ZUMAIA FLYSCH TRAIL 2022 – OCT2 10H (CET). WMRA World Cup Long Distance final 2022 in the Basque Country Mountain races in the Basque Country always have something special: No wonder then for the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) to award once again a Valsir World Cup final to the Zumaia Flysch Trail.

This time it will be the Long Distance, to be held over a 22.2km course climbing and descending between its world famous “Game of Thrones” seaside cliffs and rolling green hills.

Folow streaming LIVE on Sunday OCT2 here at this link (9.30-14.00 CET)



WMRA World Cup Long Distance final


Among the runners we will have World Champion Lucy Murigi and the italian Camilla Mogliano, fighting it out with world elite basque runner Oihana Kortazar on her home turf. Plus, a most welcome young Leire Fernández Abete is to complete here a splendid comeback after two years of fighting a tumor. Frenchman Robert Loic arrives looking for gold, dueling again after Canfranc with Raul Criado, who was the Zumaia Marathon 2021 champion.

Watch for Borja Fernández as well, now on his way to the World Championship in Thailand with Spain’s national team. And, of course whenever running with the Basques, never underestimate the huge pool of local talents: From Ander Azurmendi or Alba García to Ismail Razga, Hassan Ait Chaou and many more


Great mountain running by the sea…and much more.

The XIII edition of thus race will be held on Sunday, starting at 10:00 am from the Gurrutxaga square in midtown, for runners to shoot out over the sea and take to the mountains before coming back to  complete a 22.2 kilometer route. A máximum of  700 runners have been allowed to take the start and enjoy the gorgeous course over the natural park “Geoparkea”

Zumaia Flysch Trail has always been unique in blending great mountain running with the spirit of best classic alpinism plus an outstanding social commitment. For this 2022 edition, a tribute will be rendered to the Indamendi society of Zumaia and to the Azpeitia mountaineer, Joxe Mari Azpiazu. (Basque Expedition Everest 1980)  The Indamendi association turns 50 next year, and with this tribute Zumaia Flysch Trail wants to value its work as volunteer group supporting all causes over the years.

On Saturday several Alpinism four key books will be presented within the Zunaia Flysch Trail Cultural initiative. Joxe Mari Azpiazu will present “Life on the edge of life”; Sebastián Álvaro “Everest 1924”; Juanjo San Sebastián “How long is a long time”; and Juanito Oiarzabal “The pleasure of reaching the summit.” The act will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Aita Mari cinema. At the end of the presentation there will be a purchase option and book signing.



Zumaia 2021 gave us a true Cantabrian gale: It was an epic scenario from start to finish. Very strong rains, winds and a huge drop in temperatures that left limbs cold, plenty of  falls… and radiant smiles on the runners  from start to finish. Kenyans Joyce Njeru and Geoffrey Kgunu showed their talent and fighting ability by sweeping the race and wrapping up an African double for the 2021 World Cup. The weather forecast for the 2022 edition at this time could evolve to a similar scenario

After the previous stage at Canfranc, this Zumaia Flysch Trail 2022 will be the second and last WMRA World Cup venue south of the Pyrenees. If Canfranc confirmed Joyce Njeru and Patrick Kipngeno as Classic category 2022 champions,  next Sunday’s Zumaia will decide the podiums for the Long Distance World Cup, (22k-42k)

Kenyans Joyce Njeru and Lucy Murigi currently lead, yet the Italian Camilla Mogliano vies for gold. In the men’s category, Frenchman Robert Loic and Aragonese Raul Criado both seek to storm the podium, now occupied by the African trio made up of Petro Mamu, Philemon Kiriago and Patrick Kipngeno.



Live streaming will cover all the race and award ceremony on Sunday OCT2  ( 9:30 a.m.- 2:00 p.m). During those four and a half hours, everything will be broadcasted live to the world,  as it was back in 2021. Comments wil be held in Spanish, English and Basque by two mountain running veterans: Elite runner Jokin Lizeaga and CARRERASDEMONTANA editor Sergio Mayayo

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ZUMAIA FLYSCH TRAIL: Photo gallery by Mayayo