TRANSGRANCANARIA HG 2020 ARRIVES THIS WEEKEND. Many of the best world trail runners will attend the 2020 edition. The races have started today with The Greatest Challange, the Trans360º with Luca Papi as the favorite this year again and with our colleague Alex Fragela in the start list. But The Ultimate Event will be the Trans GC, 128k and D+7500 that will have trail runners like Pau Capell, Jared Hazen, Dylan Bowman or Pablo Villa and Azara García, Mimmi Kotka and Fuzhao Xiang on the women side. Besides these two events, Transgrancanaria HG 2020 will also have Advanced, Marathon and Started races.

You will be able to follow Transgrancanaria HG 2020 in RRSS of, Let’s start with the official video for Trangrancanaria HG 2020







Transgrancanaria is a high-level sporting event that began to be held in 2003 and was a precursor to the trail races in the islands. In 2008, after five editions of the race, Fernando Gonzalez with the help of his team and institutional support created the company Arista Eventos S. L, a company in charge of organizing, among others, this race. Arista Eventos S. L, and its team has continued to grow extraordinarily, with new projects, acquisition of new infrastructures, services and other related businesses that have allowed the island of Gran Canaria to be positioned among the top European destinations for participation in sports events. In 2013, Transgrancanaria became one of the most important Ultra Trail tests in the Spanish and European scene, being now classified in Ultra Trail World Cup as one of the best in the world.

During the first editions of the race Transgrancanaria held two annual competitions: the frist took place in March and crossed the island of Gran Canaria from North to Sooth over a distance of 107kms, while the second was held in the month of October with a distance of 66kms from the West to the East of the island. Now the event is held on the same week consisting in four categories and different routes.



Transgrancanaria 360º (262kms): Is a self-sufficient ultra trail challenge which starts from Roque Nublo, runners will need the following: orienteering techniques, preparation to withstand changing natural conditions, ability to assist other runners if needed and tolerance to fatigue, lack of sleep and eating problems. The circuit will not be signposted and runners will need to follow the track provided by the organization. Several base camps along the course will allow them to eat, drink and rest if needed. The victory last year was for the italian Luca Papi with a time of 50:14:13 and for Esther Hernández with a time of 69:11:47, both will try to beat the other runners again.



Transgrancanaria 128k (128k/D+7500): It’s the ultimate event, the one everyone dreams about finishing. Departuring from Las Canteras, it crosses the island of Gran Canaria from North to South and from coast to coast, passing through emblematic points such as Roque Nublo. This distance is aimed for people with a lot of experience in ultra-trail competitions, nature and adventure lovers. It is perhaps the most ideal way to know the most outstanding corners of Gran Canaria by foot and in less than 30 hours. Most of the best trail runners of the world will come to the event, like last year’s winner Pau Capell, against him, trail runners like Jared Hazen, Dylan Bowman, Pablo Villa or the Chinese Peiquan You will try get the victory in Gran Canaria. In women, Azara García will compete against the Swedish  Mimmi Kotka, the Chinese Fuzhao Xiang or other trail runners like Andrea Huser.




Transgrancanaria Advanced (65k/D+2550): This is a route designed for the brave because of its length and demands. If you have already participated in the Transgrancanaria Marathon with a good experience, this may be your distance for next year. Starting at 09:00 hours from Artenara, the Advanced is a race where the runner will cross some of the most outstanding natural areas of Gran Canaria. Enjoy your way down to the coast with the support of thousands of people along the way. Tofol Castanyer, Jordi Gamito or Riccardon Montani will start as favorites on the men side, while Maryline Nakache, Jennirfer Asp or Petra Kidlund will try to get the victory in the women side.



Transgrancanaria Marathon(42k/D+870): If you have experience hiking with physical demand and enjoy running on road some days a week, this may be your distance in Transgrancanaria. There are 42 kilometres, most of them downhill, in which we can get to know the competitive environment of this event. This route will allow each runner to know their resistance and physical abilities during the descents of Gran Canaria. From the summit to the coast, a very fast marathon to try. Eli Gordón, Gemma Arenas or Anna Commet will compete hard for the victory and runners like Andreu Simón, Borja Fernández, or Mario Olmedo for example on the men side, remind this will be one of the Spain Ultra Cup stage.



Transgrancanaria Starter (30k/D+688): From Presa de Chira to Maspalomas, a 30km quick course with some technical sections and a big downhill. If you are not prepared for large distances this can be one good for you.



Transgrancanaria Promo (17k/D+300): A race for people who has not run too much in the mountains, this can be a very good opportunity to start with the trail running.



Transgrancanaria has become a race where some of the very best trail runners in the world have started to write their own history in their sport life. The most recent example is Pau Capell. The Spanish runner from is the current three times defending champion in the Classic distance. These victories have allowed him to place himself at the elite of ultra trail running in the world. Capell has raced in the island every single year since 2015, when he stunned everyone with a great victory in the Advanced race. He became the Spain Ultra Cup winner that year. Since then, a third place in the Classic distance has been followed by three amazing wins in the Classic.







Info by Abel de Frutos for Trailrunningspain