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December 11

Kilian Jornet launches 3rd film “Langtang” on Nepal, plus construction project for 116 houses (Barcelona, DEC12)

  Kilian Jornet is to launch his third film tomorrow, with the premiere taking place in Barcelona at 19H. Within the framework of the film Langtang, the project Summits of My Life is promoting a charity challenge to contribute to the reconstruction of Nepal . . Kilian already shared this initiative this morning, at the […]

December 02

Kilian Jornet Videos: Pablo Vigil, mountain runner legend at Colorado. Kilian´s Quest S4. Ep8.

Kilian Jornet´s trail running 2012 season has been extraordinary in many senses: Competition-wise he showed far more dominance than ever, winning just about every single race he entered. (17 out of 19, actually) Beyond that, he launched the Summits of MyLife (SMOL) project, whose film will premiere next 17th December at Barcelona. While he now moves […]

Video Kilian´s Quest: “I lost the pleasure of running in the mountains…”

La serie de videos Kilian´s Quest  cumple este año su tercera temporada. Desde que arrancó es una fuente de inspiración para corredores de montaña de todo el mundo. Hemos visto grandes videos sobre rincones y carreras maravillosas del mundo entero:  el Kilimanjaro, el Monte Olimpo, Western States. En el video sacado hace apenas una hora, […]

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