TORX 2023. TOP RUNNERS, TORX LIVE AND PROGRAMME. Our MOUNTAIN RACING CALENDAR 2023 bring us the 14th edition of TORX®, ready to to offer a unique experience to athletes and enthusiasts.

Almost 2500 athletes, 80 nations, 950 kilometres, 10 days of fatigue, sports, emotions, dreams to follow and passes to climb

TORX 2023.



Friday 8th September at 8 pm from piazza Abbé Henry in Courmayeur the start of TOR450 – Tor des Glaciers will launch TORX®. 187 athletes coming from 38 countries will face 450 kilometres on the Alte Vie 3 and 4 in a unique and wild journey. The two winners of the past editions, Sebastien Raichon and Luca Papi, will be there, together with Jules Henri and Candide Gabioud, Peter Kienzl, Tiaan Erwee, Paul Tierney, Marina Plavan, Amy Sproston, Sandrine Beranger, just to name some of them.

Just a few hours to “recover” from the emotions, and then a real star parade to present top runners of TOR330 – Tor des Géants® Saturday 9 September at 5 pm at Jardin de l’Ange. The Elite start list has probably never been as crowded, making it very hard to predict the winners. The challenge that thrilled everyone in the last two editions between Jonas Russi and Franco Collé will be renewed, with the “third party” Simone Corsini, winner at GTC100. They all must be alert to the others: Marco Gubert, Gianluca Galeati, Sangé Sherpa, Oliviero Bosatelli, Lawrence Eccles, Yamamoto Kenichi, Masahiro Ono, Martin Perrier, Damian Hall, Seth Swanson, Julien Chorier, Avery Collins, Ho Chung Wong, Danilo Lantermino, Galen Reynolds, Andrea Macchi, Takashi Doi. Among women, favourite is last year’s winner and record holder Sabrina Verjee. She will face Alessandra Boifava, Jocelyne Pauly, Melissa Paganelli, Lisa Borzani, Sophie Grant, Anita Lehman, Elisabetta Negra, Katharina Hartmuth, Emma Stuart, Oksana Riabova. Together with other 1200 athletes, they will all start in two different groups (at 10 am and 12) Sunday 10th September, with the first arrivals before dawn Wednesday 13.


Tuesday 12 at 9 pm from Gressoney-Saint-Jean the start of TOR130 – Tot Dret: Italians Giovanni Paris and Daniel Jung will compete with British Mark Darbyshire, Spanish Diego Casabonne and Chinese Bai Hui. Agnese Valz Gen, second at GTC55, will try to beat Katrin Bieler, second at last year’s TOR130.

The last race, TOR30 – Passage au Malatrà, will start on Saturday 16th at 10 am from Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses: in the men ranking, big battle between Davide Cheraz, Sebastien Poesy, Henri Grosjacques and Mattia Droz. Giuditta Turini will try to recover from her injury and to beat Anna Darmograi and Carine Loyer. At 6 pm the arrival of all the last runners, then Sunday at Parco Bollino the award ceremony.

TORX 2023.


A new way to live TORX® is about to see the light: say hello to TORX® LIVE, the web TV that will guide you 24 hours a day through the four races.

Interviews, live videos from the trails, commentators in three languages, backstage, archive videos, live of starts and arrivals: everything you need to discover all the aspects of TORX® and live the emotions as if inside the race.


TORX 2023.


Venerdì 8 settembre | Friday 8th September | Vendredi 8 septembre

Courmayeur – Jardin de l’Ange

  • 14:00 -> 19:00 | TOR450 – Tor des Glaciers
    Distribuzione pettorali | Bibs delivery | Remise des dossards
  • 18:00 | TOR450 – Tor des Glaciers

Courmayeur – Piazza Abbè Henry

  • 20:00 | TOR450 – Tor des Glaciers
    Partenza | Start | Departure

Sabato 9 settembre | Saturday 9th September | Samedi 9 septembre

Courmayeur – Jardin de l’Ange

  • H 17:00 | TOR330 – Tor des Géants®
    Presentazione top runners | Top runners presentation  | Présentation top runners

Courmayeur – Forum Sport Center

  • H 12:00 -> 18:00 | TOR330 – Tor des Géants®
    Distribuzione pettorali, deposito sacche | Bibs delivery and bags drop off | Remise des dossards et depot sacs
    TORX Expo
  • H 20:00 | TOR330 – Tor des Géants®
    Pasta party & briefing

Domenica 10 settembre | Sunday 10th September | Dimanche 10 septembre

Courmayeur – Forum Sport Center

  • H 7:00 -> 9:00 | TOR330 – Tor des Géants®
    Distribuzione pettorali, deposito sacche | Bibs delivery and bags drop off | Remise des dossards et depot sacs

Courmayeur – Viale Monte Bianco

  • H 10:00 | TOR330 – Tor des Géants® 1° gruppo / 1st wave / 1er groupe
    Partenza | Start | Départ  
  • H 12:00 | TOR330 – Tor des Géants® 2° gruppo / 2nd wave / 2ème groupe
    Partenza | Start | Départ

Martedì 12 settembre | Tuesday 12h September | Mardi 12 septembre

Gressoney | TOR130 – Tot Dret

  • 14:00 -> 19:00 – Distribuzione pettorali | Bibs delivery | Remise des dossards
  • 18:00 -> 20:00 – Deposito sacche | Bags drop off | Depot sacs
  • 20:30 – Briefing sulla linea di partenza | Briefing ont the start line | Briefing sur la ligne de départ
  • 21:00 – Partenza | Start | Departure

Mercoledì 13 settembre | Wednesday 13th September | Mercredi 13 septembre

Courmayeur – Jardin de l’Ange

  • 4:00 TOR330 – Tor des Géants®
    Arrivo dei primi corridori | Arrival first runners | Arrivée premiers coureurs
  • 20:00 TOR130 – Tot Dret
    Arrivo dei primi corridori | Arrival first runners | Arrivée premiers coureurs

Giovedì 14 settembre | Thursday 14th September | Jeudi 14 septembre

Courmayeur – Jardin de l’Ange

  • H 00:00 TOR450 – Tor des Glaciers
    Arrivo dei primi corridori | Arrival first runners | Arrivée premiers coureurs

Sabato 16 settembre | Saturday 16th September | Samedi 16 septembre

Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses | TOR30 – Passage au Malatrà

  • 7:00 -> 9:00 – Distribuzione pettorali | Bibs delivery | Remise des dossards
  • 10:00 – Partenza | Start | Départ

Courmayeur – Jardin de l’Ange

  • 13:00 | TOR30 – Passage au Malatrà
    Arrivo dei primi corridori | Arrival first runners | Arrivée premiers coureurs
  • 18:00 | TOR330 – Tor des Géants®, TOR450 – Tor des Glaciers, TOR30 – Passage au Malatrà
    Arrivo degli ultimi corridori | Arrival last runners | Arrivée derniers coureurs

Domenica 17 settembre | Sunday 17h September | Dimanche 17 septembre

Courmayeur – Parco Bollino

  • 11:00 – Cerimonia di premiazione | Award ceremony | Remise des prix



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