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November 06

Ehunmilak 2020 to open registrations tomorrow for its 168k-88k-42k in July. Ehunmilak renounces UTMB points for ethical reasons, while still awarding ITRA points.

. EHUNMILAK 2020 OPENS REGISTRATION TOMORROW 17H.(GMT+1) The celebration of the eleventh edition will be in July 10-12, with the opening tomorrow, after an Eunmilak 2019 that gave us a great sport and popular show. Last night the last big change for this edition was confirmed, and what a change: Having always been a race […]

July 13

Ehunmilak 2018: BASQUE HUNDRED MILES (July 13-15th). Ehunmilak celebrates its ninth edition by setting new records

. A record edition, both sides of the bib: The ninth edition of the one hundred Basque miles, Ehunmilak, is another step forward in its international projection, as Beasain celebrates a new record of participation on both sides of the race bib. This 2018 quickly sold out all slots for the two most accessible races: […]

August 23

TERNUA TRAIL RUNNING AND SKIMO APPAREL 2018: TOP5 ITEMS BY MAYAYO. Aldamin hybrid jacket, Neutrino 20k-20k jacket and more.

. Ternua is today´s most prestigious spanish outdoor brand, with a solid international reputation ever since it was founded back in 1994 at the Basque Country. Just from its first steps they chose to partner with top mountain ahtletes and events, in order to gain precious insight for continous research & development Over this time, […]

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