KILIMANJARO TO MOUNT KENYA: A 497km run, by Limo Kipkemoi.

KILIMANJARO TO MOUNT KENYA NON STOP (497km) By Limo Kipkemoi. Our TRAIL RUNNING AFRICA section celebrates anorjter achievement today.

Limo Kipkemoi Runs 497.3km to Conquer Salomon Summit to Summit Mountain Challenge. He thus has become the first man to ever summit both Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya non stop, covering over 500km within 8 day.


Limo was all smiles after overcoming the ultimate test of power and resilience. Upon completion of this legendary challenge, Limo described the experience as “amazing, challenging and brutal, but all in all highly fulfilling.”

His focus for Day 1(Friday 14th August 2021) was to kick start the great run at Umbwe Gate, Tanzania, and to Summit Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, that very day. “The plan was to move at a moderate speed so that I don’t burn out, I needed immense energy for day two. In 14hrs I was at the Summit, came down and slept for three hours before embarking on my day 2 journey,” said Limo.


Day 1, KILIMANJARO UHUR PEAK. Limo set off for Mount Kilimanjaro at 4am along with Salomon teammate James Muhia, summitting the Uhuru Peak at 6pm!

Achieving his personal best time at Mount Kilimanjaro, completing the route in 14 hours was an amazing achievement! He then returned to Marangu by 1am to catch a few hours of rest.

Day 2. After day one, Limo stated that his muscles were sore and tired, topped with an injured knee from a small fall while descending from the summit.

“Day two was all tarmac . I had to endure the pain inflamed by the injury to the last day of the challenge. I chaffed badly on day two. By evening, my thighs were bleeding and this pain followed me to the last day.”

After a nutritious breakfast, Limo set off at 9am with 6 days worth of gear securely packed in his ADV Skin 12. Day 2’s challenge began in Marangu and ended in Kimana – a mind-blowing 85km across the Kenyan border! He arrived in Kimana at 8:30pm just in time for dinner.

Day 3, Limo headed from Kimana towards Emali. Due to curfew restrictions currently in place, he was forced to stop 18km short of his target, in which he decided to refuel, rest up, and prepare himself to catch up on the distance to Emali the following day.

Day 4. 18Kms from Email to Machakos – in his words:
“At 5am I was out, hungry tired but ready”. Freeman a friend of Limos joined him 5km to Emali. We defied navigation and decided to do a short cut to Machakos from Emali on a dirt road. It ended up being 21km longer.

The sun was scorching, proper Ukambani weather but succulent oranges were in plenty. The run doubled up as a fundraiser for my mate, towards his mom’s medical bills. The run had taken another life of its own. Said Limo

Day 6. – Distance covered between Ngoliba to Sagana

Day 7. Sagana to Naro Moru Limo started earlier than usual since it was gonna be a long day and opted to do much running along the railway line since it winds up gently, serving beautiful sights of River Sagana.

Just after Karatina the run changed for good. While debating if it was shorter following tarmac or rail, Freeman (Limo’s Friend) received a call with bad news that his beloved Mum had passed on and he needed to head back to Nairobi.

Remember he was running to fundraise for her medical bills since day 4. Limo now joined by James Muhia soldiered on while Freeman headed to Nairobi.

Day 8 (Saturday 21st August 2021) . Another set of fresh legs, Victor and Ayuma joined for the final push. The team with Limo started at 6am, 14km away from Met station, destination Lenana peak and down Old Moses.

It was the hardest part of the challenge being spent on energy but with the support from Victor who paced Limo they managed to summit Lenana and back down to Old Moses by 6.30PM


Limo was geared up head-to-toe in Salomon, which included his ADV Skin 12 that stocked all his on-the-go supplies, as well as his Sense Ride shoes for off-road trail runs and Predict Mod shoes for tarmac courses.

An assortment of Salomon hiking and trail-running gear equipped Limo for his challenging endeavours throughout.

Salomon Marketing Executive Aliyana Darwesh congratulated Limo for the unprecedented feat: “What a proud moment! It’s been done! One man, Two Mountains and 8 days! The legendary superhuman Limo Kipkemoi summited Uhuru peak on Mt Kilimanjaro and ran more than 400kms to Lenana peak to the summit of Mt Kenya and back down in 8 days.”