GOLDEN TRAIL SERIES 2021. CHEMGAU TRAIL RUN GOES TO Nienke Brinkman and Bart Przedwojewski

GOLDEN TRAIL SERIES 2021. CHEMGAU TRAIL RUN. Winners Nienke Brinkman and Bart Przedwojewski Yesterday at 8:00AM the 5th stage of the GTWS took place over a course 43KM,/D+2,757M

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Chemgau Trail Run, golden trail series. Photo Philipp Reiter





The course route was unprecedented… The 5th stage of the Golden World Series took place on Saturday 4thSeptember in South-East Bavaria. The Alpine forests maybe the perfect place for spotting wolves, this time it was the trail runners who attracted all the attention; especially as it was the longest race of the year with almost 45 kilometres and heat that made it even more tough going.

Nienke Brinkman female winner

She took everyone by surprise at Sierre-Zinal by taking second place behind the untouchable Maude Mathys (Team Salomon, Switzerland). But in the absence of the Swiss, and on a much longer course, the young Nienke Brinkman(Team Salomon,

The Netherlands) didn’t leave any of her competitors a chance. She took off in the lead from the first uphill and the “Flying Dutchwoman” never let up. “I didn’t have the gap times and I thought the second girl wasn’t far behind, she confided at the finish line. So, I just kept on pushing. It was really hot, I didn’t stop to drink but felt good and didn’t want to slow down. I need to do a third race to confirm my place in the final, so I’ll go to the Skyrhune. But it will be technical, so I’ll have to train to be ready for that!”.

Behind her was Anaïs Sabrié (Team Matryx, France), “I didn’t really suffer from the heat, I’m used to these conditions, I’m a bit like a camel I don’t need to drink a lot and so it was fine for me. But I didn’t really have the gap times with the other girls in the race, contrary to what you may have thought, so there was no respite! The terrain switched all the time; either it was really technical, or you had to run full pelt. Despite everything I’m pleased with this 2nd place, because even if I’m doing great races, I’m always up against alien beings at the front!” 

Behind the French woman, Sara Alonso (Team Salomon, Spain) completed the podium with a great overall race. “It was the longest race I’ve ever done but it seems to have been my kind of race because it’s my season’s best result. The route was pretty rolling and runnable terrain, and as I love runnable sections it was perfect for me. The race route was stunning with incredible views on the summits, but it was really hot. I don’t know if I could improve my overall ranking even more, but I plan to go to the Skyrhune because I live right next door to the race. It’s quite a technical race, which isn’t really suited to my profile, but I can’t not go!”

Sara Alonso. Photo Philipp Reiter

Bart Przedwojewski

He had been imperial in the Azores at the Golden Trail Championship in 2020, establishing himself as the boss in front of the impressive competition.

However, it wasn’t until the 5th stage of the GTWS we got to see Bart Przedwojewski (Team Salomon, Poland) finally take his first victory of the season. “Francesco pushed hard in the first uphill, he confided at the finish line. I didn’t want to waste too much energy in the uphill, I knew that the race was going to be long, so I kept to my own pace. I thought I was about 30 seconds behind, I tried to stay patient, and eventually I caught Francesco then Fréd Tranchand, who had taken the lead. I saw him far in front but when I caught up with him just before the second summit, he didn’t look too good, I went past him and tried to widen the gap in the downhill. I’m really happy with this first victory, it bodes well for the end of the season!”

Behind the Pole it is Francesco Puppi (Team Nike Trail, Italy) who finished strongest to grab second place. “I was really good in the first uphill, then in a really muddy downhill, I lost one of my shoes… I had to stop and recover it undo the lacing and put it back on, so lost some time from the leaders. I stayed patient, got back into the rhythm with the guys and then managed the downhill. Little by little I caught up with Fred, and I kept control to retain my second place. I still have a bit of trouble with the technical sections, but I loved this race, it was really great“.

 Frédéric Tranchand (Team Scott, France) gritted his teeth to keep the third podium spot. “It’s the longest race I’ve ever done, and the end was a bit tricky. I was with Francesco in the first uphill, then he got stuck in a muddy section and I grabbed the lead. I was feeling good in the technical sections, but I ran out of steam, the guys up front were stronger. I can’t wait to go to the Skyrhune to make up for the early part of my season that was disrupted due to my knee problem. The race will be technical and shorter, so everything I love!” 

Bart. Photo Philippe Reiter

NEXT STOP: Skyrhune! 

The 6th and last stage in the GTWS 2021 will take place in France on the Skyrhune course, which replaces the Ring of Steall in the 2021 GTWS calendar due to the health crisis. See you on 25th September 2021!

Men’s results 

1 – BART PRZEDWOJEWSKI (POL – SALOMON) : 03:47:42 (+100 pts) 

2 – FRANCESCO PUPPI (ITA – NIKE TRAIL): 03:50:47 (+88 pts)

3 – FREDERIC TRANCHAND (FRA –SCOTT): 03:56:03 (+78 pts)

4 – ROBERTO DELORENZI (SUI – VIBRAM): 04:03:26 (+72 pts)

5 – ANTHONY FELBER (FRA – MATRYX): 04:03:53 (+68 pts)

Women’s results 

1 – NIENKE BRINKMAN (NLD – SALOMON): 04:16:11 (+100 pts) 

2 – ANAÏS SABRIÉ (FRA – MATRYX): 04:27:03 (+ 88 pts)

3 – SARA ALONSO (ESP – SALOMON): 04:43:28 (+ 78 pts)

4 – CAITLIN FIELDER (NZL – HOKA ONE ONE): 04:47:21 (+72 pts)

5 – DANI MORENO (USA – HOKA ONE ONE/RABBIT): 04:50:16 (+68 pts)

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