Kilian Jornet trail running calendar 2015 cut to half: Everest Record attempt and five races confirmed.

Kilian Jornet has  just released its 2015 trail running calendar, which includes only six mountain races in Europe and the United States, including one to be confirmed. Before that, Jornet will travel to the Himalayas in order to start preparing his Everest challenge, final chapter within his Summits of My Life project.

Striking contrast is the one we see between this timetable with regard to that planned for 2014 and even to his own activities in ski mountaneering races this year, where he remains as committed as ever, having raced World Cup, World Champs and Grande Course. Let us now go into detail as for his 2015 calendar, sharing as well some image below from highlights of his last Zegama race, his 7th win and course record.

Kilian Jornet at Zegama Aizkorri alpine marathon 2014.

Kilian Jornet at Zegama Aizkorri alpine marathon 2014.




Kilian Jornet published a substantially reduced trail running calendar for 2015. Unlike previous years, this upcoming season he has chosen not to participate in any specific series or championship in Europe and the United States. However, before beginning his mountain running season in earnest, Kilian Jornet will travel to the Himalayas for nearly seven weeks within the framework of the Summits of My Life, which we review here in his own words below.

Kilian Jornet Summits of my life plan de cimas


KILIAN JORNET TO EVEREST. This will be this first team approach to the Everest (8,848m) record attempt, which met would the final step of the project started back in 2012 with the planning summed in the image above. It must be noted that the programme has been driven forward with remarkable accuracy, despite high mountain own circumstances, which ultimately always decide whether summitting is or not possible, regardless of the talent and dedication of the alpinists.

Kilian Jornet statements: “After the ski season we will begin the challenge of Everest. We know, however, that we have a long road ahead. Preparation is the key, but we also need patience to find those great mountains. In the season of trail I will do different races that do motivate me a lot “

“We know we have a long road ahead. The preparation is the key, but also need patience to discover these great mountains. I think it will be a long term project should be finalized in the coming years. “

“For me this trip to Everest is aimed at learning. To know the mountain and its surroundings well and to soak everything my colleagues can bring me. I am not sure when we will try the challenge, it will depend much of the time, acclimatization and conditions in which we find ourselves. Be prepared to be will be the key for future promotions, so this time I take it as a learning opportunity.”

Thus, in this first approximation to the highest mountain on the planet in order to Kilian will learn and test the effects of altitude and expand knowledge of the area and the planned route. Kilian Jornet will be accompanied by a small team made up of Sébastien Montaz, Vivian Bruchez and the Catalan Jordi Tosas and climbers Jordi Corominas.

For this project they have chosen a path little practiced on the north side. As in previous challenges within Summits of My Life, the expedition will start from the last village and from there the goal is to reach the summit and back. Depending on conditions, the team might attempt the ascent and down the corridor Norton or Hornbein. There is no record of any previous attempt along this particular route.

This is the first time that Kilian Jornet is above 8,000m, and it must be noted that it should not be expected for him to complete a rapid climb in this first expedition



Kilian Jornet Mountain Running 2015: Reduced from eleven last year to five confirmed

Mount Marathon, Alaska-USA: The specific season trail begins in July in Alaska, where Kilian is planning to participate in the Mount Marathon, a vertical race held on the national day of the United States to the top of the mountain with the same name: “This is one of the oldest races in the world, as it has been going on since 1905. Besides this fact, it is a fairly technical course with many levels”.

Hardrock 100 Miles-US: A few days later Kilian Jornet participate for the second year in Hardrock (160km, 20.700m D +), which invests this year’s tour: “Last year I stayed in love with this race. The San Juan Mountains are a magical place, and I also liked the atmosphere and simplicity of proof in a technical and travel wild “.

Tromsö Skyrace-Norway: Back from United States Jornet travel to Norway, where he will spend a few weeks until the conclusion of Tromsø Skyrace, proof of which is co-organizer: “This race blends all the things I like in the sport: art, discovery, travel … However, this year I’ll be on the other side of the barrier, helping in organizing and encouraging runners “.

Sierre-Zinal Switzerland (to be confirmed): Depending on how the season progresses, Jornet arises if one more year to go to Sierre Zinal, a race that he has always liked.

Vertical Kilometer Skaala-Norway: By mid-August Jornet will travel to Norway to race the vertical kilometer at Skaala: “It’s a race that goes from the sea to the summit. They are 1,800m of altitude and the large blokes involved”

Ultra-Pirineu – Spain: Finally, to end the season, Jornet return to the Pyrenees, to contest the Ultra Pyrenees in late September: “Back to Ultra Pyrenees is like going back to basics. On this course, when there was no race was precisely where I started in long distance running, touring the very same refuges through which the race nowadays flows “

Check out below the evolution between Kilian´s 2014 & 2015 calendar. quite a step back from the sport for this year. Hopefully, to gather impulse for a stronger comeback later, once his motivation to do so is on the rise again.





Info by Mayayo Oxígeno for Trailrunningspain