Last summer we enjoyed one of our favorite mountain races, the OROBIE ULTRA TRAIL, a race not very well known perhaps in Spain but a trail which care a lot of the runners in the Bergamo Alps (Alpi Orobie). Unfortunately, and this time not due the COVID-19, the event will not take place in 2020 and we do not even know if it will happen again.

The team would like to farewell this event expecting that in 2021 it can come back. Let’s see the official video which shows us the beautiful landscapes of the Alpi Orobie.







We have been waiting anxious the 2020 dates for Orobie Ultra Trail 2020, but instead what we have received by mail is the notification that Orobie Ultra Trail will not happen this year, everybody will think this is just a postponement due the Coronavirus Outbreak, but the truth is that this time the COVID-19 was not the guilty but the loss of sponsors was.

By chance, I had the opportunity of running the Orobie Ultra Trail 2020, I was supposed to run the GTO, 70kms and 4200D+, but in the last week and due the bad weather, the organization decided to short the event to 42km starting the race at Passo de Zambla to safeguard the runners and volunteers from the bad weather conditions of that week. After 7h13 and 42kms I promised to myself to come back and run the 70km next year, though unfortunately this will not happened (at least in 2020). We do not know what would happen if the event was active due the Coronavirus Outbreak but at least we may have the races postponed and move to a different date.

The events are hold in the Orobie Alps, finishing all of them at the city of Bérgamo, very close to Milan, a very beautiful city, easy to visit as its airport is the one used by all low-cost airlines that goes to Milan. I was very surprised about this beautiful city and also about all the mountains surrounding it, beautiful landscapes and places to run.

What to say about the events that you have not read in our race report but three races, GTO (70km), MTO (42km) and BUT (20km), and also a bi-annual race, the OUT of 140km and 9500D+ which was going to be held in 2020. I really enjoyed last year with Mayayo, there were just 42kms, but beautiful, with water stations almost every 6-7kms, even having beer at Selvino.

I hope the organization can find support from other sponsors and find a time to continue with the events in 2021, hopefully it will not be a GOOD BYE.







Dear athletes,

For years we have invested all the time, energy and resources that we had into Orobie Ultra-Trail. We have always tried to offer the best event, both in terms of sports and safety. We have believed in it all along, we loved OUT so much, and we are incredibly proud of how it has grown over the years. As said on several occasions by others, our event has given a tangible contribution to the growth of this discipline by making this sport and our beautiful mountains known to thousands of new enthusiasts, coming from all over the world. Many have started to frequent the cabins of the Orobie and many have started to run ultra-trails or to organize new ones.

This year the passion has not gone away, but an important sponsor has. We have never hidden the economic difficulties nor have we ever stopped looking for resources both at a local and international level that became part of the OUT Pool. In these years we have met more than 150 companies both in the sector and outside the sector looking for new collaborations and partnerships, some of which have allowed us to find resources used in previous editions.

We also tried this year to grit our teeth and continue with scarce resources but we would not be able to offer you an event with the same standards, which is essential for us.

For these reasons Orobie Ultra-Trail in 2020 will not take place, to say that we are sorry would be an understatement considering that in these last years the Staff has given everything for this Event. We are grateful to you for all the affection that you have made us feel in the last months. We hope this is only a goodbye and we will work in this direction.

  • Thanks to the OUT Pool, to all the sponsors, to the administrators, to all the institutions that have supported us.
  • Thanks to all the athletes who have raced with us for five beautiful editions.
  • Thanks to the volunteers who made them possible: your enthusiasm is always incredible.
  • Thanks to all the spectators who have conveyed so much to us, even if only by clapping along the paths.

We are aware of writing to you in a very delicate moment, of great difficulty and uncertainty for everyone, but we could not postpone this communication further. At this moment, each of us can make a difference by facing these days as a challenge, with the same adaptability and the same energy with which you have faced and run every kilometer. Now we must stop, so that everything can start again.

We will meet on our beautiful Orobie when all this is over, we will make it, we will all reach the same finish line together.

See you soon
Orobie Ultra Staff





OROBIE ULTRA TRAIL 2019: PHOTO GALLERY BY Abel de Frutos and Mayayo










Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain