GOLDEN TRAIL SERIES FINAL: Madalina florea wins women´s prologue.

GOLDEN TRAIL SERIES FINAL: Madalina florea wins women´s prologue. We were expecting a tight duel between Sophia Laukli (Salomon, USA) and Judith Wyder (Hoka/Red Bull, Switzerland) and it took place, but it was Madalina Florea (Romania) who took everyone by surprise by winning the women’s prologue at this Golden Trail Series Grand Final. As well as her first place finish it was her finish time that really flashed: 39’00, 38 seconds faster than Sophia Laukli and 1’32″ faster than Judith Wyder.


Madalina florea wins women´s prologue.

“I had so much fun today! I just told myself I had to concentrate on my pace and nothing else. I didn’t notice the time go by or if the course was technical or not, I’d barely got going before I was already back! The trip to the USA for the two last stages enabled me to train at altitude and I think it paid off! I didn’t even feel tired at the finish line. I can’t wait for Saturday to go for victory again!”

Whilst the Elites’ ranking is playing out, this final also has the GTNS (National Series) going head-to-head. By finishing 9th overall Émilie Menuet (Odlo X-Alp, France) took first place in the GTNS in this prologue.

“A prologue is always an exciting race format; you get really pumped! I tried to keep a good pace and keep pushing and in the end I finished not far from the top 5 overall. I’m focused on the GTNS win but I also want to see where I stand compared to the Elites so I can prepare for next year if I qualify for the Golden Trail World Series. I don’t think I burned too much energy in this prologue and I can’t wait for Saturday now!”

After the women, it’s time for the men’s prologue tomorrow at 4:30 pm Scratch

1 – MADALINA FLOREA (CSM SIGHISOARA – ROU): 0:39:00 (+100 pts)
2 – SOPHIA LAUKLI (SALOMON – USA): 0:39:38 (+94 pts)
3 – JUDITH WYDER (HOKA/RED BULL – CHE): 0:40:32(+88 pts)
4 – MALEN OSA (SALOMON – ESP): 0:42:30 (+83 pts)
5 – SYLVIA NORDSKAR (HOKA/DÆHLIE – NOR): 0:42:41 (+78 pts)


Check out the programme:

  • Thursday 19th October – 4:30 pm: Women’s time trial DONE!
  • Friday 20th October – 4:30 pm: Men’s time trial
  • Saturday 21st October – 10:00 am: Women’s race (26km and 1,430m V+)
  • Sunday 22nd October – 10:15 am: Men’s race (26km and 1,430m V+)



  • 14 May: Zegama-Aizkorri, Spain — 42 km / 2,736 m D+*
  • 25 June: Marathon du Mont-Blanc, France — 42 km / 2,540 m D+
  • 15 July: Dolomyths Run, Italy — 22 km / 1,750 m D+
  • 12 August: Sierre-Zinal, Switzerland – 31 km / 2,200 m D+
  • 16 September: Pikes Peak Ascent, United States — 21 km / 2,382 m D+
  • 22 September: Mammoth 26K—Mammoth Trail Fest, United States — 26 km / 1,400 m D+
  • From 19 to 22 October: Grand Finale, Il Golfo dell’Isola Trail Race, Italy — 23 km / 1,200 m D+ (+ prologue)



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