UTMB 2022: TDS145K WON BY LUDOVIC POMMERET AND MARTINA VALMASSOI The Frenchman Ludovic Pommeret, who came fourth in the UTMB in 2021, yesterday won the TDS race (145km – 9,100m meters D+) in 18h37. Italian Martina Valmassoi was the female winner.

Check out the wild emotions and the crowd excitement at Chamonix, for the top3 fiishers at TDS-145k

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Ludovic crossed the finish line first just under one hour ahead of the Ecuadorian Joaquin Lopez (UTMB Index 827) and Frenchman Elias Kadi (UTMB Index 840). Winner of the UTMB in 2016, Ludovic sealed his second victory on the UTMB® Mont-Blanc in what was his tenth participation.

Starting cautiously, he was in 25th position at the Checrouit pass. From the Beaufort base at kilometer 93, Ludovic starting overtaking runners one by one. The runner from La Savoie region, finished the race with only 6 minutes of rest on the clock – quite a performance for one of the most experienced runners on the UTMB World Series circuit. Elias Kadi completed the podium after 19h49 of racing.

After a moment rich in emotions surrounded by his family, Ludovic said: “I have no pressure, it’s not my job, I don’t have much to prove. Amongst my motivations, there is the family, the family that is present and the family that has also left. For my preparation, I have a good coach. My wife helped me with a UTMB and TDS recce in the same week. She told me, ‘I didn’t do 145 kilometers for nothing, you don’t give up, you go’.”


In the women’s race, the Italian Martina Valmassoi won in 22h42, continuing her strong momentum after her recent victories in different formats (KV, 20K, 50K) in Italy. Spaniard Claudia Tremps (UTMB Index 724) and German Katharina Hartmuth (UTMB Index 714) finished second and third respectively.

Martina said: “I feel good, I’m happy to sit on a chair, I tried not to sit too much at the aid stations because after that I wouldn’t go back. I had moments where I was like, ‘why am I doing this?’ Courtney Dauwalter would be proud of me; I’ve gone deep into my physical and mental resources. Today I felt pretty relaxed even though I got lost twice. You never really know where the second runner is. At Les Contamines, I asked with great fervor, where is the second!? I knew I wasn’t going to complete the last part any faster.”


Earlier in the afternoon, it was the ETC runners (15km – 1300mD+) who brought the streets of Courmayeur to life for the first edition of this new race with Italian accents. 774 runners, 43% of who were women, took on the challenge and it was the Spaniard Jan Magarit Solé who won in 1h24 marking a return from injury. Second was the Japanese runner Ruy Ueda with the Belgian Maximilien Drion third. Among the women, the Moroccan Ikram Rharsalla won in 1h49 ahead of the French Perrine Abadie and the Italian Nadia Re, with the leading trio finishing within 2 minutes 30 of each other.