European Championship ISF 2009

The third European Skyrunning Championship will be hosted this year in Canazei in the fabulous Italian Dolomites where some of the world’s best skyrunners will battle for the European title. Previous Championships were held in Poschiavo, Switzerland and last year, in Zegama, Spain, where 15 European nations participated. 

The Vertical Kilometer® and SkyRace® courses selected for the Championship are the same spectacular race courses celebrated in last year’s “high altitude Olympics”, the SkyGames®.

The European Skyrunning Championship is open only to athletes belonging to ISF member federations or associations.  Men’s and women’s individual titles will be assigned in each of the two disciplines while the national team title will be based on the combined results.

Vertical Kilometer®, Friday, July 17
Alba di Canazei, 1,485m Crepa Neigra, 2,485m Vertical Kilometer© Canazei.  Photo LongLight©
One thousand vertical metres over 2.1 km, this extremely steep course travels along the Crepa Neigra trail with an average incline of 47% – more in some stretches! The world record, established by Manfred Reichegger on this course last year, stands at 33’59″.

Dolomites SkyRace® Sunday, July 19 
Canazei, Passo Pordoi, Piz Boè 3,152m. 
This spectacular race embodies the skyrunning concept to perfection: the quickest way from a town to the summit of a mountain and back – artificial means excluded!

The course is 22 km long with over 1,750m vertical climb starting in Canazei, 1,450m, it summits on the Piz Boè, 3,152m. Both climbs and downhills are often extremely steep.  The race, making a complete loop, finishes at the starting point in the centre of town. 
The men’s record on this course stands at 2h04’53” and the women’s at 2h30’17” – amazing accomplishments that would be hard to beat even with cars and lifts!

For further details, programme, rules and other queries: 
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