MOZART 100 BY UTMB 2023 RESULTS: POPULAR RECORDS AND INTERNATIONAL WINNERS. Our UTMB WORLD SERIES 2023 brings us today the results from the eleventh edition of Mozart 100 by UTMB which took place this weekend all over Salzburgerland. with the largest and most international starting field to date.

Over 2,500 runners from 74 nations took on the six distances of 105km, 81km, 39km, 31km, 21km and 9km  on the trails along the beautiful Tyrolean Alps in Austria. One of these runners was our editor Mayayo, who having completed the ultra in years before, this time came back for the marathon.

mozart 100 marathon finish for mayayo- Photo mozart 100





The Mozart 100 by UTMB 2023 took place this weekend all over Salzburgerland. with the largest and most international starting field to date. Weather held conditions held right, after quite a downpour the previous eventing. Early morning clouds and cool gradually gacve wat to blue skies and blazing sun with the packs runners focusing on staying properly hydrated to make the finish line.

While about half of the participants in this year’s edition of mozart 100 by UTMB came from Austria and Germany, the number of international athletes was bigger than ever, coming mainly from the Czech Republic, Poland and Great Britain (5% each), as well as the Netherlands and France.

mozart 100 marathon start at St. Gilgen. photo mayayo


The main event was of course the Ultra race, on an out and back loop from Salzurg. for 690 participants, out of wich just 551 would be able to make it to the finish line. The kick off to all Mzart 100 competitions began at 5:00 a.m. on Salzburg’s  Kapitelplatz square at the foot of Hohensalzburg Fortress.

The varied trails with +/- 5,400 meters in  altitude led the runners over a total of 105 km via Hinterwinkel and along the Fuschlsee to St. Gilgen,  up to the Zwölferhorn and to the Schafbergalm, and from there back via Fuschl am See to Salzburg
with the finish line on Kapitelplatz in the heart of Salzburg’s old town.

After 10:24.50, Britain’s Luke Grenfell Shaw crossed the finish line as the winner. After his win he  explained: ” I was so looking forward to do a UTMB and a 100k, it was my first one and I must say  that it gets really hard at the last 30-40 kilometers. Five years ago today I was diagnosed with cancer  and I am just happy to be here and have a body that allows me to compete. My motto is to run hard  and to enjoy it, Salzburg is a beautiful place, when I was running I was just looking at the mountains  around me, and could more than enjoy it.”


France’s Baptiste Petitjean secured second place in  11:25.07, followed by Hekmat Darwishi from Afghanistan, who came to Salzburg as a refugee five  years ago, and Britain’s Jack Chamberlain in 11:35.55, sharing third place.

Women´s podium went to Eva Moore (12.54.29) Heidi-Anne Marie Schwartz (13.33.03) and  Kataryn Orzecho (14.23.37)


Photo Mozart 100 by utmb


The second ultra distance, the mozart Ultra starting in Fuschl am See, led the participants over 81km  through the Salzburger Land. Here Tobias Geiser from South Tyrol secured victory after 8:19.50,  followed by Morten Antonsen from Norway in 8:42.24 and Hans Mühlbauer from Germany in  9:11.07.

Geiser said after his victory: “The beginning of the race was very tough, after 15 kilometers I  picked up the pace and was able to pull away, after that I found my rhythm and I’m very happy with my race. I’m running two ultras this year, I’ve been living in Austria for 6 years and have never been  to Salzburg, so it was clear to me that it was about time to start at mozart 100 by UTMB in Salzburg  and I had a great racing experience.”

Women´s podium went to Michaela Portenkirchner (10.17.18), Alice Mc Gushin and Vanda Novakova

Photo Mozart 100 by utmb


With 695 starters and 683 finishers, the mozart marathon had a startling finishers rte. The course kicked off at St. Gilgen as the competition with the most  participants. In the women’s race, the Slovak Katarina Lovrantova, who lives in St. Gilgen, secured  victory after 3:37.59.

She said after her race, “I thought I was running for second place and was
surprised to become first. I live in St. Gilgen and as the race starts in St. Gilgen, I thought it was  about time to participate, so yesterday I drove for five hours from our holiday location to be here.  The trails were beautiful but demanding, and it was wonderful to experience mozart 100 by UTMB  as a participant.”

Second place was secured by Spain’s Gisela Carrion Bertran in 3:38.59. Despite having led most of the race, a wrong turn smashed her race and she arrived just a minute behind Lovrantova,  Bronze went to Germany’s Maria Purschke took third place  in 3:43.09. just 11 months after she became a mother, G

Purschke said after her race: “My preparations were tough but very good, I got great  support from my husband and my coach and above all I was more motivated than ever. It was a wild  race, I started well and wanted to finish in the top three and qualify for the OCC in Charmonix. I’m  happy that the plan worked out, I love the mountains and the atmosphere of all trail running events,  you always meet the same people and it’s just a great community.”

The men´s victory went to british orienteer Kris Jones (2.57.54) with spaniard Yoel de Paz in second place (3.02.39) and italian Brooks runners Michele Meridio rounding up the podium. (3.11.30)

Josef  Mayerhofer, race director of the mozart 100 by UTMB

“It was great that we were able to follow so many exciting races today in perfect weather conditions  and welcome so many smiling faces at the finish line at Salzburg’s Kapitelplatz. We are very satisfied  with the course of all competitions and are very pleased that we were again able to welcome a  record starting field with over 2,500 participants from over 70 nations this year,”

 “I would like to thank my colleagues from UTMB, the city of Salzburg, the Salzburger Land and all municipalities, and of course also our  partners and service providers for the good cooperation and support, without them the event would  not have been possible, and I am actually already looking forward to next year.”



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