanish)


For the other event, Ultra85, that began at Estanquinhos, the victory belong to another local, Francisco Freitas (Madeira Ultra Runners), after a complete domination of the race, arriving at the finish line in 09.39.10 hours, with a 21 minutes advantage over Martin Schedler (Salomon Germany), 10.00.49, and Miguel Silva (Club Alpí Palamós) with 10.41.24.


The Trail40, that started at Pico do Areeiro, was won by Nelson Graça (, with the total time of 3.28.36 hours. Nuno Patrício (Clube Natureza de Alvito), 3.30.09, and Luís Fernandes (Trilho dos Templários A.C.R. Santa Rita, 3.40.35 hours, closed the podium.

At last, Marco Silva (Associação Desportiva Galomar), with na overall time of 1.11.37 hours won the Trail17, followed by Rodolfo Ferreira (Restaurante o Boleo, 1.20.50 hours, and Pedro Costa (Restaurante O Boleo), with 1.21.31 hours.





1st- Luís Fernandes (Ludens Clube de Machico): “Honestly, i didn´t expected to win. Last year i won UT85 but this was my first experience in a long and competitive race. I controled well the rythim of my race, i trained a lot with my great coach Paulo Pires and i was very carefull with my nutrition. MIUT is a fantastic event with an amazing course. I have do congratulate Clube de Montanha do Funchal because the event was really well organized.”

2nd Nuno Silva (Desnível Positivo) My first goal was to win and my second goal was to finish before 15 hours, and i did. The stairs in Pico do Areeiro betrayed me and this was a very difficult run. Luís controled well and he is an excelente athlete. This was my second presence in MIUT and i´m so happy to see this event growing so fast. In Portugal, MIUT is the best trail event, by far.
3rd Luís Duarte (RUN.PT) “I didn´t expected this result. The competition was very strong and i didn´t knew this course, that´s why i was carefull. I´m glad that i managed to get in the podium. I´ve done many trails outside Portugal but this one is the best. The landscapes are beautifull. My tactic was to ear my body.”



1st Ester Alves (Salomon Suunto): “The competition was very demanding. It stands, with no doubt, at same level as the one’s of the world circuit. It’s very beautiful, but at the same time very demanding. I felt in the last parto f the competition, but fortunely I was able to complete it in first place, although already after 18 hours. MIUT will have even more competitors and I hope I can keep coming here.”

2nd Véronique Chastel (Team Hoka One One): “It was a very difficult race. The second place is very good and also managed to finish the race in a time that is very positive for me. The organization is to be congratulated. It is likely to repeat my presence in Madeira next year. “

3rd Susana Simões (Desnível Positivo): “The route is funnier and the tracks are fantastic. At night, with the floor slippery, I chose to have more caution and with that I lost some time. But the balance is highly positive. If all is well , next year can count on me here in MIUT.





Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain