There has been a lot of races cancelled or moved during the last few months due the COVID-19 outbreak. But most of the countries are now moving forward as it seems that the virus is weakening and some organizations start looking around and thinking of coming back. But the surprise is here, Switzerland will be the first to organize an ultra race this summer.

Two races, K43 and K68 will be held in Davos for the SWISSALPINE (JUL25-26), the events will be held Grison Alps enjoying a great atmosphere, similar in style as the Spanish Alpinultras, a race that and was able to experience in some previous edition. For those who won’t be able to attend due the borders, may choose up to 60% of the refund.


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The trailrunning experience is waking up and some organizations are now looking into the future, but in Switzerland they are moving fast and they will manage to celebrate their first race after COVID-19. The SwissAlpine 2020, two races K43 and K68 this July 25-26.

Let’s have a look a the official statement:

We can send you some good news with this newsletter. After much clarification, conceptual work and tests, the Swissalpine can take place on 25th and 26th July 2020 – but everyone has to be protected by restrictions due to the COVID-19 situation.

The Organisation Committee decided to hold on to the end of July. With a lot of positive energy, courage, flexibility, creativity, but also caution, we want to offer you a unique and unforgettable running experience in the 35th year of the Swissalpine – despite situation-related restrictions.

We are aware that we will all experience a special Swissalpine and that we will have to do without many things that are otherwise taken for granted, and often also make up an event. Nevertheless, despite these restrictions, we would like to offer athletes the opportunity to measure themselves on the Swissalpine trails and to return to normal.

The organization is making many efforts to be able to make the race done, and he has planned the following programme:

The races K68 and K43 are split over two days and take place as follows:

  • K68: Saturday, 25.07.2020
  • K43: Sunday, 26.07.2020

The Start times will be announced in good time at a later date. Kids run, K20 and K68 Four cannot be offered this year.

Further clarifications are currently taking place for runs K23 and K10. Information will follow soon on the Website.

The number of starting places is limited. Participants which have already registered, will have reserved their starting place until 09.06.2020 and must confirm their starting place. Otherwise it will be released and made open to others.

Those participants who are already registered will receive a link by email (04 June 2020). If travel due to Corona is not possible for everyone, organization would to give the runner the opportunity to adapt their registration as follows:

  • Confirmation of participation in 2020 in compliance with the instructions (see under runners’ information)
  • Transfer start place to 2021 (2022 and later not possible)
  • Cancellation 2020 with partial repayment of 60% on your paid entry fee
  • Cancellation 2020 with donation to organizers

Further information will be found in the sent email. It is necessary that runner inform us of your choice via the link sent. Only then, can we take runner decision into account and process it further.

Organization asks runners to do this by 09th June, 2020. No refunds will be made after this time. Repayments will be initiated after the deadline and paid out no later than 4 weeks thereafter.

The online registration for the Swissalpine 2020 has now been terminated but for those who are interested, there is still the opportunity to go onto the waiting list. Further details will follow shortly.



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Measures to make the race possible

The most important Corona-related measures concern the following outlined areas. These will be constantly updated.

The Corona Swissalpine 2020 requires a high degree of flexibility and personal responsibility from all participants and helpers due to pandemic developments and official regulations.

Measures are reserved due to official orders in connection with the pandemic development.

The number of starting places is limited. Participants which have already registered (until 2nd June), will have reserved their starting place until 09.06.2020 and must confirm their starting place. Otherwise it will be released and made open to others.

Precautionary Measures

All participants are obliged to adhere to the precautionary measures in solidarity with others, and with a high degree of personal responsibility. In particular, the rules regarding hygiene and social distancing must be observed.

Start: The Start will take place in blocks. The divisions follow the expected terms, which must be specified when registering.

Refreshment Stations: The number of refreshment items must be reduced. The distances between the posts will be 10 – 15 km. The participants must therefore equip themselves with a bottle / mug and cater for themselves between the stations.

Dressing Rooms / Showers: Dressing rooms and showers are unavailable. The best would be if you were to travel in your running gear. There will be on-site toilets (“Port-a-Johns) available.

Presents: Various orders could not be implemented in time due to planning uncertainty. For this reason, medals and shirts will not be distributed this year. However, the participants will receive a special Davos gift.

Accommodation: We recommend booking your accommodation well in advance. Guest advice at Destination Davos Klosters is happy to help at the counter, by phone, email, WhatsApp service or via live chat on the website.


In we are eager to see how this races goes on as it maybe the start of a new era…






Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain