World Cup Mountain Running WMRA 2021:  Krkonossky Half Marathon. Gold to Joyce Njeru and Geoffrey Ndungu.

World Cup Mountain Running WMRA 2021: Krkonossky Half Marathon. Hot on the heels of the swiss Sierre Zinal race, won by Kilian Jornet and Maude Mathys, the series now moved on to Czech Republic.

The Krkonossky Half Marathon hosted the sixth stage of the circuit, this time for the classic distance. The course covers a total of 22k/D+1.050m boasted a great field, out of which the africans rushed out to excel.

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World Cup Mountain Running WMRA 2021

Krkonossky Half Marathon


A new addition this 2021 to the World Cup is the Krkonossky Half Marathon. Taking place in Janské Lázně in the Czech Republic on Sunday 15th August, this 21km classic mountain race with 1,050 metres of elevation is race six in the 2021 World Cup, our next classic distance race.

Janské Lázně is a world-renowned spa town, which is also one of the best ski resorts in the Czech Republic. It’s a quiet town with a rich history, located at the foot of Černá Hora (The Black Mountain, 1299 meters above sea level).


The Course

The town is connected to the top of the  mountain by a cable railway and because of this and the ski-lifts and cross-country skiing tracks the town has become a top-level sports and recreation centre and a perfect base for trips into the highest Czech mountains, both for skiers in winter and for cyclists and hikers in summer.


Billing it as a half marathon might make it seem like a pretty standard race, but it’s anything but. At 21km, with a total elevation of 1,050m, this race really packs a punch.

The race starts in the centre of town (Colonnade Square), then proceeds to climb the mountain path across the top of Černá Hora Mountain to the small ski resort town of Pec Pod Sněžkou and then back down in a loop, finishing back at the square.



Krkonossky Half Marathon

Race Report


The conditions were already hot as the runners set off at 9am, and they were only going to get hotter. Right from the start three men formed a group and it was Timothy Kurui, Geoffrey Ndungu and Marek Chrascina. They ran together for the first 6k, emerging at the first checkpoint neck and neck.

In the women’s race Joyce Njeru struck out alone, opening up a gap to Barbora Macurova and Pavla Matyasova. Njeru had put 1min 50s of daylight between her and Macurova, who in turn had a 10 second gap to Matyasova at the 6k point.

By the Černá Hora summit at 15k the top 3 men were still together, with Timotej Becan, Evans Kiptum and Jiri Cipa chasing hard, but Ndungu had clearly decided that enough was enough and started to drop the hammer.

At the same point in the women’s race Njeru had opened a gap of 1.45 on Macurova, with Matyasova a little further behind. As they started the last descent, it was still quite open in both races.

Coming into the finish Ndungu had managed to open a gap between the two chasers and eventually won in 1.32.30, with Kirui coming in just under a minute behind in 1.33.22. Chrascina chased him hard and took third spot in 1.33.35.

In the final stages of the women’s race Macurova did manage to claw back some of the gap to Njeru, but Njeru won in 1.50.02, with Macurova just 25 seconds behind her. Matyasova took third in 1.52.45.


RACE RESULTS: See the full results:

WORLD CUP WMRA RANKING AFTER STAGE SIX Leaders Charlotte Morgan &  Henri Aymonond

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Summary 2021 World Cup key facts:
8 Countries
12 Event locations
16 Races in 3 categories
10,000+ Participants



  • 4-5SEP Journey goes to northern Italy to experience the Vertical Nasego and Nasego Trophy. It will start with the Uphill about 4.2k/+1000m and the next day the Classic about 21.5k/+1.336m.
  • 11-12SEP Spain debuts with the spectacular Aragonese Pyrenees offered by Canfranc Canfranc. Will hold two races climbing up to almost three thousand meters of altitude. They will be the 45k/+3910m Long Mountain or the Classic over 16k/+1,600m.
  • 26SEP Return to Italy with the Ciolo Trophy. High pace race, about 11km/+496km in Classic mode.
  • 3OCT Zumaia Flysch Trail will give the winners of Classic and Long Mountain. There will be a Long Mountain over 42k/+3000m, and also a Classic with 22k/+850m ascent.
  • 10OCT Vertical Kilometer Chiavenna-Lagunac will give Uphill champion. This classic of Italian mountain racing has already been a WMRA-affiliated race and is known as the “vertical race of records” with a 3.2k/+1,000m trace its conditions are perfect for breaking the world record.




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